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Why christians of today should fast

Updated on July 22, 2011

These days it is almost an impossible or a herculean task for any so-called christian to fast simply because they need to eat and get strength to work and get money! but they fail to understand that fasting actually disciplines the body to help you cope without food and a true christian who wants to succeed in his carrier must fast at regular intervals of his life. Jesus Christ fasted for forty days before he started his mission on earth. God actually is the owner of everything that dwells on this earth including money! because he created man who used the resources around him to make money.

Another reason or excuse they have for not fasting is that their mind is preoccupied with worldly activities such as: interest in the opposite specie, dating, watching movies, attending clubs and concerts. Deut 11:13 says "And it shall come to pass if ye shall hearken diligently unto my commandments which I command you this day, to love the Lord your God and serve him with all your heart and soul.

A reason again Christians don't fast I strongly believe is because of peer pressure: When you ask a fellow why he or she doesn't fast what you simply hear is "My friends will laugh at me" or you hear the females especially say "My skin can't take fasting it is just too stressful" those are the kind of excuses you hear. Jesus told his disciples to forget and abandon all they have and follow him diligently. Some people know it is aright thing to fast but don't just do it and the bible says if ye know what is right and don't do it it is a sin.

Here are reasons why Christians of today should fast: a christian should fast to

-To obtain Mercy from the Almighty: When David sinned against God he fasted for days, He couldn't eat because his sin was so grievous that he wanted mercy from God at all cost and God forgave him and made him his friend. The people of Nineveh sinned against God and when Jonah told them they repented and fasted and the Lord had mercy on them.

Untold secrets will be exposed: When you fast seriously the Lord God will have mercy and open your eyes or tell you why some things are wrong in any area of your life or family or why things are wrong some where else.

Ability and the wisdom to cast the devil away: Because the devil is roaming lion looking for whom to devour {Matt 4} After Jesus had finished fasting in the wilderness this devil came and tempted him but Jesus sent him away from his side. When you fast and pray you will receive divine wisdom to cast the devil back to hell and you will not be easily tempted by anyone.

Abundant wealth and riches;The book of Deut 8;18 says 'but thou shall remember the Lord thy God, for it is he that giveth power to make wealth' When you fast seriously and make the Lord will make you wealthy just like Jabez, Joseph and the others.

Divine protection; Take a look at Daniel chapter 6 when Daniel was thrown into the lions den,because Daniel was under a divine protection the lions couldn't hurt him but respected his presence but when his enemies were thrown in the Lions crushed and ate them all or David who escaped all the strategies of Saul to kill him because he was under a divine protection. Or psalm 91 which says he that dwelleth under the secret place of the most high shall abide the shadow of the Almighty. When you fast and pray you will abide under the shadow of the Almighty God which is a divine protection from all forms of your enemies.

Upliftment; When you fast and ask God to lift you, He will lift you higher than all your enemies He will even use them to lift you up. God used Joseph's brothers to lift him up thinking they were selling him to slavery they did not know they were sending him to Royalty. Daniels enemies wanted to kill him but God reversed it to be an upliftment for Daniel.

Blessing to others; When you fast and pray you will now become a blessing to others even your friends and families who want help in one way or the other.

Heaven; This is the most important thing in any christian life, if your character does not portray anything that relates to heaven be-careful! fast and ask God to forgive you so that you will not miss heaven on the last day and you can be raptured when Christ comes to take away the good people. Ignore any preaching that says there is no God, Jesus and Heaven and follow the Bible.

There are so many benefits of fasting and praying to the Lord Almighty Like becoming God's friend and Enjoying Divine favor. Remember that God Loves a sinner who repents and those who obey and keep his commandments. Fast and Pray!!!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      so truth, we need to heal and clean our body to experience wisdom and light, we cannot doing it, by doing nothing and expecting everything.

      Great post and website, thanks for sharing!


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