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Why do Christian preachers teach prosperity, when the bible clearly tells us to expect suffering

Updated on October 25, 2016

I am writing this article at the suggestion of Hubpages to create a Hub about :

Why do American Christians teach prosperity, when the bible clearly tells us to expect suffering? (I took out the "American" from the original Hubpages article to make my title different.)

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It is human nature to want the reasoning behind the difficulties we experience.

The following three statements were taken from an article in, entitled “Why God asks us to do hard things".

  1. If God loves me, why doesn’t He change this?
  2. If God can do all things, why doesn’t He fix this?
  3. What is God’s purpose in allowing me to go through this hardship?

Why God asks us to hard things?

I have discussed this topic with atheists, and Christians as well. Some answers given by Christians is that God wants us to be obedient to Him. He wants to lead us to Him and His ways of doing things, He wants us to see that He is a God who can solve any problem. He wants to build a stronger relationship with His followers; and some simply do not have the answer.

After Jesus Christ died, he sent His disciples to preach the message of His kingdom among the Jews. Paul at the time was persecuting the converts. Paul was called by Jesus Christ, and sent to spread the gospel among the Gentiles. This meant that the gospel that he once tried to stop, is now being spread among a much wider circle. What did the authorities do? Did they stop the persecution, or did they increase their circle as well? Paul was imprisoned, stoned and beaten.

The Church of Laodicea

The book of Revelation mentions seven churches. The church of Laodicea addresses those who are rich and have acquired wealth.

Revelation 3:19: reads

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore, and repent. (Revelation 3:19)

This quote is a part of the message to the church of Laodicea. Thus, God allows men to gather wealth and luxurious items, however, not all will be saved.

Creflo Dollar's Need For An Airplane

Creflo Dollar (an African-American prosperity preacher), asked for a plane that costs approximately 65 million dollars. He was able to purchase the plane, which he claims would make it easier to further his mission of spreading the gospel. Many people criticized this request and was upset to hear that he got the plane. Many people claim the money spent on the airplane could have helped the poor and suffering around the world. It is often argued that these prosperity preachers accumulate wealth while their followers do not.

According to Creflo Dollar and other prosperity preachers, there is no condemnation in being wealthy or prosperous. The Roman Catholic church and other church denominations today fund kindergarten, preparatory schools, high schools and universities. African-Americans are no longer in slavery, and there is a need for more African-American Christian universities. The message of prosperity is not only about Creflo Dollar acquiring wealth, but also about him starting colleges, and businesses to further the growth of wealth and prosperity among the African-American community. It should be obvious that not all African-American pastors would be given such a task.

Below, I have inserted a video of a little girl winning a race in Rhymesberry, Clarendon, Jamaica

In the video it would appear, that the crowd is more focused on the other runners, than on the little girl winning the race. I think the spectators are not aware that she is actually in the race. Notice, the commentator saying that she is closing the ground on the pick-up (vehicle). What is even more interesting is that the cameraman gives no attention to the girl who came second, way ahead of the other runners as well. Another point to take into consideration, is that this race is on the district level. She may have to compete on a regional level, then parish level, then national level. This could definitely get harder for her, because she might not be familiar with the other routes.

I will briefly mention two Jamaican female athletes - Merlene Ottey-Page and Veronica Campbell-Brown. Both athletes attended Vere Technical High school. Both athletes are not from the parish of Clarendon, but one is from Hanover, and one from Trelawny which are located on the western part of the island. At the time the principal of Vere Technical high school was highly criticized for giving scholarships to athletes who were not from the parish.

Why does God permit suffering?

The question to which this hub is trying to give a suitable answer is "Why do American Christians preach prosperity, when the bible clearly tells us to expect suffering".

Many who still support the suffering doctrine, forget that slavery and suffering once existed in America. Many critics of the God of the bible do not realize that the bible is not a book of suffering, but one of God sending prophets to take people out of slavery. In most cases the redemption is predicted before the deliverance takes place. Also, one must be aware, that usually the prophets speak to the people who are suffering and are often rejected, persecuted and disbelieved by the ones doing the oppressing. Thus a message of prosperity is being preached to those who have been taken out of slavery.

Is God all-knowing?

Is God an all-knowing God?

Biblical evidence that the God of the bible is evil


God has provided for us. It is up to us to make the best use of the resources God has given us.


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