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GLBT: Civil Rights, Religious or Social Issue?

Updated on January 13, 2014

Lesbian Couple Celebrate Supreme Court Approval

Lesbian Couple Celebrates Supreme Court Approval
Lesbian Couple Celebrates Supreme Court Approval | Source

What is the proper place for the GLBT Agenda?

Is the GLBT Agenda a Civil Rights issue?

The GLBT organizations in the US are working toward a goal that will legalize their lifestyle by having Gays classified as a "Special Class" under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. So far this has not happened.

I welcome comments on the recent Supreme Court Decision which overturned the previous DOMA law, and California's Proposition 8. The decision does not seem to address the "Civil Rights" agenda of GLBT.

Is GLBT Agenda A Social Issue?

Also, I am interested in finding out people's opinions on the social consequences of this decision and the message Same sex marriage sends to our society. For example one may comment the New Yorker cover with Bert and Ernie snuggling over the decision.

Is the GLBT a Religious Issue?

Even prior to formulating the Constitution, others who fled Europe to escape religious persecution brought to these shores the concept of religious freedom. The early Mayflower Compact was in many ways a precursor to the US Constitution written over 150 years later. Yet both documents use the Bible and God's commandments as the basic premise. With religious morals woven into the fabric of our rule of Law, same sex marriage seems also to be a religious issue. How can the Supreme Court rule on same sex marriage while upholding the First Amendment?

I invite comments on the issue of GLBT as a Civil Rights, Social, and Religious Issue.

So far, Hub Pages Editors have deemed this Hub not fit to publish. I think they have a fear it may evoke too many comments that would go against the Supreme Court ruling.

I find that people like to hang their hats on a ruling from the court. Yet more often that not, these rulings run contrary to the general public opinion. However, it is easy to say, 'well, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of this or that." It is difficult to put yourself on the line in front of family, friends, work place associates or the general public and say," I believe it is OK to be against Homosexuality, same sex unions and the killing of infants -often termed 'Abortion'."

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