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Why do YOU (specifically) believe there is a GOD?

Updated on March 14, 2009

Keep an open mind

Before the question can be answered there must be clarification of how I am interpreting the term GOD when I use it other wise the message I intend to send you my friend will be lost. GOD is defined as the creator maintainer and destroyer of all physical existence, this being is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent relative to the physical world. I do not know if you have heard of the Generator (source), Operator, Destroyer.

I study all the religions and I find but I practice being a good person and respecting what other people have to say because all people are unique and special. I am not one to tell any one that their beliefs are right are wrong when it pertains to spiritual issues.

I believe GOD as a being that can interact with humans is called an avatar (Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Visnu, and Lord Osiris would be examples). The avatar is the one being that travels through the universe and relative to the realm or region is the most powerful, knowledgeable, and desired being as a person. This avatar is who I would have to call GODhead. GOD is the abstract concept and GODhead is the person, the avatar.

By definition of the word GOD, we would all have to live in GOD because if GOD is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, then we would all have to be part and parcel of GOD. We would be a part and parcel of GOD because we are all unique and special, yet even as a collective on planet Earth we are a minuscule fragment of all that exists (a bit humbling don't you think).

I believe that in existence anything is possible and I mean anything. I acknowledge that there are forces greater than myself. Believe that the planet itself is alive and it has it's own consciousness. We are like cells in a body relative to the planet. From studying biology cells reproduce and they live in our body, similar to how we reproduce and live in the planet. Granted I know we are much more complex, I just wanted to show that the potential for the planet to have a consciousness of it's own is real. Now, if we go further and quantified all the planets, stars, black holes, quasars and all the other bodies that live in the universe, they would make up the universe. I will say that the universe has a consciousness of it,s own and that is what we call GOD.

GOD is a word, one used by people who believe in GOD and those who do not. Think about is for a person to ask you if you believe in GOD, they must have some idea of what they think GOD is or there would be no conversation, or communication. GOD is an idea as with any word. Now each person expresses words and ideas differently because we are all unique and special. I my mind you have to have some idea about what the words that you use mean. In addition you have to believe that the other person will have some idea about what the word you are using means.

Here is an illustation of what I mean. If a person did not know that in the English language the scholars claim is the word God came from the Greek word Theos. In addition, the "word" word came from the Greek word or idea of Logos which approximately meant the binding force of the universe. The two attempting to communicate would have to dialogue for hours to get on the same page pertaining to what they each mean when they use the word GOD.

The reality of the conversation as far as I see it would be "do you believe my idea of GOD is real?" Not why do you believe GOD exists, because it is written in the Bible that "in the Beginning was the word and the word was GOD". Then on the money that is used in America it is written "In GOD we trust", my question would then be why use the money if you do not believe? The pledge of Allegiance says "...One nation under GOD..."

Now I have to be sensitive to anyother reader because in their culture they would have the same concept or idea that is approximately equal to the word GOD. I hold their views as their rights as spiritual beings and I would never want to lessen their ideas or views out of respect.

Since you "specifically" asked about this word "GOD" and I live in America this is the word to believe in because it is on the money and like it or not that is what the majority are in search of at this particular time.

Personally I want to believe and trust in GOD, or the money that I use everyday with the people closest to me in this community will have no value. I hope I have answered your question. :)

Have a wonderful day!!

Please feel free to ick up a copy of my book Pure Love Passing Through

What a beautiful Couple
What a beautiful Couple
Life is Good
Life is Good
I wish I lived in this temple
I wish I lived in this temple


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    • qwark profile image


      9 years ago

      Hello Darrell:

      I like your writing. You are a "thinker."

      For the sake of conversation, your opening comment: "...I am interpreting the term GOD when I use it other wise the message I intend to send you my friend will be lost. GOD is defined as the creator maintainer and destroyer of all physical existence, this being is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent relative to the physical world."

      You say "you" are interpreting the term god, but then you say; "god is defined as...." Is this "your" definition of "god" or the dictionary definition? either way, this "definition" is purely opinion.

      In another of your "Hubs" you speak of "truths," truth being the "actual state of things." A definition which has only "opinion" as it's foundation, does not purport "truth."

      Before I can respond seriously to this "Hub," I must know if you base it, holistically, upon opinion or fact.

      Many speak of the "Theory of Gaia," which is being researched, but not in the way you say: "Believe that the planet itself is alive and it has it's own consciousness."

      Alive? yes, but having it's own consciouness? Why would you assume that?

      I can only accept the abstract concept "god" as but another of incipient man's many imagined supernatural fantasies.

      We are an animal species which has evolved an anomaly: consciousness. That anomaly is unique to us but makes us of no greater value in the cosmos than the lowly "dung" beetle or a blade of grass.

      In my mind, we exist as nothing but a simple cosmic "happening" which is here for a googol moment, in geological time, and gone.



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