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Why do people deny God and Jesus Christ?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Many people deny the existence of God and/or Jesus, because they can not see him. Of course, there are others who deny the existence because it is easier than holding oneself to a high set of standards that are set forth in the Bible. In today's society, many people are raised not believing in anything, so therefore the only time they hear the mention of God/Jesus is when a major tragedy takes place. It is in those times, that churches across the world are filled. It is not that many people directly disbelieve in God or Jesus, it is that they don't acknowledge his existence!

Life in society today is about acceptance. People all over the world want to be part of the click. In order for them to fit into that acceptable place they latch on to what others believe. It starts from the time of their birth. Most individuals who deny God/Jesus do so because they have never been raised to believe in anything. It is like children who have never attended school, when they reach adulthood they are unable to read nor write. Learning to read and write as an adult is much harder to achieve, because survival techniques have been formed to work around the ailment. Opening ones mind so that it can learn and accept the letters, sounds and formation of words become a chore that proves to hard for many. This is no different than the issue of faith. One who has grown up believing in nothing, will find it hard to grasp the the letters, sounds and formation of truth the Lord provides.

Individuals unable to grasp the concept of a God will go to great lengths to prove they are correct, and the rest of the world is wrong. The one thing that no one has ever been able to do however is prove 100% that God does not exist! The scientists have proven atom's and neurons etc, but have yet shown us infallible proof of how each scientific item came into being. Where did it all start?

Romans 1: God has planted evidence of Himself throughout His creation so we are without excuse.

It is hard for people to come to terms with the fact that God does exist. In his wisdom he created a perfect world for us to live upon. When one looks at the entire universe there is no doubt that it took infallible wisdom to create the just right balance for life. Look at morality, parents get a first hand glimpse of this when raising their young. Life isn't fair, children start yelling about that from the moment they learn to form sentences and understand their meaning. Clean your room, aww mom that isn't fair. Pick up your toys,....aww mom that isn't fair. Don't murder your enemy, don't steal from your neighbor, don't lie, don't cheat etc. Where did this sense of morality come from? If God does not exist and we simply evolved from apes, then there would be nothing but time, space and matter before humans came into being. Where did morality originate? God created the perfect balance when he created the universe and all that is in it. Creation was done in the image of the creator, and therefore our morals originated in that creation.

Many individuals who deny God and Jesus Christ do so simple because they seem to feel there is no evidence of his existence. However, the greatest evidence is held within the pages of the Bible. It is fulfilled prophecy. All prophecy that is written in the Bible has or will come to pass. The best way to answer this question for oneself is to read the story of creation in the book of Genesis. Then take that information and compare that with what the scientists have stated. Continue to read the prophesies in the book of Ezekiel and see what has been fulfilled already. This is direct proof that the Bible was written by God through individuals he ordained to do so. The bible has been and will always be infallible.


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    • profile image

      biniam alemayehu 2 years ago

      l believe in the presnce of God.

    • profile image

      Justin grocefa 3 years ago

      I sure don't believe in god

    • Ronald Bachner profile image

      Ronald Bachner 4 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Thanks for the Hub.