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Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?

Updated on January 17, 2010

It is a deep single word question: why?

Disasters in the world always bring up the topic as to why God, Allah, or whomever, you think is the Supreme entity, allows for so much human suffering from these catastrophic events. Everyone firmly believes in their own position, so it is insane to think that any one point of view is correct because nobody knows.

Some think that God allows for world disasters like in Haiti because the country as a whole is drenched in sin and corruption where many non-believers exist and where Black Magic and Voodoo reigns. That it is a sort of punishment to those sinners and to make them turn towards God as their saviour, as many seem to so when such events occur. Until such an event, the people, wherever they are, continue sin and allow themselves to be strayed from the path to God by temptations. There is nothing like a major disaster to wake those up and see how they quickly a sinner turns toward God with prayer for help etc.

Another view is that God, although he made the Earth and its ecosystems, does not directly control them and allows them to do whatever function they do naturally, whether it ends up with a disaster  or not. So, in a sense, the calamity is simply a result of nature and geography, bad luck etc.

Yet another view is that God is testing people in their beliefs and prayer by allowing the disaster to occur. In this test, the resolve of the people and government is tested to see if they rely on mankind or from blessings from God through prayer. God may be not only testing the people where the disaster hit, but see which nations have a generous and loving heart for mankind, the people God created. Mankind and science have held a long close relationship since the 1800s, but much more so in the last 80 years, to where some men tend to think they are Gods by being creative and discovering  answers to many issues.

Still, yet another view is one of destiny. What happens in the world is suppose to happen because God allows it to test one's faith in him and in government's who place him higher than mankind. This belief is tied loosely to the end days, where in the Book of Revelations, each angel sounds a trumpet and the earth is tossed yet another calamity of huge consequence, and the frequency of such events happens faster. It is all to determine the True believers and those that at are false believers and believe mankind has all the answers and there is no need for a God. So, when Jesus does arrive back on Earth, only the believers will be saved.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 8 years ago

      You raise an interesting point.

    • lsfloro profile image

      lsfloro 8 years ago

      If there are no people living where there is an earthquake flood, tsunami, etc., is it still a tragedy? Does a loving God single out people or groups of people to inflict suffering upon? You have written a very good article that provokes thought about a person's own true knowing. I could give an answer, but it would only be what comes from heart. Each person must decide for themselves what their truth is. Thanks for posting the hub.