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Transcript: Why human being is stupid

Updated on November 17, 2014

Why human being are stupidly

The human history in this planet had gone though over millions of years; we had gone though many changes, many struggle, and many natural and manmade disaster, and here we are. We survive, not only survive, but also explored; we explored the knowledge of nature and the knowledge of ourselves, and we are not only understood them, we manipulate them; we used them as a tool, for our interest. We defeated the breast from their teeth and claws, burned down their forests, made them our cities, enslave the other owners of this planet, made them pets because we like them, made them foods because they are delicious, and terminate them when they are no longer useful for us. Our domination opened up chapter of the earth history, a bloody, violence, cruel, uncomfortable, but absolutely legendary and remarkable chapter.

However, our proud history had been maintained for too long. The knowledge and power we have made us arrogant, we remember the success we have today, but we forget all of the struggle and failure we had gone though. We remember a war hero, a scientist who had made huge influence in this world, but we don’t remember most of the human or not yet human, who had scarified their lives to the evolution path, to protect human species, and to pass on the knowledge and survival skill that we are still using today.

We have dominated most of part of the land in this planet, but we don’t realise that, this is just a surface, and we certainly don’t recognise our planet is just a little dust comparing to the universe, even we acknowledge it. Our arrogant make us ignorant; we know how to use many tools, and we are using them in our daily life, but for many of us, we don’t bother to pay attention, to observe the brilliant idea, to understand and study the precious wisdom behind a small little sample thing.

‘’I know that I know nothing’’, a Greek philosopher Socrates had once said. We might have a lot of knowledge, but comparing the whole universe, we almost know nothing. We are like a small fish living in the shark, swimming and trying to dig out the secrets of being strong and powerful, we might explore little bit secrets, but as a fish, we are far away from understand what sharks capable of. We, as a human, successfully built up an empire for our own, we no longer recognise that we are still a little fish that we used to be, we try to play god among the nature, and the other owners of this planet, and when we get too used to playing god, we started to believe we are actually god, until a disaster teaches us a lesson, but the result of the lesson we learned doesn’t stay long, people will start to play god soon, so that’s what make us a fool.

Another reason why human being is stupid is we always assume we know the truth, but we never know if we living in Plato’s cave. The ideology of Plato’s cave is from a Greek philosopher Plato; a student of Socrates, he believes people do not recognize the truth like a prisoner in a cave, and one prison escape, return and tell what really outside, other prisoners refuse to recognise it.

According to Plato, the world outside the cave represents the world of forms while the shadows on the wall represent objects in the physical world. The escape of the prisoner represents philosophical enlightenment and the realization that forms are the true reality. Most people are like the prisoners in the cave. They think the shadows are reality. Philosophers are like the man who escapes the cave and sees the real world. They have the true knowledge.

But I doubt that, had the human race ever leave the cave, or we just moving from one cave to another, we don’t know, and we think we are that smart. And that is another reason why we are that stupid.

Even though, humanity might never get out of my ideology of stupidity, but being stupid can be a good motivation to enhance ourselves, to leave the glory we owned behind and started to recognise the hard work, mistake and injustice in the past, and started to find out a better path for our future.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      humans are just being careless and lazy, stupidity is just another act of negligence