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Why Is Life so Hard? (a Biblical Perspective)

Updated on June 2, 2020
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The writer is a creative writer who is passionate about Biblical stories, because of their divine inspiration.

Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden

Everyone, apart from maybe children under the age of three, knows that life is hard. This has been the case for centuries, and it will continue to be until Jesus Christ’s return to earth.

We all go through problems regardless of our financial status, beauty standards, location, race, tribe or age. Life for people in the developed world is equally hard as for those living in developing nations. Plans get ruined, we lose loved ones, sickness attacks, accidents happen, and so many other problems revolve around us.

It can feel like we are constantly dealing with battles every other day. But, let’s be honest for a moment; some days are actually good. Have you ever had this day when everything goes your way? A day when you get along with other people, and you achieve your goals? Yes, not all days are terrible. No matter how difficult life gets, we do get to enjoy some good days. And such days help to rub off some of the unhappiness.

I suffer from a serious case of social anxiety. So, many of my days seem hard even if they may not appear so to someone who does not have a mental illness. My fear of being in social situations has caused me to avoid people as much as I can. The only people I can’t run away from are my family members. The thing is, as humans we are social beings, so running away from humanity is completely impossible. If you suffer from social anxiety or agoraphobia, I’m sure that you understand. However, I keep pushing through this curse and hope that one day I’ll be released from its clenches.

A Reasonable Explanation to Why Life is Hard

So, are you wondering why is life so hard? I have a nice answer to that question from a Biblical perspective. Please read on to know more.

The Fall of Man at the Garden of Eden

The best explanation for why life is hard is in the story of Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden. The story is well-detailed in Genesis, which is the first book of the Bible’s Old Testament. In Genesis Chapter 1: 26-27, we see God making man out of his own image and likeness on the sixth day. He makes both male and female, and allows them to rule over all the earth.

Genesis Chapter 2 shows God creating the Garden of Eden, and telling man to take care of it. He also tells him that he can eat from any tree in the garden except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, because he will surely die. This man is called Adam, and from his rib God makes woman to serve as his helper.

Chapter 3 introduces a crafty serpent that tries to trick the woman into eating of the tree of knowledge. Unfortunately, the woman gives in, and eats the forbidden fruit. She also takes it to her husband, who eats it too. From there, their eyes are opened, and they realize their nakedness.

When God learns of the disobedience of man and woman he curses them. He starts by cursing the serpent that tricked the woman, and says that it will crawl on its belly and eat dust for all its life. In addition, enmity will arise between the offspring of the serpent and the woman.

To the woman, God curses her by increasing pain in childbearing. Also, he says that she will have desire for her husband, and he will rule over her.

For the man, God curses the ground, and says that he will have to toil painfully and sweat to eat of it. He says that the ground will produce thorns and thistles, and man will eat the plants. Through the sweat of his brow, man will eat his food until he returns to the ground.

Man was initially immortal, but after eating from the forbidden tree, man becomes mortal. The last two verses of Genesis Chapter 3 show God driving Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and placing a cherubim and flaming sword to guard the way leading to the tree of life.

Eating of the Forbidden Tree at the Garden of Eden Sparked Life’s Troubles

As you can see from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, life became hard for the human race after the two of them disobeyed God’s command. If they hadn’t eaten of the fruit of the forbidden tree, it’s likely that we would still be in the Garden of Eden, and nobody would be dying or getting sick.

However, we can’t put all the blame on Adam and Eve, because chances are that even if they hadn’t disobeyed God’s command, one of us would have still fallen prey to the serpent’s temptations. So, the party to blame here is the serpent. If the evil creature had not tricked Eve, we would be in the holy Garden.

Unfortunately, we cannot go back into the past, unless somebody invents a time machine. In the meantime, life is just what it is: a journey full of tests.

Life May Be Hard, But It’s Still worth Living and Jesus Christ Also Suffered

When Jesus was here on earth, he also went through immense suffering like any other human being. He was publicly mocked, people refused to listen to him, and in the end he was crucified on the cross with nails. Jesus had the power to end his suffering and punish his enemies. But, instead he pushed through with his Father’s plan, so that he could save humanity. Jesus is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t be put down by the hardness in life.

From a Christian perspective, if Jesus, the holy son of God suffered here on earth, who are we not to suffer?

Life was not meant to be easy. If it was always easy, it would probably be boring. The challenges serve as a reminder to the happier days of our lives. If bad days didn’t exist, it would be incredibly hard to take notice of the good ones. Life is worth living in spite of all the problems that bombard us.


Truth be told, every human being goes through a variety of problems that make life hard. From a Biblical viewpoint, I link life’s hardness to the disobedience of Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden. Through their disobedience, woman was cursed with labor pain, and the desire for man who would rule over her. The man was cursed to toil hard, so that he could be able to eat of the ground. Once his life was over, he would return to the ground from which he came.

Human disobedience led to hardship and mortality. We cannot turn back the time, but we can surely navigate through life’s problems. The life of Jesus Christ and his wise teachings are a good example of why life is still worth living.

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