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Why is my prayer not being answered?

Updated on July 3, 2011

Friend I'm not going to write two paragraphs before giving you a major biblical reason why many individuals prayers are not answered. Here is one major reason,because one is not prepared to receive what has been prayed for! Its like a five year old child who continues to ask mommy and daddy for 1000.00. Its not that the parents are not willing to give the child what they are asking for, but the child is not ready to receive what they are asking for. One must understand this principle because disappointment and discouragement will hinder ones prayer life if not.

The child still knows the parents love and care because provision is still being provided, they are being fed and they can still ask for some things that they did receive because every request was not wait. One thing about Jesus is he is not a waster and in order to receive an answer to a prayer that seems to go unanswered, one must check ones capacity to receive what is being prayed for.

As we look in John chapter two we find that Jesus' first miracle was water being turned to wine. The request was given by the mother of Jesus and she told the people at the wedding that whatever he tells you to do , do it! The miracle could not be performed until the 6 water pots were brought and filled with water that was needed. No water pots no miracle. Luke chapter 5 begins with Jesus preaching to people at the lake of Genesaret who were pushing up against him and thronging him.

He asked Peter if he could use his boat and that if he would thrust him out a little from the land for it to act as a platform. Peter and the fishermen had been fishing all night without any results. Finally Jesus tells Peter to launch out into the deep and he would bring in a harvest of fish. Wait a minute Peter did not even ask for this miracle, in fact he complained through frustration that they had toiled all night long with no results.

Jesus could bring this miracle because he saw that they had the capacity to receive it. The beginning of Luke 5 says he saw two ships and the workers were gone out of them. The miracle of fish that were taken that day were exactly two boat fulls which were all that they had the room to receive. Now we can also understand Malachi 3 which says if we bring tithes and offerings into Gods house that he would open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing there will not be enough room to receive it. God already says there will not be enough room to receive it so one must prepare for more room too... receive it.

2 Kings 4 is the story of a widow who has just lost her husband and now she is about to lose her 2 sons to the creditors. The prophet Elisha asks her what does she have in her house? She responds nothing but a pot of oil. Elisha tells her to go borrow vessels and begin pouring the pot of oil that was already in her house. She comes in and shuts the door and begins pouring the oil and it continues to flow as long as there is the capacity to receive. As soon as there are no more vessels, the oil stops flowing because God produces answered prayer for prepared individuals.


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      Anna 4 years ago

      This answer sounds nice but is not satisfactory. It makes sense if you are praying for, say, a new car. Maybe you don't really need one and aren't ready to receive that yet. But let's say someone prays for their 5-year-old child to be healed of cancer. If the child suffers for a year and dies, you can't tell me it's because they weren't "prepared" to receive that healing. If so, what exactly ARE we supposed to do to prepare for miracles? Because apparently most people aren't doing it right.