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Why not we identify ourselves with God?

Updated on April 17, 2013

He himself has become all things!

We are all really God!

It is permitted in Hindu philosophy and scriptures to identify oneself with God! Even there are certain maxims in the Veda which identify man with God. It is said, "He and I are One. Knowledge is God! I am Atma or Self. For those who want to escape from this cycle of births and deaths, these maxims are really useful. Saibaba used to tell the devotees to repeat, "I am Shiva! I am God! I am peace itself, I am Love, Ananda, pure bliss without end. This is not blasphemy but real Truth. We falsely identify ourselves with the perishable body and evanescent mind. Hence, we undergo all sorts of troubles and griefs. If only we relinquish our attachment to the body, we can always remain in peace and bliss.

Many a time, we feel that we are not being understood by others. We seek recognition. But, this kind of thinking is not correct. Why should we seek recognition? If only we know the Truth that all are embodiment of the same Divine principle, we won't seek recognition since every one is same, recognition becomes meaningless. Saibaba has also said, "Help Ever; Hurt never! Why he said this? When we help others, we really help ourselves. When we hurt others, we really hurt ourselves. It is also said, "Service to mankind is service to God! Why? Since God dwells in each being, whatever service we render to other really reaches only God!

The philosophy of oneness is really the core of Advaita philosophy. Advaita means "No Two". It stems from the Truth that every thing is only God and in fact God himself has become all this. In the famous Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, "The world of beings is part of Me! Hence all religions preach tolerance and brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God. We are enamored by the outer forms which our vision conveys and hence we perceive only diversity everywhere whereas really there is only Unity. The screen is one only. The pictures falling on it may be variety. The one screen is the base for the cinema! Likewise, Brahman or God is the base for all this. Varieties are seen due to the interaction of the mind with the world. But what the mind conveys to us is false picture and it is not real. It is like the mirage in the desert. In a way, the creation is a sport of God, it is a dream of God. We can not posit any reason for the same. His actions are mysterious. Hence none so far has found out the reasons for the actions of God! Why God creates? One reason we can say is "It is for sharing His Love with the creation. When he was alone and there was none, how can he share his love? Love itself becomes meaningless unless it is shared. Hence he parted himself and created the Cosmos and all beings. When no other living things could appreciate His work, he had to perforce create human being, who could appreciate the beauty of creation as well as the creator. Hence, "when he loves the creation, he loves really himself. When we love each other, we really love God only. There is no meaning if 'sugar' is there but none to taste it. Hence there is creation. It is based on duality. The perceiver and the perceived! Things get value because there is somebody to perceive the things. All the five sensory organs are valid as long as the things which attracts the sensory organs or senses. There are beautiful sceneries perceived by the eye. There are melodious songs to attract our ears. Likewise there are things which attract the senses. Otherwise, the senses are not valid!

Hence, the existence of God itself is valid as long as there is somebody to perceive God! Hence there is creation, nature and God! God itself has become all this and hence it is never wrong to consider ourselves as God(part of Him)!


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    • OyepagesFans profile image

      Oyepages Fans 

      5 years ago from Noida, India

    • OyepagesFans profile image

      Oyepages Fans 

      5 years ago from Noida, India

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    • poornimasrinath profile image


      5 years ago from Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA

      Great thoughts uncle! We will keep searching for God in heaven until we realize the person next to us is Him.


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