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Why people take it as "Good Friday"?

Updated on March 24, 2016

Supreme Sacrifice!

Jesus sacrificed himself for the sins of humanity!

Tomorrow being “Good Friday”, I want to recapitulate the events on those fateful days around 2000 years ago. One thing that perplexed me is the term “Good Friday”. No doubt that Jesus on the day sacrificed himself on the Cross, due to the deliberations of the High Priests and they forced the King to follow their decision. The King was a just man and he saw the plan behind the Chief Priest’s decision. The gullible public toed the lines of the Priests and implored the king to let loose a criminal instead of Jesus. What is the crime committed by innocent Jesus? He wanted people to follow the teachings of ancient scriptures and keep the temple premises clean. Jesus saw that petty traders were selling birds in the temple premises which is against the dictums of scriptures.

Prior to the arrival of Jesus, the temple was used for all activities except worship. The Priests were wielding clouts in the Kingdom and even the voice of King is subdued by the priests. Since the King saw no crime in Jesus that attracted death punishment, he could not satisfy his own conscious. Hence he washed his hands stating that he is not party for this punishment. The scenes were so set to prove that Jesus is trying to overthrow the King and become King himself. Hence they created enough witnesses to prove that Jesus was preaching ‘blasphemy’. This was the highest charge which attracts death penalty. Sadly, Jesus has not protested against the deliberations. The punishment was pronounced by the Priests and people who gathered there. They never knew that they are doing great injustice to the laws. He was dragged, beaten, and forced to wear a thorn head gear. Everyone who saw the scene sobbed and wept. They knew that he was falsely implicated. None could raise their voice against the judgment Jesus was made to carry his own cross which was heavy. He had not eaten for several days. He was physically weak.

Seeing such a sad plight, a man interceded to carry the cross on behalf of Jesus. They reached the Calvary where he awaits his crucifix. Two more convicts on either side of the Jesus were crucified. Jesus reached the place and he was placed on the wooden cross and huge iron nails were fixed on his hands, feet and chest. The Cross was then placed on the ground. The cruel and painful ordeal took around three hours and Jesus gave up uttering the words, “Eloi, Eloi Lama Jabatjani! Oh my Father! Why have thee forsaken me? He was removed from the Cross subsequently and placed in the tomb! He was sent by the Father in Heaven? How death can touch Him? He was raised on the third day, Easter Sunday.

Now let us see why this sad day has been christened as “Good Friday”? Everyone knows that he has sacrificed his life to atone the sins of all people on earth. Otherwise, none could suffer the accumulated sins for generations. Jesus knew it, and hence he meekly submitted himself to the Cross! It is Good for the entire mankind but personally it was a sad day that such a holy and noble spirit laid up his life. People were ignorant of the consequences of their sins. Hence the entire Bible contains many passages about the grievous results when one sins knowingly. The Lord has granted us ‘discrimination’ to analyze every act and perform only good and noble deeds. But enslaved by the senses,, the mind drag man to perdition quickly. He is attracted by the harmful vision, harmful hearing, harmful taste and harmful touch. We observe a flock of sheep follow one another. If one sheep falls into a ravine, others follow it in sure succession. But they are animals and follow their instincts. But we are human beings possessing great faculties of thinking and discrimination. Hence man alone is capable of sin by taking a wrong choice.

It is seen that Adam and Eve were warned not to aspire for the forbidden fruit. It is human curiosity that when something is forbidden, the mind attempts to reach out enslaved by the sense of taste. This taste has brought doom on the entire mankind. Hence generations after generations are seeking the forbidden fruit of sensual pleasures. Hence we are unable to extricate ourselves from the deep bottomless pits. Only an Avatar can rescue us from this pit, provided we surrender ourselves to Him. Observe the present condition of the world and attempt to follow the teachings of holy scriptures and Avatars!

Good Friday!


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