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Why so much of nature's fury everywhere?

Updated on August 30, 2017

Water water everywhere!

Why these frequent floods that inflicts much fear in human psyche?

Climatic conditions inflict much misery everywhere. The cyclonic effects of Harvey over Texas, Houston and Louisiana is still continuing without any remission. Government authorities are exerting their level best to rescue the stranded. Due to continuous flood, their rescue operations suffer much. It is said that the magnitude of this cyclone surpasses many such calamities and this sort of devastation has not happened in past many centuries. Even while the cyclone was forming, Nasa has mentioned about the severity by satellite photos. Their predictions and warnings were real and due to cyclone warning, the causalities were comparatively less. In India, three states were affected by severe flooding and many people have lost their lives, millions have been displaced and their entire agriculture efforts have come to naught besides their cattle. Even the National reserve forest which is the asylum of many endangered species lost many of their rhinos in the flood. Now, Mumbai is severely reeling under heaviest rainfall that has not happened in the past several years. Even for a small rain, the roads of Mumbai will be flooded. Now the rain is not abetting and already many cars are floating on the water. In the case of Harvey, it has already submerged single story buildings forcing the residents to climb the roof tops expecting rescue. The sufferings of entire populations are heart whelming. Now everyone prays for abetment of storm so that normality could be restored! In India, the Brahmaputra flood plain suffers devastating floods every year routinely during this rainy season. Every year, the government does mainly rescue and relief operations. No permanent plan is drawn to minimize the ills of floods! It is only in the drawing board stage. No government has given a concrete shape to preventive measures. Of course, they cannot be blamed. Whenever China experiences heavy rainfall, the excess water is let off in Brahmaputra. Hence it has become difficult to solve this never ending problem!

Satellite forecast!

Different regions are affected in the western hemisphere!

Cyclonic storms are not new to the Western region. But it is not the same region which is affected. We have witnessed Katrina and other devastating thunder storms. Of course natural calamities could not be prevented by human efforts but with alertness and precautions, the loss of life could be greatly minimized. But, these happenings are aftermath of the eclipse of Sun which was witnessed across US in many places. Though scientific temper prevents us to conclude any connections of occurrences of eclipses, Indian astrological pundits always consider the eclipses as foreboding evil .It may be our mistaken notion also. Yet we cannot say that the eclipse has no effect on events! Weather forecasts are usually made after a trough forms in the ocean surface. Though any visible connection could not be established, there is subtle effects of eclipses over the denizens of earth. It may be little or medium or even more according to the places where eclipse was visible fully! Even Nostradamus has said in one of his couplets of centuries that sighting of comets have a bearing on the events on earth. The comets bring calamities or even possible death on some important heads of states or Kings! Rationalists all over the globe are ridiculing such superstitious beliefs. Nowadays we use many gadgets being the latest innovations in information technology and communication. Before these inventions, none would have believed the possibility of mobile communication or satellite communications even. In the typical world of internet, we find both wired and wireless platforms. The absence of cables or wires is no way affecting, how we are using our Smartphone, tablets and laptops..These gadgets help us during cyclonic weather to communicate with the help lines put up by the governing authorities. Social platforms come to the help of victims of floods who were standing on roof tops to escape the fury of floods. They can tweet their condition on twitter or post messages on Face Book for help. During such national calamities, the social websites definitely help those who are in need of help! Rationalists everywhere clamor ‘unless they see with their own eyes, they won’t believe anything. Well, are they not using all the above facilities, though they may not be aware, how the technology connects? Hence seeing is not proof but experience is more important. Scientists have agreed that new moon days and full moon days cause high tides in the ocean surface. There is no visible connection between the moon and tides but we agree that the tides are more! Whether one believe in astrology or not, planets do exert subtle influences on human brain! The distance may be millions of miles from us. We are directly experiencing the beneficial as well as the harmful effects of rays of Sun on our body and even mind. When the temperature rise, our mind gets depressed and we seek cool winds. This is a natural phenomenon!

Fury of floods!

Is it the effects of eclipse of Sun?

Hence it is possible that movements of planets cause various changes in our brain and body. Of course, we cannot prove it experimentally. It is written that animals and birds exhibit strange behavior during eclipses, they are confused and they make strange noises even. When such is the case, these kind of calamities too are predictable. Just like meteorological and cyclone centers everywhere are warning people about an impending cyclone or tornado, these astrologists make calculations based on the movements of planets and their position and anticipate many events on earth! The work of Nostradamus is a kind of intuition based on astronomical positions of various planets and he himself has mentioned about the movements of certain important major planets and prophesies based on them. Many of his prophesies have turned true. What is important and relevant is that we should have tools to predict the events like meteorological forecasts so that major loss of lives and properties could be prevented if properly planned!

Going nowhere!

The hidden cause!

There is cause and effect which is the reason for the natural calamities. Many serious actions of man have contributed to natural calamities. Man should respect ecological equilibrium. He trespasses into forest and hills which are the habitats of endangered species. He cuts indiscriminately the forest wealth provoking shortage of rainfall in adjoining areas. He drills deeper holes on earth in the name of oil and gas exploration. Thus the geological equilibrium is greatly disturbed. At some point of time, these bent up forces trigger Tsunami, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Man has really accelerated many of the disorders. He should respect nature and preserve natural resources like water and air. In fact, man has endangered the life of all on planet earth by his foolish greed which resulted in atomic war everywhere! Even now, various countries are warning other countries, the deployment of destructive missiles which will destroy the earth altogether! Do we want to live peacefully on earth? Desist from such foolish activities!

Horrible effects!


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