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Why spirituality is tough to practice?

Updated on December 3, 2013

pepal tree and Buddha gaining wisdom!

The rough path of spirituality!

The seed of the Peepal tree is small. The small seed contains the entire tree in it. Plant it inside the earth. In a few days, the sprout occurs. In the course of ten to fifteen years, there will be a growth of small tree. In another fifty years, the tree spreads its shade everywhere. This is how the creation happens. There is a seed thought and the thought contains the entire universe in it. There is even a humorous story about it. A passerby takes rest under a peepal tree. He had a refreshing sleep. When we woke up, he found small seeds on his person. He was wondering ‘god must be a fool. For such a huge tree, he provided such small seeds. On the way a recluse came and overheard the passerby. He told him, “God is not a fool. If he had provided huge and big seeds, by this time you would have perished due to the impact of huge seeds. Hence god is always wise. The passerby understood the lesson and he became wise. This is only a small story. But, if we ponder over this story, there is lot of lessons.

We have seen in the above para, that a tiny seed gave rise to a huge tree. The small seed really contained the blue print of the tree. These are all wonders of creation. We have encountered people who always ask questions like “which has come first, the egg or hen? Yes, the questions cannot be answered satisfactorily. Either way, the answer may not be logical. The same questions hold true for plants and animals and other species and even human beings. No doubt that the hen can lay and hatch an egg, the plants can have seeds and the human, the sperms for reproduction.

Once Sri Sathya Saibaba has mentioned during a discourse, that every human being is provided with two seeds, one for perpetuation of human race and the other for spiritual enlightenment. Yes, the spiritual seed will remain dormant from lifetime to lifetime, if the human being does not focus his attention in spiritual evolution. We are witnessing the burgeoning population rise everywhere but the people who got enlightenment can be counted with finger. There can be only one Buddha or one Jesus in millenniums but ordinary people thrive in geometric progression. Why the spiritual seed is lying dormant from lifetime to lifetime? People are easily enamored by the sensual life. They consider the world as very real and develop attachments to the world by attaching to persons, wealth and properties, fame and fortune etc.. But none is really interested in sacrificing his comforts and luxuries for the sake of spiritual wisdom. He feels that sacrifice is not easy since he has to shed his body consciousness and ego.

It is not easy for anyone to shed his ego. This requires lifetime detachment and discrimination. He should surrender himself to god or a preceptor and do his bidding. Selfishness is like the force of gravity which attracts everything to the earth. It is not easy to defy gravity. Today we witness that space scientists design rockets which is capable of lifting a satellite to a point which is beyond the gravitational pull of earth. Hence the rockets are boosted with great thrust to get away from the earth’s atmosphere. Though lot of cost goes into the making of a satellite and rocket, the fuel cost is the major one. Liquid hydrogen is mostly used in space shuttle rockets to maneour to greater heights.

How much taxing for the spiritual aspirants to attempt a voyage into their self through meditation etc? But the path will be easier for the one who relinquish his ego and body consciousness! But the efforts needed to weed out the thought of the body and mind requires one point focus on the part of the spiritualists. Buddha left the palace leaving his young wife and baby. He found that the palace will never satisfy his spiritual quests. He wandered to many places, begging his food though he was a Prince who enjoyed such delicious dishes in the palace. He witnessed death, an old man and a handicapped man while looking at the road from the palace. He enquired with many, what are those things? He got the answer that everyone has to meet death ultimately one day. The body is prone to diseases and pain. Everyone will become old in due course! He thought over the problem and came to the conclusion that he should find out the answers for all this. He meditated for many years and ultimately he found that ‘everything is void, everything is ephemeral in this life”. Thus he gained the great wisdom and became Buddha, the enlightened one. Hence the spiritual path needs a firm determination and iron will to pursue, come what may. One must view everything equally. He should neither be elated by good fortune nor depressed by distressing events. He should be equal minded and develop equal vision! Hence, ordinary people find it difficult to adhere to spirituality!


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