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Why the human beings do not use their discrimination?

Updated on September 13, 2013

A fly and bee; Creator of Cosmos.

Some creatures possess better instincts compared to human beings!

A fly will mostly sit on filth and offal but the bees will seek only flowers for securing honey. It is really a wonder that being one of the smallest creature, it has got the instinct to gather only honey even if involves flying for miles together. Why the bee does not seek anything other than honey? It is its basic instinct. Likewise there is a bird which always flies in the sky. It will drink only pure rainwater when it falls from the sky. It won’t drink water that has fallen on the ground. Who has instilled such an instinct in the small bird known as ‘sakora’ in Sanskrit language?

The above example shows that creatures which do not have any intelligence except an instinct acts so wisely. But, man is a pinnacle of creation possessing all powers of intelligence, discrimination and choice. Yet, he does not select the best over ordinary? Why this anomaly in creation? This set me to thinking and what I understood is shared in these pages.

All species of lives baring the human beings does possess instincts which guide them throughout their lives. Their eating habits, mating and laying eggs or producing calves and taking care of them, all these activities are driven only by instincts. They won’t deviate even after millions of years. There may be few changes in behavior due to adaptation to different surroundings. For instance, there are many animal species which live both in land and water. All mammals suckle their baby calves. None has given them training. They behave as per their innate instincts.

Accepting the theory that some supreme power (god) has created all this flora and fauna, why there is distinction when it comes to human beings? The reason is quite obvious. No species has mental faculties to think, discriminate and choose except human beings. Why the human being alone is vested with the powers over other species? Though the power has created everything in the cosmos, yet it was not satisfied since none of the species could scent the presence of a superior power since they lacked the thinking capacity. Many people say God is Love. The scriptures proclaim so. If love has remained as love, what is the use or advantage? Nothing! The love has to be shared.

With whom, the power can share the love? If the power loves something, then the ‘something’ should recognize it. Is it not? Otherwise, the love becomes void. Hence God has granted human beings with an intelligence to understand his glory and love him equally as God loves all beings. This is sharing. Love becomes holy when it shared with all. Selfish love does not fall under this category. Human beings love each other in reciprocation, in expectation. But only the ‘Selfless Love” of God is pure, holy and sustaining. Our attachments wax and wane according to the circumstances. Hence in order to share the love, God or the power has parted out of itself. We have to understand that there was ‘none’ before creation and the only existing thing is the Power (God)

In the Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna clarifies this point. He says, Oh Arjuna! The world of creation is only a part of me. It is also written in the scriptures, how the creation commenced. The only power that was existing has thought, ‘I AM ALONE, LET ME BECOME MANY’. Thus the creation has commenced out of nothing! While creating everything, God was not satisfied and hence he wanted to create some with intelligence and intuition to know him, love him and share the love with all similar beings. Hence, he has blessed the humans with the discrimination and the power of choice making in every endeavor

Initially, the human beings used the power for their uplift and benefit. As time passed, he started developing Ego and selfishness. This has thwarted his intuitive faculties. He relied more on the mind which was enslaved by the senses. Had he relied on the intellect, he would not have descended to such abysmal levels. Hence in certain aspects, the animals behave better than the human beings. Hence the bee and ‘sakora bird’ have distinctive qualities compared to human behavior.


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