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Why there is classifications in Manvantara, the ancient way of reckoning time scales?

Updated on November 11, 2012

The pillar of Righteousness depicting all religions

The different Yugas and their importance!

In one of my recent hubs, I have written about the “Manvantara”, a system of reckoning time compared to human time cycles. We have seen that the Sathya Yuga (Golden Age) comes first. As the name itself denotes, it is a period of golden age when people practiced morals in all aspects of their life. Hence nature too was much considerate, giving timely rains. There was all-round prosperity of people abundant cattle wealth and sumptuous crops. Righteousness prevailed one hundred percent. The period of Sathya Yuga is roughly 17, 28,000 human years.

Next in the order is “Treta Yuga (Silver Age) when the people practiced 75% morality in life and it is aptly called “Silver age” spanning for 12,96,000 human years. It is during the previous Treta Yuga, the historic Avatar Rama took birth and lived for many years strictly observing ‘right conduct in every sphere of life.

Third Yuga is “Dwapara Yuga termed as Bronze Age, when only 50% morality was practiced. Shri Krishna of famous Bagawat Gita disseminated during the historic Mahabarath War, was born and lived during the above period. The span of Dwapara yuga was 8, 64,000 human years.

The last one is Kaliyuga is the Dark Age, also referred as Iron Age when only 25% righteousness prevails. Immorality is high during the period, people worship mammon as God and considers money, wealth and woman as the paramount goals of life. Incidentally, we are at present living in Kaliyuga and hence we are facing all grief and pain from all quarters. Both the rulers and the ruled are mostly corrupt. The scriptures are scoffed with. There is no respect for elders, teachers and parents. The sanctity of the marriage is lost. All atrocities on woman are practiced by most of the people. The wealthy are considered the most powerful member of the society. Even the rulers bend before the wealthy people. Hence all others are at the receiving end from the mighty and wealthy. Poor are persecuted in society. Their needs are never taken care of. At this juncture only a great moral force can retrieve the society of its evils.

Hence each age determines the quality of the people and the way of life during the period. This is only a general classification. In each age, there will be percentages of good and evil. In the three yugas which comes first, morality or righteousness was on the peak. But in the dark kaliyuga, the morality is mostly absent. But in this age also, there are many people who practice virtues as their life breath. This is the reason for rainfall at least during some monsoons. Natural calamities are the result of perverted mind set of people and they are triggered due to negative vibrations in the atmosphere!


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