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Why there is duality in creation?

Updated on February 13, 2016

The creation and many truths behind it.

It is for a purpose, duality was introduced in creation. Otherwise, creation will not happen. The opposing forces ensure revolution in many spheres of creation. We are aware that gravitation exists everywhere. It is the gravitational force exerted by various planets in the cosmos that ensures orbits around the Sun. The same force enables the earth and other planets to turn around themselves. All of us enjoy sunshine and moonlight alternatively at different periods. The hot rays of the Sun are essential for the earth to absorb many nutrients. The subsequent rainy season ensures cultivation of different crops around the world. The creator has not only created beings, instilled hunger and thirst in them so that they will search for food and water. He has provided the wherewithal for their survival. Of course, the human beings with their thinking and analyzing faculties could search for reasons. What about other species which are not blessed with the thinking and reasoning mind?

God has given them instincts to search for their food and water, their tending instincts of their young ones. At the same time, the other species were acting and behaving without any deviation for several million years. Thus they are considered as superior at present compared to the foolish behavior of men. The blessings on mankind with a mind have spelled lot of problems to human race as well as to the nature. Man has used the mind not for a productive way but endangered the living conditions on earth!

Who commits crimes against humanity excepting man? His transgressions are legend. How he can aspire for peace and joy, when he purposely created havoc on earth, ocean and sky? The eco system has been created for peaceful co-existence of all species of life, whether aquatic, land dwelling or tree dwelling. When all the species on earth follow meticulously their instincts for survival, man alone, out of greed and avarice garner everything for his sake, not caring the poor destitute on the street. The creator has purposely blessed man with mind, intelligence and reasoning powers, so that he can dwell on the mystery of creation and creator. He would automatically start glorifying god for his benign love towards the creation and for the grace bestowed upon the entire mankind and nature!

But, most of the men have misused the powers entrusted by god, start killing his own brethren, consuming prohibited foods and drinks, and enslaving women and children to cater to his whims and fancies and decrying god outright. Morality and righteousness has become anathema to him. How he can expect peace in the world. There will be only pieces! Killing animals and birds for consumption is contrary to the philosophy of human life on earth. God has provided plenty of plants, tubers, fruits and nuts in nature for the sole purpose of human consumption. Also the milk is a staple diet for children as well as young people. Varieties of grains can be cultivated according to the soil, climate and rainfall. Hence each region is blessed with different kind of vegetation, flora etc. Of course, I don’t deny that people living in extreme temperatures with lot of snowfall cannot obtain vegetarian food. They perforce have to consume such items of meat which protect them from the extreme climate.

But those living in hot climate can always choose vegetarian food over non-vegetarian items. But there is one truth behind human birth. Those birds and animals, which become food to man, has the opportunity to take a human birth, in their next incarnation. Their sacrifice has enabled them to ascend to such status. But there is an anomaly in this. Since they have suddenly ascended from a fish or bird or animal to human birth, their evolution has become like a short circuited one. Hence, we find many people just exhibiting the animal qualities and their behavior has no resemblance to human being. We start calling them a fox, a cheetah or a monkey, though they are in human form!

One thing about creation is that God never interferes in human freedom. He allows people to tread their own way and in a way, “God is a mere witness to the actions of all of us”. He neither pushes anyone nor pulls anyone. Since he is the occupant of the innermost heart of all beings, but there will be always warning from the inner conscious, whenever man attempts bad deeds or evil actions. But the ego in man prevents him from listening to his inner conscious!

Animal souls!


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