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Why we are ignorant of inner world?

Updated on October 5, 2016

Past,Present and future!

We are aware of everything externally but ignorant to the self!

Everyone wants to know what is happening in the external world, but none cares about what is happening inside the spirit? Every news channel blurts all the twenty four hours without any respite, instantaneous happening throughout the globe and some of the events are broadcast live! This shows the advancement in satellite technology which enables ‘news flash’. But all the channels are in the habit of repeating the news several times to the constraint of the watchers. There are two definitions for ‘news’, one is north east west south! The other is ‘new events’ which can be dubbed as ‘news’. We waste hours, watching media news through TV or internet. People on the go, browse for the news bulletin in their smartphones or other hand held devices. What benefit they reap by updates in news? Of course, weather bulletins and other warnings caution us not to venture outside during such time. We are more interested in knowing the happenings everywhere! People residing outside the US are keenly watching the debates between Trump and Hilary! What way it is going to help? Only those in US must be interested. Of course, the political views of any leader tend to affect neighboring countries to certain extent. If Trump or Hilary wins, how it is going to affect us? In a way, people are wasting their precious energy and time in such news, gossips and interactions in social platforms. There are many billions of people in the world. Each has an opinion on many affairs of the world. No two views tally. Why should we know the opinion of others?

Ephemeral tomorrow!

Eat the fruit, do not count the leaves!

Once I heard a story from Saibaba! He told the gathering that people go to mango grooves! What is the aim? To pluck the ripe fruits! Do not go for counting the branches and leaves. What is the use of taking census of number of trees, number of branches and leaves? Go there to pluck the ripe fruit and eat! This is the wisest decision! We should read or see only the essential news which is relevant to our life and movement. Why bother, when there is a mutiny in a far off country? Of course, there is no border for violence and terrorism. It happens everywhere and it is more frequent nowadays! There are some people who read each news item printed in each paper including the advertisement column! There is a reason they advocate! They want to pass time since they don’t have any work! “Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s wastepaper!

Ask anybody in the world, ‘what for he is earning money? Our very survival in this world depends upon money and relationship! Without money, none can survive in this world! Food cannot be obtained free of cost nor other essential items! For each little thing, one has to shell out money. Well, nobody is going to deny the above fact. But the next question is ‘how much you need? This is the crucial question. None can specifically say, he is satisfied with 1000 bucks or 2000 bucks. It depends upon his life style! But the essential items cost around 40% of one’s earning and the other 60% is spent on non-essentials! Our priorities are food, clothing, shelter, transportation and medication! Rest of all is luxury and entertainment costs which include TV, internet, movies, week end holidays, costly shoes, apparels and cosmetic items, without which man can always survive! One need not wear a thousand dollar suit, he can manage with 200 dollars dresses.

Life is...

Avoid unwanted expenses, live frugally!

For commuting to nearby areas, one can walk or cycle or use public transport. No car is needed for short distances. Especially in places of third world countries, cheaper transport is available. Only in the West and European countries, one needs to commute hundreds of kilometers to workplaces where car is essential. Even while renting houses, one can apt for minimum essential space and area! We need not choose posh localities and residences! Sometimes staying away from urban environment is economical while commuting through trains etc. In most of the developed countries, people travel not less than one hundred kilometers to work spot and back! In such circumstances, suburban areas can be chosen for rent which will be comparatively lesser! We waste a lot of essential things. Mahatma Gandhi has shown people, how people can live a frugal life, yet active and healthy! He consumed peanuts with goat’s milk which provided enough energy for Gandhi’s busy schedules. He never became ill at any time. He will be talking with a visitor, while spinning thread in ‘charkha’, a special wheel for spinning thread. He demonstrated the value of home spun clothes Khadi, in preference to imported mill clothes from Britain. The East India Company obtained raw materials at cheap prices, sent it to factories in UK. The finished mill clothes were sold to the natives at exorbitant prices. To prevent such exploitation, he introduced Khadi clothes to the people of India! By that, the self-respect of native Indians was preserved and they have prevented import of mill clothes from UK. This is how Gandhi induced patriotic spirit to the local people!

Many people think that one cannot survive in the world with lesser income! It is possible to live with lessor income, when one avoids unnecessary expenditures. Instead of costly food, one can opt for cheaper food which will quench the thirst as well as keep him healthy! How the cave man survived in tedious environment? They explored the arears, collected leaves, fruits, barks and fibers! They even dug the ground and collected tubers which sustained them. “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Thus the ancient man explored the surroundings and invented number of food items and survived the harsh weather! They started covering their bodies with bark and leaves. They constructed small shelters to protect them from heat and rain! They had no income, yet survived as a race, breaded families and protected their clan! They invented many tools to help hunting, creating fire and pulverizing food items such as grains and nuts. We are the descendants of such uncivilized ancestors but we are anxious at every step of our life! There were no sophisticated gadgets to know the time or events anywhere. No satellites to warn the severity of weather system. He relied on his own senses for his survival.

We flaunt today many varieties of gadgets which brings information at the click of the mouse or at the press of button! Have we become better in any aspects of life? More unrest and strife everywhere! These are the gifts of scientific temperament!

Do not be penny wise but Pound foolish!


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