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Why we wear masks?

Updated on December 28, 2012

Divine Blessings!

Cultivate purity and integrity!

Nothing contains everything! Yes, the sky is enormous space and actually the sky is ‘nothing’ as it appears to the human eye. But the sky contains everything in the visible universe. Hence we can not come to conclusions by looking at some thing. Likewise, we easily form opinion about others by looking at their outer form and their interactions. No. This is absolutely incorrect. Never judge anybody based on visual form or their talk. One thing that is clear in this world is that ‘every one is wearing a mask’. There is a hidden face behind the mask. The first question is ‘why we wear masks’? We want to project ourselves as good natured amicable individual though our inner qualities may likely to differ. It is for the sake of society. We want to get noticed, we want recognition and we want that none should know our deficiencies.

Well, majority of us think differently, speak in contrivance of our thoughts and act in some other way. This is the reason why we wear masks to hide our real nature. In rarest of rare cases, people’s thoughts, words and deeds synchronize! But the people whose thoughts words and actions are in unison, they are the noblest among human beings. A great poet philosopher of South India has written a beautiful song that one should not have any relations with the hypocrites whose thoughts, words and deeds are not one. Speech should emanate from the heart and not from the mind. Mind is vitiated by lot of evil and hence the speech will never be pure. In spirituality, we should maintain a pure conscious in order to achieve our noble aims. With contaminated conscious, whatever spiritual practice we undertake will result only in negativity. Purity and integrity will attract Divinity. Our heart has got only one seat. If you choose to seat ‘demon’ in that, how Divine will enter. Drive the demon out of your heart and automatically Divine will occupy the heart!

We have light and darkness. They can not co-exist. When there is light, darkness wont be there. Hence bring light into your life (conscious). Automatically the evil will flee. We are human beings. We should possess the human values and not animal nature. The human values, every one should cultivate are, Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence. If you cultivate the human values, you can become a true human who will rise into God’s stature.


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