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Why were you born?

Updated on May 1, 2009

Why you were here may be because of your own will.

You may have been wanted,

your life may not be as you want,

some around you,

what you have,

what you can think up,

but is it just the facts of life ,

how much do sentient creatures

that have their own needs for personality,

know about what makes life itself in terms of motor

skills and cellular ability to communicate and coordinate to walk,

to talk, to do Taichi, Qi Gong, paintings simple that touch,or to kill off viruses?

Slime is a community of cells. Ocean Coral is a little more coordinated.

A Daffy cute friend, a cat that seems to talk, species cross the barriers.

Too much is given to procreation though,

Is Sex really the only consciousness of  your reason for existence?

Man and women can spark a fire,

at best, you are the light of their lives,

but many sperm aim at that Egg,

Is life really only created at that time?

Is there not the Spiral energy?

Some spots in spaces have more power,

Whole distances are covered by rays from Galaxies,

Even Earth has Gravity.

Our Sun is so warm.

The Moon helps the Tides rise and fall.

With certain people or animals you get a feeling.

In a bad mood you blame your parents,

In unsaid brooding you wonder why you are even here.

Maybe you had more power in your reason for existance

than you will ever find out?

If that is success then,

to have got this far,

would that be


Zen anyway.Chan in Chinese.

Whatever their reason for bringing you here,

you can celebrate life and existence on your own.

With your own Self becoming actualised,

you can then look after and celebrate them.

Get something from your heart for the Mother's Day

or someone's birthday.

Respect other's material possessions

and no need to write on or paint your defacing graffitti.

See your own child's children as the miracle it is,

there is less need to fuss through your own depression on life

and then fuss on the social expectations that are like a Grandmother's ante natal depression.

It is not only the adolescent that has a schism on their feelings.

Be awake and aware of art in things around you,

with difficult people see if they may have fair feelings,

with impossible situations see where you may not have dug deep enough to beat the odds,

with a general malaise check that you have not been eating things that are not nourishing,

check that what you are reading  is  not  poisoning your mind?

Are you not so well and physically needing some help?

Basically, you are here now.So make the most of it.

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to YOU.

Some are resentful they were brought into this world

Another Page in the calendar.
Another Page in the calendar.
Does a budgie think about it? Budgie is an Aborigine word meaning very tasty.
Does a budgie think about it? Budgie is an Aborigine word meaning very tasty.

Why was I born?


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