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Why Your Magick Spell Will Work, but It Won't Manifest?

Updated on January 22, 2020
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Engelta loves sharing the spiritual world with the ones worthy of it. The magick, the witchcraft, the ascension.

I am not about to make you trip on this, rather I want to explain something important. I see lots of you dwelling on the Law of Attraction subject or magick for that matter. I see you trying so hard on manifesting all kind of stuff, focusing on synchronicity, readings and other signs to tell you that your spell worked. But you don't see it coming to life.

You shall not get disappointed. If you do, then Magick is not for you. You shall not give up.

Spirit, Energy and Majick work in marvelous ways. You cast a spell and there you have the dream manifesting itself in physical reality. It doesn't always happen so though.

There are times, I am sure you know of, when you cast a spell and you can *feel* it work. You feel the energy shift in your body and around you, you may feel a pull, you witness synchronicities for days .... and it just does not come to life. What the eff just happened?

It is not the spell, it is the object of your desire. The signs of working a spell that you get after casting, and that are specific for everybody (because Spirit/ Universe talks to each of us in the way we understand best), tell you that Spirit heard you and you affected the energy, you did cause some ripples.

Though it worked, it won't manifest for a couple of reasons:

1. The most important reason, Spirit says NO, what you want it is not meant for you. There are other better things in store for you in the long run and you can't ruin your purpose because you are asking for things that will make you take a different path. For example, you want someone back, you are casting spells for it, you witness synchronicities like numbers, his/her name coming up everywhere, certain songs playing randomly, etc. But you are not meant to be with that person, that part of your life is over, it taught you something and it fulfilled its purpose. Deep down you know too well you should not be with that person, but because love or rage has blinded you, you keep casting spells. Spirit won't allow a mistake though.

2. The second reason, it did manifest, just not in the way you expected it to manifest. You cast a spell for love, because you got tired of casting for the specific person coming back in your life, so you think you are gonna trick Spirit by casting a more 'general' spell about how you want to feel and what you want to experience, without mentioning names or anything, yet holding that same person in mind. Spirit serves you the experience you cast for, but with a different person. Just because it wan't exactly what you expected does not mean it did not manifest. That's another reason to not cast for specific persons, objects, businesses, rather to cast for the experience and gains. Spirit will find the best way to serve it to you.

When it comes to Love Spells, you need to apply a little more knowledge, thought and caution.

Caution: Love is a very passionate, tricky, messy, uncontrollable feeling, so it is a wild energy to work with. Really explore your feelings: do you love them, or do you love how they treat you, or how they shower you in gifts, etc. Do not put yourself in a position where you will want out of it later on. When you are casting love spells, you are adding to the person’s energy an energy that it’s not his/hers, and this may result in him/her ‘exploding’ and becoming very passionate, then very violent. Make sure you really want it to work. Do not break up couples to have someone else’s girl/boy. Do not obsess over someone. No one can force someone to love you if they don’t even know you at all, or they don’t feel nothing for you. For a love spell to manifest, the person has to have some in him/her, so you can work on growing the love. I am not saying you can’t plant the seed, I am saying be careful.

Remember: Majick shall never be work, it shall always be fun and bring joy, power and blessings. Above all, always follow your Heart, it knows the way best.

Ever tried a Magick Spell?

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