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Why Blame God?

Updated on March 5, 2011

Freedom of Religion - Thou Shalt Keep My Commandments!

This statue, depicting a religious version of the Statue of Liberty, is creating a lot of controversy in Memphis, Tennessee. It stands about 72 feet tall. Guess what it is "titled"?
This statue, depicting a religious version of the Statue of Liberty, is creating a lot of controversy in Memphis, Tennessee. It stands about 72 feet tall. Guess what it is "titled"?
If ye love me, keep My Commandments.... but do we today?
If ye love me, keep My Commandments.... but do we today?

Choice and Religion - How Does God Fit In?

I will not change my course, because of what another individual says or does.

Excuse me, but isn't that considered "justification"? The reason usually being - a need to be validated for some reason...

I use my agency to act, and will not be acted upon. In this way, I take full responsibility for the course of my own actions and also understand that I am accountable for the consequences of those actions and how they affect my life.

It is through the process of not choosing to be acted upon, whenever possible, that I am choosing to be free from allowing myself to become offended, by what another person feels or does, which becomes then an excuse to be a victim.

Victims are such, because they choose to be in the control of another individual or power, thus they have relinquished their ability to choose anything different. They are in bondage, with no hope of freedom. This is prison.

True Religion Is Progress Through Choice!

I, who have a choice, cannot use this as a reason to not progress, because I do have both choice and freedom to choose whether I will let another thing or person’s actions, etc... keep me in bondage.

But in this case, it is I, that am accountable for that choice to remain in an unprogressive state and not that ‘thing’, which made the choice to put me there.

I allow or chose to let a ‘thing’ act upon me, instead of choosing to remain on course, not choose to believe, or be affected by the ‘thing’, and continue in my progression, which would have been to act for myself, from my own place of truth.

To Act Or To Be Acted Upon? A Good Question To Consider....

Religion Is Powerful If It Is TRUE!

There are two powers in our lives. The one, has such a powerful force of gravity, that it is always felt on this earth, and seems to hamper our progress, continually and even pull it downward into the pits.

The other, we enable, through our use of faith, which is unseen and yet we know is real, because we visually see and feel our progression over time and patience along life’s bumpy path and trust, that beyond that which we can comprehend, the greatest of all blessings await those who, endure this refining process.

FAITH is a principle of action, and it is we - who choose all our own actions and responses in all things... that are placed before us on any given day or circumstance that we may find ourselves in.

Write On!

This is the TRUTH!

Enigma - Silent Warriors! Provacative...

Write On! Responds to Readers....

My pleasure, here you go:-) tis an interesting thing to come upon these days... and what must it provoke with many?

Memphis, Tennessee - Statue of Liberty Holding Cross

A local church called the World Overcomers spent $250,000 to erect a huge replica of the Statue of Liberty -- except she's holding a cross. The symbolism [of "Liberation Through Christ"] is a call for the USA to "Come back to Christ." Here's a photo taken during the construction. It's really quite amazing.

In the same area, there is a giant Buddha statue in someone's front yard. It's probably 20-ft tall. Can't miss it on Mendenhall between Mt. Moriah and Knight Arnold. [John Peyton, 02/13/2007]

Title of Liberation Per Reader's request - This... in the Name of God?

Write On! Acknowledgments and Requests...

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Why do you think so many people blame Him, for their bad stuff - when really, they know it is bad and God is good, right?

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    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 7 years ago from United States

      Thanks for your thoughts. And most especially, thanks for catching my typo:)

      Write On!

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Your subtitle, How Does Got Fit In? Do you mean "God?"

      Interesting what you said about victims. I have long viewed both victim and perpetrator as effects of ego. Both are vulnerable. Immortal spirit (the true self within, the child of God made in His image) is invulnerable.

      Yes, blaming God is a victim's stance, but it is also the stance of a perpetrator, too. In fact, in every victim there is a little bit of the perpetrator; and in ever perp, there is a bit of the victim. These are part of the poison of the Forbidden Fruit.

      And there is no reason to blame anyone (especially God) if your prayers are answered. And _all_ prayers are answered, without exception. It's just that most people are not aware of what they have asked, and are surprised by what they receive. Self-awareness is so important to understanding.

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 9 years ago from United States

      Here you go Bonnie:-) Go see it and and let me know more about it and the responses that it has received?

      Your comment makes me wonder if it is still standing? I guess I better go find out. The photo upon finding it just grabbed me for many reasons.

      Freedom of Religion... or what we claim a right to... in the Name of ____? Very interesting topic for my mind to ponder.

      What rights do we have and what do we base them in or on? Religion is terribly abused, thus keeping many good people far from it:-(


    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 9 years ago from United States

      Awsome video!!!! Interesting thing, though, I spend a lot of time in Memphis and I am not aware of this statue. Can you give specifics on where I can locate it?