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Wiccan & Pagan Tools

Updated on October 30, 2015

About the Tools of the Trade

In this hub I am going to talk about Wiccan tools. When I started as a witch I scoured the internet, and libraries reading everything I could get my hands on. There were certain things I knew I really needed and certain things I just THOUGHT I really needed and I really didn't.

There are certain books that will tell you that you NEED the athame, or something else. They basically tell you that if you don't have things "this way" then it isn't best. And while that might work for some I feel Wicca is a personal path religion. I think our elders are there to teach us what the know but don't feel immense pressure to conform to a way that isn't your own.


1. The Wiccan Athame

The Atame is a traditional ritual dagger of witches. It is a tool of command. It is use like a conductor, to conduct the power you pass through it. You can use it to draw a circle, use can use it to charge and concentrate objects, and banish negative energy.

It  is an elemental tool of the Wiccan craft and most pagan traditions it is associated with the fire element and in others it is associated with air.

It also represent male energies and is also associated with God.

2. The Pentacle

The pentacle is something you have all seen. It is a very traditional apart of the craft. It is usually a round solid disk, made from stone, wood or copper. Some people are use simpler things like cotton or velvet cloth.

This is used to charge items and things, so the cloth can work better for some in that regards. The pentacle is used to charge emblems, crystals and tools.

The pentacle represents earth and is sometimes used to summon the God and Goddess.

Buy Your Wiccan Pentacle

3. Censor

The censor is an incense burner. You can use it to hold or burn incense during a ritual. You can use a stationary burner or one with the chains. I prefer to use the one with the chains so I can take it with me throughout the circle.

The stationary ones work just as well of course, letting the incense smoke float throughout the room or area.

The censor represents air.

4. Chalice

This of course is one of the four elemental tools and it represents water. Its a symbol of containing and containment. And it usually represents the womanhood of the Goddess. The chalice can be made from any material. It has been made from stone, horn, and shells in older times.But now the preferred material is silver for the chalice.

It is used to hold sacred liquids during your rituals, like blessed water and wine, and of course included in many covens and rituals. In covens its usually passed around and each member would take a sip of the chalice. This of course represents the unity of the coven members.

If you are a solitary witch you can have you or you and your family drink of the chalice. The chalice is also associated with the Moon.

5. The Witches Broom

e broom is an important part of the ritual. It is associated with the with the God and Goddess. The stick representing God and the three parts of the broom representing the Goddess. The three parts of the broom, the stick the binding and the brush making a whole, forming a unity.

Mine is one that I made myself. with brush, a long stick and wool string binding. It is very important and special to me because I made it myself. But I do have one that I bought reccently bought from Amazon.

Most people associate the older brooms with weddings, in older cultures all around the world (not just African American slave weddings) as the jumps over the brooms where said to ensure fertility, longevity and domestic harmony.

Get Your Own Witches Broom

6. The Bell

The bell is the ritual tool of invocation and banishment. It it rung to indicated the start of a ritual. It also can be rung to banish negative energies usually before the ritual starts.Some people use spells, and some people even have a gong.

The bells are used to invoke the Gods during ritual. And to call forth the spirits of the watch towers. The four elemental.

7. The Book of Shadows

You can find my LOVE SPELLS, MONEY SPELLS and Psychic spells by clicking the link. This is the book of the witch. It is used to record rituals, guidelines, runes, spells and anything else of importance to the witch. I have leather book of shadows which you can buy on by clicking the link below. Or you can make your own.

Just make sure it has the right energies for you. I always try to put something in my book of shadows that works. I don't put everything into my book of shadows just the things that I know will work.

You can visit me on where you can ask me questions and such. Or you can sign up for hubpages and ask me a question! Blessed Be from Raven Moon. Oh! and you can follow me on twitter @BallisticJW :)


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    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      8 years ago from Summerland

      Don't forget a cauldron and a wand. :) Voted up and beautiful, love. Absolutely great hub!


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