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What is the Name of Wife of Pharaoh- Hazrat Asiya, Aasiya Or Asia - A Great Woman in Islam

Updated on December 16, 2015

Wife of Pharaoh(Firaun) - Hazrat Asiya

Pharaoh was the enemy of God. He killed many innocent children of Bani Israil because he was told by some of fortune tellers that a baby is about to born who will kill him (Pharaoh). But the will of God can never be resisted. Moses born and it was his house where he nourished.

The Pharaoh was the enemy of Lord but his wife was a noble lady. Whenever, Pharaoh tried to harm Moses it was Hazrat Asiya who came forward and saved the innocent baby from the ill motives of Pharaoh.

The wife of Pharaoh Hazrat Asiya has the honour that the Almighty mentioned her in His Holly Book Quran ul Kareen.

Wife of Pharaoh was called in the Holy Quran as "Imra'tu Phiraun (woman of Phiraun). Name of the wife of Pharaoh (Firaun) was Asiya Hazrat Asiya, Although Hazrat Asiya was the wife of Pharaoh, she embraced the true faith. She is the great example for the ladies who are the wives of men having bad character. Such ladies Hazrat Asiya should be a role model.

The pity of Hazrat Asiya is mentioned in Quran as under:

"And Allah sets forth the example of Muslims, the wife of Firawn. When she said, 'O my Lord! Build a house for me in the Paradise with You and deliver me from Firawn and his work and deliver me from the people unjust."

The story of Moses is very strange. Pharaoh (Firaun) was a despotic and tyrant ruler. Allah has bestowed upon Pharaoh (Firaun) all sorts of bounties of this world: but instead of giving thanks to Allah, Pharaoh became haughty and arrogant. The fortune-tellers had told Pharaoh (Firaun) that a child would be bone in Bani Israil (Israel) who would be the cause of Pharaoh's destruction. Pharaoh (Firaun), therefore, had ordered that every newly-born sons in Bani Israil should be killed forthwith. In consequence of this inhuman order of Pharaoh (Firaun), thousands of children of Bani Israil were put to death.'

When Moses was born, his mother put him in an ark and placed it in the river. When this ark reached Pharaoh's palace, the courtiers took it out and got it opened before the queen. The Wife of Pharaoh was very much surprised to see a handsome and lovely child and took him in her arms. When Pharaoh (Firaun) came to know about it, he stepped forward to intended to kill the child but Hadrat Asiya - the wife of Pharaoh (Firaun) stood in the way saying: Why do you kill this innocent child, the whereabouts of whose parents are not known! She was a pious lady and due to her arguments Fraun refrained from taking life of Hazrat Musa, when he was just a baby.This incidence is mentioned in Quran as under:

And the wife of Firawn, said, 'this child is the comfort to me and you, slay him not perhaps he may profit us or we may take him for a son,' and they were unaware."

Pharaoh changed his mind. Moses's mother was got appointed as a nurse in palace till he grew up. The wife of Pharaoh (Firaun) - Hadrat Asiya was a good-nature lady. When Moses preached the true faith, Hazrat Asia believed in him. Pharoah (Firaun) persecuted Hazrat Asiya in various ways but she remained steadfast.

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has praised the piety and virtues of the Wife of Pharaoh Hadrat Asiya. Hazrat Asiya was subjected to unbearable tortures. She laid down her life, but did not forsake the true religion of Islam.

Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said that best women of paradise are Hazrat Khadeejah wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Fatima daughter of Prophet Muhmmad (PBUH), Asiya daughter of Mazaahim, the wife of Pharaoh and Hazrat Maryam daughter of Imraan.

In Islam all the above great ladies have great respect.

Hazrat Asiya was living a luxurious life as a wife of Fraun. But when she recognized the truth, she sacrificed all the luxuries and preference was given to intolerable torture which ultimately caused the death of this great lady. She is the role model of today’s Muslim women.


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