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Will God Save Us From Ourselves???

Updated on January 15, 2016

From the beginning of the creation of mankind, it has been documented that we humans are 'bent' on destroying ourselves and our world around us. From the creation of the first man and woman, mankind has chosen to use their 'free will' and do what gives them immediate gratification. It started with the disobedience of Adam and Eve, and has slowly progressed on a downward slope from there.

Throughout the years, with the development of technology, man has strived to create things to make their world easier so that they don't have to manually work as hard and they have created their environment for their pleasure. Now, today, we have overloaded our planet earth with structures and devices that endanger the planet and ourselves and dont' think a second thought about it. We know that petroleum plants and automobiles are harmful to our environment but who really cares? We can't go backwards in time and ride horses again can we?

We don't realize how far mankind has come in the development of technology. We just accept the fact that we've gone from no television sets to black and white ones to color televisions and now to 3-D LCD televisions. We don't stop to understand that man has gone from being simple farmers and eating the natural food off of our land, to creating multi-billion dollar fast food companies and consuming food additives and preservatives that will slowly cause a person's immune system to shut down and turn inward on itself.

We just go about our daily lives, going from one fast food chain to another, according to whatever 'hits' us that day as far as our taste buds are concerned. We live in a fast paced world and it's all now a matter of convenience and whatever take less effort on our part, whether it's work or eating or just daily events. We have built machines to do our work for us, and eat whatever suits our whim at the moment, not even considering what is going into our body.

We all have probably had at least one relative or friend die of cancer these days. We don't know exactly what cancer is, but we know we don't want to get it. We dont' take the time to research how and when cancer started invading human bodies. We just want a drug to get rid of it. We don't want to accept the responsibility for it and do something about it ourselves because that would involve possibly changing our lifestyles and few are willing to do that.

Now, there are a whole list of new illnesses that never existed before, and we are all getting them and we don't wonder why or how. For the people who haven't died of cancer or a heart attack, those still existing are being diagnosed with Diabetes II, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and the list goes on and on. These diseases never existed years ago, yet there are new ones being diagnosed every day. And no one stops to wonder why.

We all are shocked and saddened to hear news of another human being taking their own life, no matter what their age. However, we don't stop to realize that we are all slowly destroying our own lives and are committing suicide ourselves by the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, radioactive waves in microwaves, cell phones,etc., and killing our bodies by what food we put in them. We're too busy working and enjoying ourselves to stop and think about such depressing matters. People who smoke know fully well that tobacco kills, yet they are compelled to smoke and cannot stop. Those who are addicted to prescription drugs were given those drugs by their doctor to alleviate pain, and now they can't wean themselves off of them. Then, there are those who drink alcohol to numb any pain they feel due to the stress in their lives or because they don't want to deal with the 'real' events and people in their lives because it's too overwhelming. Lastly, there are people who choose food over any of the above items, because food is legal and it has the same effect - immediate pleasure and self-gratification. They become addicted to fast foods and starchy carbohydrates and they can't stop eating - they only want more.

There are so many new diseases that are growing in numbers daily that never existed before, yet no one stops to wonder 'why' or how they came about. When a person starts exhibiting symptoms of pain or problems in their body, they simply go to their personal physician and expect him or her to give them a drug to take care of the problem. They don't care how they got the disease in the first place nor care to do something different to reverse the disease they've been diagnosed with.

We are a society bent on 'pleasure' and 'immediate gratification' in whatever form that suits us best. We want more money, bigger houses, the best vehicles, the nicest things to show off to our friends. We want to be able to eat at the nicest restaurants, buy the latest in fashion design for clothes and do whatever it takes to 'be happy' at the cost of numbing ourselves so that we dont' feel anything but pleasure at a given moment.

We have become a society of 'ME' and whatever pleases 'ME' no matter what the cost - even if it costs our own lives.

Will God finally take pity on His creation and save us from ourselves? We can only hope......


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      7 years ago

      nice article I like it


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