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Wisconsin's Devil Triangle

Updated on May 14, 2012
There are more and more UFO sightings all over the world. they are not going away any time soon.
There are more and more UFO sightings all over the world. they are not going away any time soon.

Have you seen a UFO?

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Its been a well kept secret for years, but little by little the truth is leaking out.

In central Wisconsin there is a devil's triangle that lots of people do not even want to talk about or acknowledge. Strange events and sightings are an everyday occurrence in this area. Lights in the sky, UFO sightings, grisly murders, human mutilation, mothman type apparitions, strange and unexplained booms and sounds and hauntings all happen within this mysterious triangle.

Starting at Plainfield, WI draw a line to Berlin, WI. From Berlin, WI draw a line to Princeton, WI and from Princeton, WI draw a line back to Plainfield, WI and there you have it ….Wisconsin's very own devil's triangle.


If you want to see a UFO, this is the place to go. UFOs are seen all the time in this area, all you have to do is look up and you will see a nightly show. Fort McCoy often sends out fighter jets to chase the UFOs out of the area, so if you hear jets flying over low you know a UFO is probably close by.

Just this spring we had three sightings of UFOs hovering over our farm at tree top level. They were up close and personal. Large orbs the size of basketballs hung over our woods for over an hour, perhaps even longer as my brother and I got tired of watching and went to bed. This kind of display happened on three separate nights. The sightings were in the early evening, who knows what goes on during the wee hours of the night? Huge lights like that are hard to miss and even harder to explain. I have no idea what man made object can sit in one place in the sky for hours on end. These huge silent orbs that power up to a brilliant bright light then dim down again are strange and unexplainable. The stuff of nightmares, I kid you not! I could feel the power of this thing vibrate in my chest!

Our neighbors have their own tales to tell. People have been seeing UFOs in this area since the 60s. Just about everyone around here has seen at least one UFO. My personal experience has been that I can look up into the night sky at any time and see strange lights and flashes that do not move like anything that I know of from this world. I never really paid too much attention before because the phenomena seemed far up into the skies and harmless. That pretty much changed after the three sightings this spring on the farm. As far as I am concerned, if I never had another sighting it would be too soon.

Of course this is not the only area of Wisconsin that is UFO haunted. There are plenty of sightings all over the state. They even have UFO DAZE in Dundee, WI. Every summer people come all over to view the UFOs and they are never disappointed. Like clockwork the UFOs appear and put on a show for the Dundee crowd. Dundee is located 50 miles east of Wisconsin's Devil Triangle. If you are interested in attending the annual UFO DAZE, here is a link that will take you there.

Strange Sounds

There is more going on than just UFOs in Wisconsin's Devil Triangle. People in my neighborhood have been hearing strange sounds. If I had not heard them too I would probably not believe it. I was outside by the sheep barn when I heard an odd echo and voice that sounded like it came from an old TV show or radio program....much like the sound of the ghost radio I wrote a hub about. Once in a while I could make out a word or some music. I walked all over the farm trying to find out where this sound was coming from to no avail. The sheep heard it too and acted skittish. Its just a very odd sound that has been heard over and over with no explanation. The neighbors told me they heard something like this too. We think it might be coming from the sky. Its very odd that you live in a rural area your entire life and suddenly you have a noise that you cannot identify.

And of course like many other places on planet earth we have earth shaking booms from time to time. Mostly we shrug it off as a sonic boom, however it is illegal in this part of the country for sonic booms to occur because it scares the rural livestock and the Amish horses which could cause an accident on the roads. I have also heard what sounds like a train in the sky. I think this is more odd than the other sounds. Its sounds exactly like a very large train in the sky and this can last up to a half hour. Its always happens in the wee hours of the night too. There are no active trains in this area for many years now, and I know what the irrigation equipment sounds like.

Giant Bird Sightings

If that's not enough there is the giant bird sightings. People have seen what looks like a giant prehistoric sandhill crane. This bird looks just like a sandhill crane only its huge, like the size of a fighter jet. The people who saw this thing all saw it in the same area, near Neshkoro, WI, which is within Wisconsin's Devil Triangle. How do you explain something like this when credible witnesses come forth with a sighting like this? And, why do some people see this kind of thing and others do not?


Mothman sightings have become a regular event in Lacrosse, WI and was featured on Monster Quest on the History channel. UFO researches feel there is a connection between UFOs and paranormal activity. Abductees claim to have hauntings and poltergeist activity in their homes. These supernatural events are all tied into the UFO phenomena. UFOs are nothing more than evil with a new face, out to deceive the human population of their true intent. UFOs are anything but little green men from outer space and many knowledgeable authors on the subject believe the UFO phenomena is in fact the “great deception” the Bible warns us about. You have to wonder why so many abductees come back with the same stories about aliens telling them that Jesus is not God. Would real aliens who traveled billions of miles to get to earth care one way or another who we worshiped? Another odd thing, according to abductees, the aliens never talk about other religions, they only are interested in downgrading the Christian faith.

Grave Robbing

There are plenty of haunted places and cemeteries in Wisconsin's Devil Triangle with the most famous being the resting place of Ed Gein. Who is Ed Gein? He is a farmer from the 1950s who lived near Plainfield, WI. He lived alone with his mother on the family farm. After his mother's death he went to the Plainfield cemetery and dug her up and brought her back home. That opened Pandora's box in his demented brain. He started digging up other women his mother's age and brought them back to the farm as well. He used their skin and bones to fashion lampshades and furniture.

Murders, Human Mutilation, Cannibalism

Ed Gein was finally caught when he started killing local women. As if that was not bad enough, he gutted them just as if they were deer. He cut off their heads and hung them upside down in the root cellar of the old farmhouse where he lived. He was actually eating some of the body parts, with liver seeming to be his favorite. He even brought fresh human liver over for his neighbors to eat. Little did they know where it really came from! Of course they did find out later.

Ed Gein was arrested and found guilty. He spent the rest of his life in prison where he died. Of course he was mentally ill, but what made him do such horrible things? Ed Gein spent most of his life living in Wisconsin's Devil Triangle. Perhaps true evil preys on the weak, making them do the unspeakable acts such as Gein committed.

Ancient Gods & Spirits

I often wondered why this area has so much paranormal activity. I think it could have a lot to do with the Native Americans who used to live here. They worshiped gods and spirits of the land. Perhaps some of those spirits are still here. After all, the white man has only been living here for about 150 years. The Native Americans lived here for thousands of years. It only makes sense that the spirits they worshiped may still be around. Perhaps doors were opened that cannot be so easily closed. This is why the Bible warns us to stay away from the occult. It is a dangerous thing.

Today's Atheism

And yet there are other factors to be considered here. Although numerous little churches dot the scenic countryside, people do not attend church like they once did. Worse yet, some people do not even bother to have their own children baptized. I think this is a serious mistake. Evil is insidious, it is patient, it is out there....waiting. True evil really does exist and there is only one thing it wants.....your soul. The odds are stacked against you, evil always has the upper hand. Satan owns the world we live in. There is only one way to defeat evil and that is through the blood of Christ. God has a beautiful gift just for you. That gift is eternal life and all you have to do is accept it.

Did you know that when you accept Jesus as your savior that all the angels in heaven sing? I am no Bible scholar and don't know for sure where this is in the Bible, but itsin there! Just imagine how important you are to GOD that all the angels in heaven sing and rejoice JUST FOR YOU, when you accept everlasting life through the blood of Jesus Christ!!

Hell is real...

Satan has control of the earth right now, but one day Jesus will come back to earth and claim it as his own. Where will you stand? Do you really want to be on the losing side? The devil does not have long, that's why there is an explosion of paranormal activity. He is looking for souls to take with him to hell. Where do you want to spend eternity? Its up to YOU!


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      21 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hello, magnoliazz,

      How are things up in Wisconsin? I enjoyed your hub very, very much. I loved your hub, text, and graphics. I also got a kick out of your poll and the choice, "are you crazy?" No, but I got a laugh out of that.

      I have cousins who reside in Kenosha and I wish that I could see them before I make my last trek to leave this world.

      I just want you to know that this old, sick guy in northwest Alabama loves your writing.


      Honored to follow you.

    • manofmystery24 profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow, what a hub! I have to come out there and investigate this for sure! Ed Gein and the Grave Robbing was crazy. Voted up! Extremely interesting and one of the best hubs I've read. Keep it up!

    • The Lost Dutchman profile image

      Patrick Bernauw 

      5 years ago from Flanders (Belgium)

      Fascinating, this is! I'm living here, in Flanders, near some sort of a Devils Triangle too, between a place called the Devil's Pit and Gallows Hill! Thumbed & pinned & tweeted!

    • gracenotes profile image


      6 years ago from North Texas

      Hi Magnoliazz. I've never personally seen a UFO, and hope I don't.

      However, several years ago, there was a major UFO flap about one hour from here (Glen Rose, Texas).

      One of my staff members was close friends with a journalist at the local newspaper. The powers that be (government, military, whomever) always seem to show up and instruct people to stop talking about what they witnessed.

      This kind of government interference has been going on since the late 1940s at least. Sure does get tiresome after a while, doesn't it?

      Anyway, this journalist got tired of being harrassed about her reporting, and according to my staff member, eventually pursued employment in another area of the state.

      UFO sightings have been going on for a long time, but of course, they seemed to increase quite a bit in the last 100 years, and could easily, as you said, be indicative of increased occult activity on this earth.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hellp Sonny!

      Well, now you know! I suggest that you start watching the sky more carefully.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Totally not true!!! I am from this area and i have never had any "encounters" of the sort. Very shocked to see this post!!!

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hello Remnant CJ and HVG!

      I did think about the shotgun thing, if nothing more than to scare it away. However, I am more afraid of shooting a shotgun that I am of the lights, and there is no sense in shooting at something like this, as HighVoltageWriter said, this thing is probably not even on the physical plane, and as CJ said, there is no sense in giving away where you are hiding out.

      I think prayer is the best weapon when we see something if this nature.

      Its been over a month now, and we have not seen anything strange, of course we don't sit out there watching for them either. I think the best thing to do is ignore them and not to give them the power over you by thinking too much about them.

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 

      6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Attacking something that is not physical is never a good idea for you will not affect it in anyway. "It" is playing by a different set of rules...from my own personal experiences things such as orbs seem to feed of energy. So the best action would be no action at all, except prayer!

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 

      6 years ago

      Remnant - that may be the last mistake you ever made. If these things didn't know you were just gave your position away; if they didn't know your intenions...they would now.

      By acting rashly, you have placed yourself in mortal danger and anyone else with you.

      Sometimes thinking through the end of a shotgun or displaying "Old West" mentality is okay when you know what you are dealing with, but to attack or make aggressive overtures to something completely unknown and mysterious is rash...too rash.

      Peace be with you - C.J. Sledgehammer

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Maybe it's just me, but if a basketball size orb was hanging at tree top level and I live out in the country, I would have had to have seen what a shotgun blast would have done to it. :)

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 

      6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Hello again Magnolia! When you write articles that will push the buttons of the Atheist I would strongly suggest doing two things...1. Make sure you have put on the full armor of God and...2. Research and prepare to be attacked no matter how logical your concepts are. I have now back away from evolution type of writings, mostly because there is not much more I can say on the subject. They will believe what they want! Personally I have come to realize that all you can do is "plant the seed" and then move on. I have bigger fish to fry, for I have several books I feel I God wants me to write and yet, the "real world" keeps getting in the way! I do feel as you do that the time is short before the return of Jesus, so pick your battles wisely!


      I will be writing some articles on other sites so check my profile soon to learn what these sites are!

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 

      6 years ago

      My precious flower,

      I believe the adversaries are propping up the Mormon, Mitt Romney, for the presidency. This mega-rich Mormon who is worth $250 million, will bring Freemasonry and Mormonism to the foreground and, in his own demonic way, will add credance to both these movements world-wide.

      The Mormons say within their circles, "When the leaders have spoken, the thinking has been done." This should scare the tar out of every thinking man, woman, and child in America and world-wide. Can you imagine a Mormon having control of the U.S. army?

      Every Mormon pays homage to their Mormon President, who, in turn, takes his orders from the Council of Fifty. The Council of Fifty, do not need to be Mormons, but they are thought to be very secretive in nature, and their exact identities are not commonly known.

      Mitt Romney, whose great-great grandfather was an original Mormon apostle, is nothing but a militant, Mormon puppet, who will not listen to the "Gentile" hordes of America. If he wants to be a god, by receiving the certificate into the highest heaven from Joseph Smith, himself, then he must do everything that the LDS church leadership tells him to do.

      What a better way to grant creedance and world acceptance to Mormonism, than to appoint a Mormon as president of the United States.

      Please keep in mind that the CIA, NSA, FBI, IRS, Department of Homeland of Security, White House, and Pentqagon are saturated with Mormons. These people already come equiped with an "us verus them" mentality and are already brainwashed to obey Freemason and Mormon doctrine and propaganda, and care not about anyone else other than their own.

      Mitt Romney, will immediately increase military spending and increase the size of our military. Why? Because he intends to use the U.S. military machine for his own purposes, and you can be rest assured that whatever he does will be not be in our best interest, but in the best interest of the cult he serves.

      Remember that the Mormons, historically, are a blood thirsty, militaristic bunch, believing in blood atonement (spilling your neighbors blood to save him from himself) and the "Oath of Vengeance" against the Unites States.

      The Mormons also invaded Missouri twice, under Joseph Smith, but were turned away by the Missouri militia. The Mormons also dispatched soldiers to help fight in the Mexican/American War, but showed up after the entanglement had already ended.

      Let us also not forget the "Massacre at Mountain Meadows", where blood-thirsty Mormons murdered 120 men, women, and children. Worse still, this crime against their own countrymen was done just out of spite and because they were obeying the will of their prophet and president, Brigham Young!

      Mitt Romney will use the U.S. army as an extension of the Mormon Church, which is nothing more than religious Freemasonry. Please remember that Romney is neither a Christian nor a "Republican"...he is a Mormon and the "religious right" needs to understand that.

      Unfortunately, the "moral majority" will vote for anything that isn't a dreaded democrat, so the Christian church is in even deeper trouble than it already is.

      I believe Obama is deliberately shooting himself in the foot, according to the script, in order to make Romney look more favorable to the American public.

      Once Romney has brought the White House, Department of Defense, and the Pentagon under his control, the 10 million Mormons in this country, with their stockpiles of food, weapons, and resources, will be ready to overturn the American applecart. This is what they have been waiting for all along.

      Mormons believe that the United States was given to them by Elohim, and Independence Missouri, is the literal Garden of Eden, and this is where Jesus and Joseph will return. So are Mormons super-patriots? Yes, they are, because they believe America is their's...and their's alone.

      You are right, my dove, America is not a Christian is a nation governed by mega-rich families, secret societies, and satanic cults.

      Another interesting fact is that Mormons are deeply entrenched in sexual deviancy, and Utah is the number one state (per capita) for porn and mind-altering pharmaceuticals.

      Let it also be known that the Denver Post ran an in-depth article on Mormons back in the 1970s, and they found that Mormons took more cocaine, heroin, and other drugs than the common American. They also uncovered the fact that Mormons had a higher divorce rate than the average American, and they took more mood-altering drugs than the general population, not to mention were more given to gluttony, than the common man and woman.

      It was because of this damning article and other damning church practices, that the LDS church launched a multi-million dollar public relations campaign to clean up their image, by purchasing space in Reader's Digest Magazine and other popular publications throughout the world.

      The positive spin, tens of millions of dollars in positive image campaign advertisements, which included white shirts and ties, did hit the mark, because unsuspecting and otherwise ignorant Americans have bought into the notion that Mormons are moral, ethical, and family oriented, and not a demonic cult who has their eyes on world-wide domination.

      Pray for deliverance, my dear, for the enemy is at the door.

      May the Word of God comfort you and give you peace - C.J. Sledgehammer

      P.S. I live next to a family of Mormons. Just one month ago I saw the patriarch taking guns and rifles into his house. I asked him why he was bringing so many weapons into his home and he said, "For our personal protection." Either that, or he is gearing up to become another Mormon "Danite" (strong arm and enforcer of the Mormon Church). - C.J.

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you CJ, have you ever noticed Obama, Palin and others of their ilk flashing the satanic hand sign? I have been reading books by LA Marzulli, he is a Christian author that was once involved deeply into the occult, until he got out of it just to save his life. Anyhow, he knows what all these things mean and he believes that all the elite and the NWO practice satanic rituals and this is how they get their power over the rest of us. wars are nothing more than huge satanic sacrifices. That was shocking to me, but the more I read about it the more sense it made. We are seeing more and more paranormal phenomena because these occult groups open up portals so that these entities can get through to this dimension. More ufo sightings, more mothman sightings and all the bizarre stuff in-between.

      Some days I convince myself that none of this is real, I want to bury my head in the sand and believe there is no such thing as the NWO or the elite who want the rest of us gone. however, the truth truly is stranger than fiction, all you have to do is look around.

      can we really say that America is a Christian nation with all the abortions and the same sex marriage sin being endorsed by our president? I think Obama threw away his second term with the same sex marriage deal. WHY would he be so bold as to go along with something like that this close to the elections? Maybe he knows something we don't know. Maybe he knows no matter what he says or does he will win.

      I am betting that we have nothing at all to do with those elections.

      One day, I wonder if we will really know the truth about things. This is not the world I envisioned growing up. I have a feeling things will get much worse before they get better, I just hope we get raptured out of here before things really break loose.

      Thanks for your input CJ, I always enjoy your point of view on things.

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 

      6 years ago


      You are truly one of a kind, my dear, and I relish your every word. :0)

      It seems to me that our country is just a playground for rich people and secret societies, who see the average American as little more than a cash cow.

      Now that most of our gold and other precious metals have been consolidated and confiscated by the wealthy, all that remains for the average American is worthless pieces of paper - the American dollar.

      Please know that the mega wealthy do not need or want any more of our dollars because they are basically worthless. In fact, the American dollar is only worth 4 cents. What is valuable are the precious metals our currency is based upon, but no longer exists to the general public.

      I said all that to come to this next point. The mega wealthy families that either formed these cults or belong to these secret societies, no longer need us, "the worthless eaters", as described by Prince Phillip of England.

      Once they have confiscated and consolidated all the precious metals that control the world's currency, we have nothing left to give them of value, so our lives are no longer necessary or desired. If the American dollar is only worth 4 cents, that means they control 96% of those precious already.

      I am not sure how, but I believe the black helicopters and cattle mutilations are connected to these humanistic/satanic cults (secret societies). I am not sure what they are trying to accomplish, but as long as people keep watching televised entertainment such as "Dancing with the Stars" and the next riveting episode of "Desperate Housewives", or any sporting event, the American pulbic will continue to zone off and be asleep at the wheel.

      Why else do you think Congress cares about steroids in baseball or giving money for poor people to get digital boxes so they can continue watching television? It is all a diversion that is meant to take one's eyes off the ball by diverting their eyes elsewhere.

      Another facet of the humanistic agenda is to, not only divert the attention of the masses, but to brainwash them as well. So, when you said, "One woman actually told me she threw her Bible in the garbage! She thinks she is an atheist but her religion is Darwinism. She is a very intelligent woman, but she can't understand that evolution does not make scientific sense", you described a woman who is intelligent...BUT IS COMPLETELY BRAINWASHED!

      Indeed, evolution does not make sense, in fact, it is impossible. But, the more brainwashed and ignorant people are, the more possible the impossible becomes. It is not that she believes in's that she has accepted it on faith and that is why she becomes so irrate.

      This woman also threw her Bible away because evolution was devised as an adversarial alternative to the Bible. In a sense, she is doing what one would expect from those who have been systematically and completely brainwashed. In most cases all you can do is pray for them and counter their claims with good sense and the Good Lord.

      I had better run for now, but may our Heavenly Father bless you and yours with all necessary provisions and protection. - C.J. Sledgehammer

    • magnoliazz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you CJSledgehammer for you kind words I appreciate it.Your prayers and blessings too.

      I learned a lot from Highvoltagewriter about getting the Christian messsage out. There are many people interested in the paranormal who need to hear this message. First you get them interested and make them realize satan is alive and well and ready to drag them to hell, after they think that over they are ready to hear what they can do about it. I was totally shocked how many hubbers are atheists and how rude they can get. One woman actually told me she threw her Bible in the garbage! She thinks she is an atheist but her religion is Darwinism.She is a very intelligent woman, but she can't understand that evolution does not make scientific sense. I might do a hub about that again, that really riles them up or should I say it riles up the demons that control their thinking?

      I pray this will wake some people up, because I believe we are living in the endtimes, and that is an exciting time but also a scary time.

      My neightbors got together because many of them were seeing silent black helicopters! (I never saw them yet and hope I don't.) Anyhow we have a UFO watch, so if anyone sees anything strange we will all get alerted no matter the time of day or night. I don't know what good it will do, but at least we will know what is going on. I worry about the animals.

      I might do a hub about cattle mutilations. They say that the coyotes will not go near one of these mutilated animals. That just blows me away because coyotes will eat just about anything, THAT in and of itself is strange. At least there have never been any animal mutilations in this area that I know of.

      Thanks again CJ for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 

      6 years ago

      Dear Magnoliazz:

      Sounds like my sons and I are going to have to conduct an emergency rescue mission by storming into Wisconsin to save you, your mother, and your flock of sheep. :0)

      Thank you for providing me with another fascinating know how much I love them. :0)

      I can only say that the Almighty has created an amazing universe and there are so many things going on, that we cannot possibly keep up with them all.

      Magnoliazz, you and I both know that there are many "satans" (adversaries) roaming around this planet, and they like nothing more than to cause dissension, delusion, deception, despair, and depravity. I would be somewhat shocked if the things you have written about were not going on.

      I further appreciate how you gave your readers the bad news about Wisconsin, but then gave us a heavy dose of truth by stating, "There is only one way to defeat evil and that is through the blood of Christ. God has a beautiful gift just for you. That gift is eternal life and all you have to do is accept it." Well said, my dove.

      As always I pray that the Almighty assigns His Heavenly angels to you and yours and wraps His loving arms around you like a warm blanket - C.J. Sledgehammer

      P.S. Voted up, useful, interesting, and completely awesome.

    • moonlake profile image


      6 years ago from America

      I have heard of some of this also. We live in Wisconsin and have seen UFO's but no Mothman. With so much going on you would think there would be site with all the photos on that people have taken in Wisconsin. Now days everyone has a camera.

      I really don't think Ed Gein's problem came from UFO's, He was just crazy.

    • dmop profile image


      6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      I have heard some about many of these stories, but find some of them hard to believe. I must admit that fact seems to be stranger than fiction though, so you just never know. I gave you a vote up and interesting.

    • Attikos profile image


      6 years ago from East Cackalacky

      So THAT is where all these bizarre political upheavals in Wisconsin are coming from! The demonstrators and recall nuts are being spawned from the dark womb of an infernal triangle. I knew it had to be something like that.

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 

      6 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      I've got to visit this place one day. Great Hub

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 

      6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      And of course you also have werewolf sightings! Wow, I did not know about this...Also, I am glad to see you active at HP again "Lone Ranger" (CJ Hammer) and I have been wonder about how you been doing since you have not responded to our emails!


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