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High Priestess Meaning for You

Updated on June 5, 2013

Speaking with The High Priestess of Tarot

Meet your higher self

Have you ever thought that someone forgot to give you the instructions on how to live on earth, when you were born? Do you sense something is missing in your life, and just knowing why you are here would help? How long have you been searching for answers, but everything seems to miss the mark? This book that many wish they had is actually within the High Priestess. The major arcana #2 card, High Priestess, holds our information, and it is available to us, as she sees fit. This though does not mean we cannot acquire information when we wish, but we have to learn to be open to receiving at the layer of knowledge we are capable of accepting. This is the key to entering your book of instructions through the High Priestess. As we approach this card, it is necessary to keep in mind that we already have a book that we have been living by for the majority of our lives. By the time we reach 6 years old, our book has been written by the environment we grew up with through those years. Usually this is taught by those who have raised us, and their beliefs became ours. It all goes into our subconscious, which is basically a computer, and our behaviors stem from that. The High Priestess is not part of this subconscious. It holds your book of all the lifetimes you have already experienced. It also contains the blueprint of your reasons for choosing your family, your life lessons and who you made agreements with prior to this incarnation. This card can open the doors to self- discovering.

Why is self-discovery so important? Isn’t it better to understand why a person confuses you and perhaps hurt you? Until we can understand how we have been programmed by the first six years of life, and how it controls our own world, seeking answers from that view is unproductive. We have not learned what our own truth is at this time. To seek outside can be liken to pouring salt into an open wound. It will not heal anything, and most likely you will succumb to you subconscious. Your subconscious is not emotionally invested in you. It runs with the tapes that have been programmed in it. The High Priestess is the key to bringing you awareness in changing those tapes in your subconscious. Our soul or spirit if you prefer is what is invested in us. It is what loves us unconditionally. I have basically came up to my own meanings of the Tarot card through the spirit guidance given to me through these past forty plus years, and for me the High Priestess is my Higher Self or the observer. I know she keeps certain details hidden for a purpose, and I have learned to trust this. When answers are not forthcoming, I just let the moment flow. In time she will reveal to me a concept that fits into my life puzzle.

Throughout the years though, she has aided me in understanding why certain events have happened. There have been plenty of times when I would receive an answer, but it would take time for me to process it and then be able to act on the concept. I at times have referred to the High Priestess as the lotus, peeling layer upon layer until I can feel the core and embrace it. A truth that is offered often comes in a different point of view, which is a challenge for me. My High Priestess is aware of this, and accepts it. One fact I have learned is the High Priestess wants to be a big part of my life, and will be providing I permit it. She does not anger or belittle me if I have trouble catching on to a new concept. She will wait until I have finally learned what was given to me, and then wait patiently until I ask for more insights.

The High Priestess will do the same for you. It is a matter of approaching her and asking for guidance. She will communicate in ways that are suited for you. We are all different personalities, and what works for one might not for another. I would suggest, if you decide to work with yours, do not compare your interaction with others. First become comfortable and build that bridge of trust between the two of you. This though is totally one-sided, for we are the only ones who have to build the trust. In approaching her, write your question in a form of self-discovery, verses trying to find meaning of another’s behavior. It is our behavior that we need to become aware of, and why we are attracting to our reality these experiences. As we unpeel the layers, the High Priestess, will often give you a suggestion on what card(s) would assist you as you work on reprograming your computer subconscious.

As I spent this morning meditating, I asked her why I think of spirit as entities, rather than a God figure. This has been a condition for me through decades, and often left me puzzled. If someone would say Spirit and they were referring to a God persona, it would not register with me. In my meditation, I visualized myself sitting next to her in the picture on the card, though I have also visualized sitting with her in other settings. It doesn’t really matter, just what you are comfortable with doing.

“High Priestess, why do I not recognize a God factor or Being”?

As I meditated on her, a video played out in my head. I saw my spirit guides, or as I often call them friends as extensions of my life. They were all living entities who were walking the same bridge as me, and we each were interactive with each other. My guides, as we walk this bridge, would teach, joke and argue with me, and vice versa. We were not set up as a higher entity and lower entity. I was not just a poor human who needed directed, but instead an entity active in creating the world(s) we are involved in. there was no separateness with us, but a whole. They are my community, as are those who have touched my life in the physical.

This video that The High Priestess showed me offered me insight not just for the question I asked, but a major concern that has been causing a fear with me since the death of my husband. This fear was being alone during this era of changes we are experiencing. I always knew, on a psychic level, we will be facing a major period in our life, and one I would be a part of, but I didn’t expect to stand alone. I assumed my husband would be beside me. In seeing this video go through my mind, it became evident to me that here is no such thing as being apart from anything. We are all a part of everything. It is in this realization the reason of why I personally do not see a God form came to me. We are not separated, and we are living, breathing creations of our essence. We are creator. We are creating expressions for the purpose of exploring the depth of many realities. We talk, walk, teach and argue all as One-God. Plus, even though I live physically alone, I am not facing my present or future separated. There is no such thing as this. I will now be reprogramming my mind using the images of this video. This concept is not new to me, but there has been a couple more layers peeled since I have considered it, and I am reaching the core. This has been the pattern for me in working with the High Priestess. I work through what is given to me, verses what my computerized brain holds as truth, and then I practice, practice and practice until it becomes automatic to me. This we have done throughout our life, and this is how we work with the High Priestess.

New information takes a lot of meditation and seeing how an old program in our brain is not of benefit. When we see the new concept as something that would work better for us, we need to continually practice doing it. This is the same as when you learned how to dress yourself. You just have to keep up with living the concept, and not exploding when you make a mistake. If we can embrace ourselves with loving kindness, as the High Priestess does, we can make a major leap. How do take this leap? Take out the High Priestess in your deck, or print a picture of it. Keep it on you, or near you and begin to ask easy questions. Listen and wait and you will receive an answer. This can come through another person, a new opportunity, a book, music and endless numbers of ways. Become observant and you will see she offers you answers to your questions that will expand your self-knowing. If you insist on finding why someone doesn’t love you, or why you didn’t get the job, your answers will not be coming from her. Instead they will come from your subconscious, which is not invested in your wellness. What questions to ask? What belief in me is attracting these behaviors? What belief in me feels that said behavior makes me vulnerable?

The High Priestess can open many doors for you, are you though ready to go through them? If you are on the fence, try baby steps. Good luck and be kind to yourself.


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      3 years ago

      I appreciate your kind and gerueons advice a lot!. I have been trying it hardly and did not get those amazing results!. It is nice to see that you got my comment in a good way!God bless you!VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait VA:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)


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