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Wishing Through Lord Vishnu-Ananta Chaturdashi

Updated on August 31, 2017
Dev Dixit profile image

My name is Dev Dixit and my favourite festival is Ananta Chaturdashi. Infinite god is worshiped on Anant Chaturdashi...

Wishing through Lord Vishnu-Ananta Chaturdashi

Ananta Chaturdashi is one of the most important days for a Hindu. It refers to the worshipping of Lord Vishnu, who is one of the supreme Lords in Hinduism. The mythological story behind this vratham tells us that this puja is being performed since the time of our ancestors. This puja is known to be beneficial for those who intercede for Lord Vishnu’s help. It has certain rituals to be performed like offering foods to God, fasting and chanting mantras. Ananta Chaturdashi helps people attain wealth and happiness. Married couples are usually suggested to perform this puja. It is a ritual performed on the same day as that of the culmination of Ganeshotsav, when the idols of Lord Ganesha are immersed in water.

Lord Vishnu is one of the supreme deities of Hinduism. He is known as the preserver of our universe, restorer of Dharma, and protector of goodness. According to ancient Scholars, the word Vishnu means 'to pervade' thereby referring to him as ‘The one who is within everything and is everything’. Hence, his devotees worship him with great devotion.

What is Ananta Chaturdashi?

As per the Hindu calendar, there are some auspicious days dedicated to worship Lord Vishnu. One such day is Ananta Chaturdashi. It falls on the fourteenth day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. This year it occurs on 5th of September. Story Behind this festival: Long ago there was a little girl named Sushila. She was the daughter of a Brahmin, Sumant. After her mother Diksha died, Sumant married Karkash, who gave Sushila a lot of trouble. After Sushila grew up, she eloped with Kaundinya to escape the harassment from her stepmother. On their way to far lands, she met a group of women worshipping Lord Ananta (Vishnu), when Kaundinya went for a bath. She learned that performing Ananta vratham with devotion for 14 years would yield prosperity and happiness. Hence, she started performing it and the couple became wealthy. One day, Kaundinya saw the spiritual 'Ananta Thread' on Sushila's wrist and found out about her vratham. He became angry and argued that only due to his hard work and wisdom, they were wealthy. He tore her thread and burnt it. Due to his fiasco, poverty followed them almost immediately. Kaundinya realized his mistake and decided to seek the Lord. After much disappointment, he finally had Vishnu appear front of him and was instructed to perform the Ananta puja for 14 years to regain his wealth andhappiness.

Anant Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi
Anant Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi | Source

Ananta Chaturdashi puja Vidhi:

  • Devotees wake up early, take a bath, and pray. Fruits, milk, and sweets are offered to God.
  • Fasting is observed.
  • The sacred Ananta thread, consisting of 14 knots, colored with turmeric is worn on thewrist. It is symbolized as a mark of protection from Vishnu.
  • Many mantras are chanted to invoke his blessings.

Ananta Chaturdashi puja benefits: This puja is performed to relieve sorrows. As the name Ananta means 'endless' it is said that worshipping Lord Ananta gives endless joy and prosperity. If newly married couples follow this ritual for 14 consecutive years, it is said to bring them an everlasting bond. Apart from worshipping Vishnu, this day marks the end of Ganeshotsav. On the auspicious Ananta Chaturdashi puja muhurat, idols of Lord Ganesha kept both at home or in the community are immersed in water bodies like lakes or ponds. The idols are taken in large processions with people dancing and singing around it. Lord Ganesha is departed only to welcome him with enthusiasm during the following year.

© 2017 Dev Dixit


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