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Witch, Magi, Sorcerer, Warlock, Spellcaster 1

Updated on February 10, 2020
Stories of the Druids Abound, But What is the Hard Archaeological Evidence?
Stories of the Druids Abound, But What is the Hard Archaeological Evidence? | Source

Ego Identity

What are you? What do you call yourself? Witch, Magi, Sorcerer, Warlock, spell caster, etc. All practitioners of magic. What you call yourself will define the limits of your power. Performing spell, why does one give themselves a name? When you give yourself a name you are closing yourself off. For instance, if you call yourself an herbal witch, by giving yourself that name you are limiting yourself and closing yourself off from more information that comes from the spiritual realm. For example, if you call yourself an herbal witch, and confine your mind to just herbs, you are closing yourself off to other possibilities of what you could do. The spirit realm does not limit itself, it is also universal. You are the vessel for the information to pour into, ask and you shall receive the information that you are seeking. All birth came from nothing, nothing knows shall receive. The ego loves names and has limited power. The ego is like an egocentric mindset on its way home, acting like it’s going somewhere grand, living in grandiosity, speeding just to make it to the red light. Do you know what it is to humble yourself, those lowly of conscious could never understand, or perceive it. When you give yourself a name, “ I am witch, I am a sorcerer, I am a warlock, I am a spell caster”, you are deluding yourself and are a disrespect to your magic. Make yourself great and discreet, but do not be attached in any way shape and form in being Great and discreet. If you’ve got privilege in what you do, you have no integrity in it. Magic is not about your human privileges. or dual minded set. White magic, black magic, what does that say? Both have a different meaning to many perceptions. They both represent duality, an ego trap. What eyes are you looking through, who is teaching you? Is it this realm of duality. So, you are seeing with duality eyes. Careful with which eyes you read with, see with, perceiving with, judge with discerning with, sense with. In the realm of duality, love=hate, despair =happy, hot=cold. This is all your mind knows, all your mind is adapted to, in a limited realm. When you are seeing with two eyes, you are blind and idolatrous.

Outside Forces

When you are dealing with magic, one should let go of ego identities. The reason being is because when something on the outside of this realm wants to reach out and teach you something, it can’t. Or, when that which is hidden wants to reach out, it can’t. That which is hidden, the occult. Not the occult of this realm, but the real occult knowledge that is primal and most ancient. A person that wants to learn that is humble with a universal mindset has to be willing to die on the inside to achieve great heights of spiritualism. In this world, people get initiated into these cults and go through these horrific acts to get into a cult or a secret society. That path is a mock imitation and counterfeit, there is another path that exists of people that go through the most excruciating hard knocks of life and is called or initiated by, well, depending on the person, the ancestors, ancient beings, various spirits, aliens, etc.

Consequences of Holding on to Ego Identities

In this world, if you hold on to dualities, ego identities such as religion, political ideologies such as republican, democrat, or titles, such as a doctor, scientist, etc, you will lose yourself. Though in common sense, one knows to live in the world but not be of it, if you are a doctor live it but do not be of it, or if you are a scientist, live it but not be of it. Be your highest spiritual self. Being led into desiring the material world over the spirit takes away your power because whatever you are concentrated on through your third eye and your heart is the decision you have made. So this will be manifested out onto you.

© 2020 April Seldon


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