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WitchCraft - Spells Guaranteed To Work

Updated on June 7, 2011

As in previous hubs I lightly touched on crafts but now I am about to enlighten you even further as to what my true nature and calling is. This involves another kind of craft that consumes the imagination and interest of at least 20% of the population and one in which I have become a true believer and practitioner.

Even though I keep a very low profile about this craft when I go somewhere, there are those that can see who I really am and I try to play dumb about the whole thing. But the fact is, these people are correct and even though they have similar powers as I do, they are lacking one particular skill, that being the art of Witchcraft.

I have come to realize that about 3/4 of the people I meet are non believers and therein lies their downfall. Lacking the ability or even the interest in this ancient craft makes these people an easy target when a spell is cast upon them. They have no idea what just hit them or how to stop it when all it takes is just belief in the supernatural and what they can do to turn things around.

Just as everyone has psychic ability, the same is true for casting certain spells. Not everyone is born with the same level of power. It can take years to acquire these higher skills but we all have them. Too bad only 20% are believers. What can be done is absolutely incredible.

Those that say, "if you play with that sort of stuff, you're playing with fire" or "you're going to hell if you do that stuff". The fact is that we all have these skills and powers. We are born with them, only the majority think it's hogwash and ridiculous. That's O.K. -- you'll just have to work harder to obtain things.


I have been self employed for 33 years after having worked for the Government for eight years. I just had to get out of there and do my own thing. I had no fear of failure because I believed in myself and what I could do. That is magic in itself and reflects back to others around you and makes them believe in you as well. I have been involved in many businesses over these years and have yet to fail at making a living. If you believe, that can take you a long way but once you begin to waiver, you're setting yourself up for failure.

I can read into any one of you people as to what your life holds for you, no matter what the topic -- career, relationships, health. These are subjects that everyone wants to know about and many spend hundreds of dollars every year on phychics who do nothing but steal your money after giving you false information -- because they really can't read you at all.

I've decided to give you a few spells from time to time and it'll be up to you to try them out and see for yourself if you really can manifest a few of these. If you are not a true believer, you will never see any results. You must fully believe. Let's try one out now.

Years ago in my younger days, I lived in an apartment building when I was working for the government. One day I was going down the elevator when this beautiful, breath taking creature walked on at the third floor. My heart skipped a couple of beats as I have never seen anyone as beautiful in all twenty-six years of being on this earth, standing right next to me.

Now, this morning ritual became a regular occurrence and I gradually became brave enough to ask her name and eventually became friends -- so to speak. But I wanted more. I wished that she would come to visit me upstairs in my apartment, just for a visit -- maybe even to watch a movie. Months dragged on and we never really got as close as I would have liked. Perhaps it was because she was only nineteen and still lived with Mom and Dad downstairs on the 3rd floor. So, I decided to go to the extreme.

I read up on love spells from a book I once got an an Esso gas station, a little tiny book on spells that they were giving away when you purchased a certain amount of gasoline. It doesn't matter what the words are that you have to chant; they can be anything as long as you have the right mixture of ingredients and a true belief.

         LOVE SPELL to Make a Friend or Lover Come Running


The dolls to the right are not like the clay doll I'm talking about a little further down. I'd have to make one and photograph it which takes time. These are Wanga dolls that can be purchased online. The yellow colored one is for my business ventures and the Green one is income. So far, I have not been disappointed, but then again, I believe. Many are laughing right now because you don't believe and will never believe nor will you ever attempt this because of fear of the supernatural. Well then -- if you believe in the supernatural or have fears about attempting such things, then I sense doubt. So, Just go about your daily chores and forget about this whole topic. Send me your name, photo and birth date -- then you'll see what I can do.

I purchased a box of red plasticine ( soft clay ), and a book of matches and a red candle. That's it. There is a little more, however.

With my hands, I transformed the clay into a doll, about 6" in height. I carved out "Peggy" (the subject's name) into the dolls stomach. Then, with a sharp knife, I cut a line in one of my fingers, whichever one I don't remember -- I guess the one I felt was going to hurt the least. The blood dripped onto the doll and now we were supposedly joined as one, I hoped. I had no drawing oil or drawing incense as this is what was called for, but I figured there's nothing better than my own blood ( a substitute and something I felt was much more powerful ).

Here's what came next:
This chant is not the same one I used but any will work if it's done right.

Begin at the waxing (new) moon and continue to the full moon; two weeks maximum.

While you are chanting this, light the red candle and move it slowly back and forth under the dolls feet.
Remember, if it's a female or male you're out to attract, make the doll anatomically correct.

"( Name of subject )... Seek me out
Come to me in voice or flesh
Hear this call of heart and mind, Oh lover of mine
Let the forces that be go forth and make this a reality
By heaven and earth, by stone and fire
Bring onto me my hearts desire"

The Results

I went about my business for a few weeks after that and forgot about the whole ritual thing. One night when I was having supper, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was Peggy. She just stood there and then said to me, and this is no lie (hand on the Bible) --- "I ... don't know why I'm here, .. but I just wanted to come and visit you." I told her to come in and we both sat down, chatted and had a bite to eat. After an hour or so, she was set to leave and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. And that was that. The next day, the ritual thing popped up again in my head and I was flabergasted. I had forgotton the two week period of chanting and the burning of feet and then suddenly, there she was.

Now this was just a simple anybody can do it kind of spell, a "hurry up and Get Over Here" spell, and it worked. You might say coincidence or whatever, but Voodo, Witchcraft , Psychic abilities -- I am a believer and I do have the Magic, just as you do, if you're a believer.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      5 years ago

      Good hub. I always think of Witchcraft like every other art-- some people are born with more talent than others, but anyone can learn it to some extent through effort. Even for those with raw talent, it takes time to hone the skills. Good work here.

    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 

      6 years ago from Georgia

      This article was so interesting to read. Thank you for sharing your gifts in your article and in the comments you made after. I also decided that sci-fi writers are unwitting predictors of the future.

    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 

      7 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Nice hub, kept me reading. We really can't magic someone against their will, as it will come back to bite us in the butt, or any other magic that would effect another person. When casting a spell it is sent to the universe and harm none.

    • Owl Ka Myst profile image

      Owl Ka Myst 

      7 years ago from In the Valley of Grapes

      I have often thought that certain sci-fi fantasy writers know the future.

      And I was not really cautioning you - more so the people who may attempt something like that without really knowing everything the need to know prior to doing such work.

      There is more to a spell than just the tools & words- ones heart and head need to be in the right place- if not, it could backfire.

      I'm not worried about 'the end of the world'....I know where I will be.

    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      Owl, thank you for the caution flag. That was 35 years ago and my life has been just fine. I have been told by many who I am -- hub: --.

      Also, referring to your hub on 11:11, I became aware of this number prior to 911 and wrote CNN after a dream I had of a plane going down after 911. The day after my dream,the plane landed safely in the Hudson.

      The morning after another dream, I awoke and told everyone about a small plane crashing at Ottawa airport. It was very vivid and accurate as a small fighter jet from Edmonton had crashed a few hours earlier killing the 2 aboard.

      There are so many other dreams I have had that have come to be, but this is not a hub -- maybe I'll do one -- thanks for this response -- it jogged my memory somehow.

      Have no fear of fear itself. My readings are precise and accurate. If I want something, I go after it, without a doubt. Fear will only engage doubt and then watch out!

      11:11 is Catastrophe somewhere in the world and that's a daily occurrence. We are all psychic and many, many people see that number on a regular basis.

      As for those folks that are getting ready for end of the world, I can tell you here and now that when you die, for them, it is the end.

      As far as the world is concerned, it'll still be here for many more years.

      Gene Roddenbury has seen the future:

    • Owl Ka Myst profile image

      Owl Ka Myst 

      7 years ago from In the Valley of Grapes

      No spell should be cast that goes against another person's free will.

      I love spell is fine if one seeks love and is open to the Universe bringing to them the right person. But, drawing towards you a specific person can be hazardous.

      Be careful.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I must say that I own tarot cards and have a spell book that my daughter and I bought years ago at Borders on a lark. Sometimes I will get out the spell book( only good spells) and say just makes me feel better. I don't know much about the tarot cards but did give them a try once.

    • ianleverette47 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      Are you asking for a reading or just a longer nose --- it can be done.

    • Jesus was a hippy profile image

      Jesus was a hippy 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      If it doesn't work do I get my 10 minutes back?


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