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Witches without the Art of the Craft

Updated on August 18, 2012

Amazing how nowadays paganism and witch craft are so mainstream!

But it is not new, human beings have always been fascinated with power obtained through the dark arts. Many want to know the future before it happens, which is kind of crazy because what happens in the future typically has to do with the choices we make TODAY!

Witches have always had a place in society, normally in the back alley. If you wanted one you would always have to seek them out. But in the 21st century when men of past centuries thought we would be beyond spiritualism in most forms, because of technology and machinery, it has taken center stage.

The occult and it's central figures have become romantic and appealing yet at the core something is wrong with that idea.

Vampires for one, live off of blood, typically the blood of humans. They are dead, but for the blood they suck from other living creatures, which means intrinsically they cannot produce another living thing!

Yet most of our population today is fascinated by them. Just check out the sales of the books and movies.

So the horrors of the past are now acceptable as everyday.

Look to the science fiction followers. The children's cartoons and shows geared towards kids that esteem, unnatural powers that transform or cause transitions because of their own wants and selfish desires.

Children are learning words like necromancy, touting the powers of the dead. About spiritual things they have no understanding of but are being influenced by, because those writing the stories are fascinated themselves by the occult.

But beyond that we can look to the church, an organization of so called believers that are infiltrated by practicing everyday witches, but not necessarily members of the pagan occult organization.

Biblical view of witchcraft does involve sorcery and demon possession, but it also deals with the subtlety of dissension, manipulation, and control.


Biblical verses

  • Acts 8:11
  • And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had bewitched them with sorceries.
  • Revelation 9:21
  • Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their theft.

The thing we are exposing young minds to things that not even grown minds are able to process and handle with a lot of understanding or comprehension. It is a sad thing because there is so much that we have to deal with and i think overloading children with things that cause a spiritual impact is a difficult thing to help them with as they age.

The bible deals with witches. But God would rather people love life and just enjoy it without complicating living everyday.

But we love power. Most of us want to control our existence and everything else around us. Interesting how that is not possible yet we don't want accept it and continually try to find ways where manipulation is necessary to get to the top.

Lonely spot if it is not about approving the lives of others as well.

I digress.

Power = manipulation and control. These are also what the Lord / Bible refers to as witchcraft. So it is not necessarily dabbling in the dark arts.

Manipulation and control take many forms.


  • anger
  • jealousy
  • envy
  • strife
  • lies
  • seduction
  • bargaining
  • ultimatums
  • gossiping & backbiting

These emotional responses all have to do with controlling one's life and circumstances.


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