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My Short Story/Only With Love There Is Hope

Updated on June 2, 2011
Flowers From Heaven
Flowers From Heaven | Source

Flowers From Heaven

There was once a little girl, her mother helped her plant a flower garden. They started with one plant and she cared for the plant and watched it grow. One day it was raining and she looked out of the window, concerned the rain would hurt her plant. Her mother assured her that the plant needed some rain in order to grow. Soon, The plant grew into a beautiful flower and the little girl loved her flower, and was glad it survived the rain. Later, the seasons changed and the flower died. She ran to her mother eyes full of tears, and her mother assured her that the flower would bloom again in the spring, and showed her all of the seeds that the flower had produced. When spring arrived the little girl not only had one flower, she had a garden full of flowers. The flower produced good seed, the seeds were planted in good soil and flourished. What appeared to be dead and lost forever, was alive and had multiplied. The Lord wants us to be like that flower, use the rainy days that come into our lives as an opportunity to grow and allow the Lord to make us strong. When we allow him to destroy things in our lives that hinder our growth, we will flourish and bring increase to the Kingdom of God, by spreading our seeds of LOVE!

Originally Published on Honourable Woman:Blogspot/Daphne McDonald

Daphne Marie McDonald


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