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Without God There Is No Thanksgiving

Updated on September 25, 2013

Many Call It the Forgotten Holiday

You know growing up Thanksgiving was a big deal... this year it seems to have been forgotten for the sake of profits.... But I believe it is for a different reason... We as a nation have taken God out of everything, and now it is Thanksgiving turn... Christmas is not to celebrate the birth of Christ it is a time of frantic shopping to out do the other person in buying bigger faster more of nothing... Thanksgiving is a tough holiday to take God out of... Hmm I am thankful for my new ipod but who are you thankful to??

Thanksgiving was started to give thanks to God for the bounty of the harvest, as a child we think of pilgrims and indians... not really sure how they teach it in school with out mentioning God.. you know separation of church and state...

There really is no way to profit from thanksgiving, it is traditionally a meal, maybe it will be come the new black friday of our greedy corporations... I hear some stores will be opening at 8 pm on thanksgiving day... I am sure the people that have to work are saying thanks to their bosses for forgetting that Thanksgiving was a holiday...

America We Need God

Many times Israel as a nation turned their backs on God, but each time they found out that without God they were lost and hurting... We here in America need to learn from Israel and as a nation find our way back to God...

If we do not learn from history we are bound to repeat it, ever hear that cliche?? well as a nation we are following the footsteps of Israel in the old testament maybe not word for word, but if you cant see the removal of God from our society and the direct result of it in the deviant slow destruction of America then you need to look a little closer at what is going on in the world...

This country was founded with God as the cornerstone... As we chip away at that cornerstone we will continue to see this country fall further into dark times... I for one love this country and what it stands for... and will pray for the return to God daily...

One Simple Question

As Thanksgiving approaches and we invite family and friends to break bread with us, or as we travel to be with others for this forgotten holiday... I am going to ask you one simple question to ponder and think about as you enjoy to much turkey and stuffing...

What ever you are grateful for as you celebrate Thanksgiving to whom are you grateful??

For me I will be thanking God for the trials and tribulations of this nation and pray that it be His will that we as a nation find our way back to the Lord God Almighty quickly... because I believe that a day will come when every knee will bow and proclaim him Lord of All...

Happy Thanksgiving and may God give you grace and peace

Thanksgiving Dinner Etiquette

What Are You Thankful For?

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    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      7 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      thanks seek-n-find.... Prayer is all we can do sometimes... when we go before the Lord with a grateful heart we seem to hear him more clearly...

    • Seek-n-Find profile image

      Jenna Ditsch 

      7 years ago from Illinois

      Amen! Thanks for writing this. I believe it is God's will for us to return to Him so I join you in prayer for God to use the trials and tribulations to bring a greater good from them. I am thankful for so's great for us to focus on having an attitude of gratitude!


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