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Witness the illusory world without involvement!

Updated on October 28, 2015

Light and shadow inseparable!

dream and illusions enable this phenomenal world!

People are watching varieties of cinemas all over the world. Scintillating and glamorous, they appear so real they enslave our mind very quickly. It may be a two hours show. Within the short interval, a story is evolved in many ways capturing our entire attention and kindling our emotions in many ways. There is a great philosophy underlying the cinema show. If we deeply think, it is an interaction of light and dark in many patterns in various proportions. Nowadays, the colors of the spectrum intertwine and attract our vision and mind very easily.

Fundamentally, there is a white screen without which we can not watch any picture. The pictures are projected from a distance on the screen through a small hole in the projector. Hence, essentially they are the result of combination of light and darkness. The photographic technology is entirely based on this. The films in the camera are alike the white screen on which pictures are caught. We know very well that the light from distant objects falls on the retina and caught on in the back of the eye in an inverted fashion. The optical nerves carry the signals to the brain which reconstruct the image in a correct manner and through the mind, the individual perceives the object.

We have to remember here that objects themselves never enter our mind but only the light particles or waves enter into the eye. When we look things through a medium, there is every possibility of distortion. We view a stick inserted in water as ‘bent’ due to optical illusion. In a way, whatever we look at is perceived through the mind and it is never real. Secondly, the objects themselves are never real as per the latest scientific inventions. They are ‘energy particles gyrating at great speed. Hence, all the sensory inputs are like the cinema show, transitory, ephemeral which is like streaks of lightening.

Above all, ‘without an observer, the world is not valid at all and it is a mere creation of the imaginary mind. Dreams look so real while dreaming. Once we wake up, we dismiss them as trash. How dreams are formed? Dreams are the result of sleep! Sleep is ignorance. Waking state seems more real to us since there is perception of all sensory inputs. We look at them, hear the sounds, touch things, taste food and drink water in ‘Real time” while during the dream state, we lie down on the cot oblivious of external phenomena but witness an entirely different type of experience as though we are active and we find ourselves involved in the dream.

In all the above states, there is a “Real Witness’ who observes all this whether it is waking, dreaming and deep sleep state. In deep sleep, the mind is absent and hence there is pure bliss like state. After waking up, we tell others about the invigorating and peaceful state. Hence, we can infer that the mind is a great obstruction to pure bliss. Everyone on earth, desire only for Joy and happiness, which is eternal. Hence our main effort should be to nullify the mind. The mind is nothing but thoughts, which change into desires, resolutions and the like. Hence if we are able to eliminate the thoughts, we are on the path to bliss and peace. This could be achieved by remaining as an ‘observer or pure witness. Without involving ourselves in any thoughts, we can witness them! Everyone can practice this and become a real saint.


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