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Womb of Winter

Updated on January 19, 2015

The Cold is Upon Us

The Cold is Upon Us!
The Cold is Upon Us! | Source

The Womb of Winter: Audio Poem

Womb of Winter

The season of winter for many brings out the worst feelings of drudgery, depression, and cabin fever! But for many winter babies, such as myself, the approaching winter season is one of relief, one of refreshment, one of celebration! Personally, I love snow. I don’t like the cold, but I…love….snow!

Approaching the Womb of Winter

This year has been a little different. October started out normal, at least for me and my spiritual community, by the preparation for the cold months ahead and for the final “harvest”. This is the time we winterize our homes, clean up our gardens, and also recognize those who have passed. I like to call this “approaching the womb of winter”. The womb is the place to retreat for rest and quiet introspection. And October is the time in which we prepare to enter it. So, how was this year different?

Interred in the Womb of Winter

I began seeing the number 333—on my digital clock, on receipts, page numbers, addresses…everywhere. My world began to crumble around me. Being someone who does not believe in coincidence, I took some time to contemplate on what this all means. Some of that time was also spent researching what the number 333 means spiritually and numerologically. What I discovered is that the number “333” is represented by the Hebrew word “sheleg” which means ironically “snow”. At the time of this writing, depending on the mood of the weather in Ohio, that is exactly what it tends to do this time of year—snow! In January, we are definitely “interred in the womb of winter.”

Interment is burial, representing death. Back to the number “333”—in occult terms, it is representative of death. But interment is not really so bad. This is the time for rest and regeneration. All the energy that we have invested into our daily life has the opportunity to solidify and stop; if even for a brief moment. For me, this past year, this interment meant a reprieve from all the energy invested into a very busy life. Somewhere, I had forgotten me.

Snow, just like death, can be a type of purgatory between the Divine and the earth. Snow is both water, that which represents the Divine or spiritual matters; and earth, that which makes up our material world. When water comes as rain, the Divine and spiritual matters seem to flow; when water becomes ice, the Divine and spiritual matters seem to just stop by becoming grounded or becoming stagnant (no growth). Somewhere along the way, with all the busyness and focus on everything else, my life became as snow and now I am in that state of “death”.

The Number 333 and Ascended Masters

Transformation within the Womb of Winter

This “death” is not all bad. It is being laid bare so that truth is revealed. The truth is that life had become unbalanced with no joy in anything and bringing about sickness in body, mind, and spirit.

Over the past few weeks, opportunity has been presented to review life, to contemplate all that has transpired over the past several years. For as long as can be remembered, life has been a constant blur of raising children, working, taking care of loved ones, being involved in community. All of this was seen far more important than one individual. Aren’t we supposed to live a life of sacrifice for others? Everything was in control, right? Wrong…that is why I am in this state.

As the snow falls, it is a gentle reminder that I am in my state of purgatory—between the Divine and the earth. Both are healing and nurturing as I lay within the womb.

Just like each snowflake is individual, so are people; this fact is often forgotten. A wise person once said, how can you take care of anyone else, when you do not take the time to take care of yourself? Sometimes, we just need to take the time to “embrace the womb of winter.”

As I continue to heal, and am constantly bombarded with my number “333” I also am reminded that this number also represents my angels, spirit guides, my ancestors, the ascended masters are all in my midst. They are guiding me to my “truth”. Each of us have our own “truth” that must be learned throughout our life. Mine are teaching me that I must balance. I cannot be everything to all people. I first must seek out my own spiritual truth and relationship with the Divine. I must bring balance to my physical being so that I am able to once again be as healthy as I can be given my chronic incurable diseases. I must balance healthy relationships…between my spouse, family, work, and community. We all must do this for ourselves, as no one can do it for us. This is the “transformation within the womb of winter.”

Resurrection from the Womb of Winter

Within the womb, this state of purgatory, I have come face to face with both the Divine and with the earth. I am learning to accept the affairs of the heart physically and figuratively. Physically, I had suffered a massive heart attack and now suffer with Coronary Heart Disease. Anytime there is a problem with the heart it affects every aspect of your being. This is coming face-to-face with the terms one is but flesh and bone, of earth. But also figuratively, the matters of the heart. Sometimes we become too emotionally involved with situations in our life, and beyond our control, for our own good. Life is just life. Sometimes life is just cruel and not all needs to be taken to heart. Over the next few weeks, I will be given another chance to start with a clean slate, to start afresh. The snow has covered me and purified me. As it melts and I thaw out with the coming of spring, I will be reborn and “resurrect from the womb of winter” a changed soul.


Womb of Winter: Poem

Crops have been harvested and the hearth prepared

Ancestors remembered and memories shared

Cold is approaching; leaves fall from the trees

The nights become longer and life becomes as the turbulent seas.

The Womb of Winter is approaching upon us.

Life no more, still and cold; spirit received by the Goddess Hel

Not a place of fiery torment, but time of self-reflection in which to dwell

Quiet contemplation, lifetime experiences involuntarily convoked

Immortal soul knowledge and wisdom now awoke.

The Womb of Winter is interring us.

Cradled within her darkened urn

Wisdom from our ancestral-self outlines our soon return

The outcome for this lesson set; our soul once more afire

Imprint of wisdom, inspiration, warmth, and desire.

The Womb of Winter is transforming us.

A heartbeat once more, a deep breath we inhale

The icy membrane breaks and Erda is in travail

Warmth, love, and hope now new life receive

A new ancestral-tale in the Web of Life tapestry.

The Womb of Winter is birthing us.

© Rev. Candy “Sophia” Lacey-Partlow December 14, 2014.

Receive the Message from the Womb

To those struggling, oftentimes we feel that we are in the darkest, coldest, bleakest of times in our life. Know this, you will not always remain in the Womb of Winter. Embrace this time and allow for the Divine to work within you through the angels, your spirit guides, the ancestors, the ascended masters…whatever or whoever you seek solace from. Allow them to send you the messages that you need. These messages may come to you through others, an inaudible voice, a blog, a letter, any place. Just be receptive to the message.

Know that just like the snowflake, you are an individual and you are important!


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