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Words are the most powerful weapons in the world!

Updated on August 13, 2013

Use the words prudently!

Words are most powerful than weapons! Almost all wars began in this world due to unrestrained use of words. There is a fine proverb and a couplet written by one great saint-poet Thiruvalluvar from Tamilnadu in South India. He has asked a pertinent question. “When there is a fruit, why should we pluck an unripe one? Yes, when kind words will serve our purpose, why should we use harsh words? Every politician and every head of the nations in the world must remember this proverb to ensure a peaceful world. Fires can never be quenched by fire. It can be subdued and quenched only by water. Then why shall we retaliate anger with anger? We should face anger with our calm unruffled mien. When there is a hurricane or tornado, huge upright trees are uprooted easily whereas the wild grass survives such enormous wind speeds. Why? Even if there is a slight wind, the wild grass sways to the direction of the wind. It never resists the wind force whereas huge and tall trees resist the strong winds and they get easily uprooted due to sustained wind.

Now, I would like to narrate a small story highlighting the power of words. In a village school, one day an inspecting officer of high grade made a surprise visit. The village teacher was a wise man with lot of experience in teaching but he is not highly educated like the inspecting officer. The officer observed for a while, how the teacher imparts lessons? The teacher seems unwary of the inspecting officer around and told the boys and girls to repeat certain verses number of times. The Officer entered the class room and told the teacher that he had come for a surprise inspection. He asked the teacher, ‘whether his words carry any weight and the boys really learn their lessons by these primary methods. The teacher told him, “Sir! Words are most powerful instruments. I will show this by a simple way. He called a boy and asked him to send the officer out of the class room! The visiting officer was furious and blurted out. “How dare you ask your student to send me away? The teacher calmly replied, “Sir, the boy has never said anything against you nor he moved even his finger. I just told him some words. But see how my words have affected your feelings? The officer saw reason in the school teacher’s ways of teaching. He appreciated the teacher for showing him ‘how words have power? This story was narrated by Saibaba in one of his regular discourses to students and newcomers.

We might have read about Mahatma Gandhi. Even in a most provoking situation, he never used harsh words. He asked his followers to adopt ‘non-violent ways to oppose the British Rule. Even when he was beaten with a baton in a brutal way, he simply followed his adherence to principles. He stood by what he preached. He wanted to throw the identity cards of people of Indian origin in the fire in order to show the rulers that every human has self-respect whether he hails from the East or West. The identity cards were imposed on all Indians to enforce discrimination. Police Officers were given powers to enter any Indian homes and question the inmates even if it is midnight! When blood was pouring from his face and head, he never uttered a wrong thing about the rulers but showed them that the racial discrimination is not tolerated. In the end, the rulers changed their ways of dealing with the people of Indian Origin in South Africa! He went there as a Barrister of Law to practice law. Only after undergoing some personal insults at the hands of a European gentleman in the train, he thought it is better to work for the welfare of the people! In fact, he has shown the local people how non-violence will yield the results. He told his followers, “Let them torture you, kill you but never abandon your principle! Though certain people never understood the power of non-violence, ultimately it bore the fruit. How long a tyrant will persecute others? One day he too will see reason! Had Gandhi fought with the rulers harshly, India would not have achieved liberation from British rule. Truth, and non-violence won the great Independence for India.

Hence, even if you are provoked and insulted, never retaliate with harsh words. Use calm soothing words against your opponents. In the end, everyone would appreciate you and honor you!

They practiced non-violence!


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