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The Wise Man

Updated on May 28, 2016

Family times

"Granny"  R.I.P.
"Granny" R.I.P.

Do not correct an Ignorant man...

He will hate you for it.

 I was told to talk about not correcting an ignorant man. ...and the next thing I remember was getting beaten up!

So, you might say, why the continued expression of my thoughts. Well, ideas are the basis of creativity, often we become in a rut and get stuck because we're out of ideas and can't seem to think up anymore, or what we do come up with is put off from experiences where they didn't work. But if correction is met with hatred, in this case anyway, why stop? It isn't like I've anything left to lose anyway -whether there's anything to be gained or not. Though there is, some-one may be helped.

While on the subject, do we define ignorance as not knowing, not wanting to know, not caring or lacking interest. I remember senior school, it could've been a place to learn except for the people. Their attitude towards learning was that it was/is boring, a chore, something to try to get out of. Whether this is the way school is set up, or the way people are is something of a mystery. Perhaps both are part and parcel of each other. Perhaps there's another reason that leads to being ignorant. Not being able to learn, it not being known how to teach effectively enough. We all have differing abilities, different preferences for methods, personalities, situations etc.

I remember loving Grandma's poetry lessons being one on one with few distractions. But in the classroom was a different story. So hard to concentrate, not totally the distractions, added pressure of being published in kids stuff in the courier, but also not feeling as loved! The being pressured to come up to standard, as well as the teacher being a stranger, and her ways of shouting at me when I was involving myself in the many undisciplined table discussions, and struggle to concentrate past the background class room noise and street noise from passing cars etc. It was a happy time with Grandma, and a dull dutiful chore at school, made worse by their accusation that my Grandma wrote the poems. The hatred I got from kids and teachers alike was out of balance as lets face it The Evening Courier is hardly An Emmy Award or Booker prize is it! They were just jealous as they never got poem of the week whether working at home or school!

Grandma was special, her poems remain so highlighting the jolly person that she was and always strived to be. She didn't know everything, but she knew that to aid a childs learning you have to make it a fun, happy and interesting time for the child! ...Perhaps they could have paid for lessons from Grandma if they were that interested in getting poems published! I'm glad they didn't though as it was a special bonding time with the person I became most like. This was our time. And would've been spoiled had she let any-one in -especially as they still would not have thought much of me!

A wise man does not attack some-one, or punish that some-one when said some-one is trying to be helpful!


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    • Michael-Milec profile image

      Michael-Milec 4 years ago

      Hello daysleaper .

      Well presented a life's practical wisdom. There is always something to learn/know more. A casual human experience. Grandma's informal free and easy manner ofteaching comes from practical living and overflow 'love' wanting to see " us " successful. ( Still remember ...)

      Voted useful.