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Words are very powerful medium!

Updated on November 29, 2016

Words of God

Words are most powerful.

Each article starts with a word, like the creation made possible with one word! Word has very powerful effects on human mind, be the word is from Saints and Prophets or from cruel dictators! What a word of teaching can do, enquired a school Inspector to the village headmaster, who teaches in simple ways! To show the power of words, the HM asked one of his class students to throw the inspector out. With great fury, the Inspector threatened the simple headmaster, ‘how dare you? The Headmaster politely stated; “Sir the student neither approached you nor tried to shunt you out! It is only to prove the power of words; I had to create such a situation! Pardon me if you are hurt! The Inspector of Schools realized his mistake and even without a word, he left the class room to save his face!

This is what Sathya Saibaba has narrated to an audience long ago! His words had the power to illumine ignorant minds. His examples were crisp and clear. Thus generations of students started learning big lessons from the portals of the collages, he had founded! To my knowledge it was from 1971, his experiments on education started in a modest way! Today, “Sathya Sai University”, a deemed one by University Grants Commission, India, accredited with “AAA”. It is a model university for the entire globe! I don’t say because I am an admirer of Sathya Sai philosophy! The world of education acknowledges so! A great devotee had founded one such school in “Zambia”. The initial batch of students is assorted one. No teacher will risk his reputation or life to be a teacher in that school. But immense faith in Saibaba made the devotee to venture further, defying many odds. Today, the Institute in Zambia earned a very fine name for itself and the Mayor himself acknowledged the value education offered there! The newspapers have published about the wonder school of Saibaba which turned thugs into fine students valuing life and friendship. The students coming out of the portal are ready to tackle the problems society faced! The students are living example of “service to fellow man is service to God”

Feed the hungry!

The words of the Master and His ways!

If someone has not heard about Sathya Saibaba, it is his ill luck. Yes, there is hardly a country in this world which has not heard about the great incarnation of God on earth, next only to Jesus of Nazareth! Like the Bible, the books on his life and teachings are translated in all world languages including Chinese, Russian, Japan and some oldest languages. The book section in Sathya Sai Book Trust contains many racks displaying his books on each world language! Also, this is the only place where all the people converge from different parts of the globe! People from Communist countries, people of Muslim countries and people of ‘no religion’ often make it to Prasanthi Nilayam where Baba lived for 85 illustrious years, giving Dharsan, teaching by example, ameliorating the bodily as well as mental problems. Because he was born in India, he does not belong to India alone! He is a world teacher par excellence! None can understand him or his work. Many a times, he reiterated, “My Life is My Message! Yes, He lived his words in practice. He enabled the people of the parched region to obtain potable water at their villages. Yes, prior to that the villages used to trek ten miles to fetch one pot of brackish water! Today, the entire villages comprising about 730 numbers get potable drinking water of River Krishna at their footsteps! They need not toil walking miles. Each village now boasts a water tank which supply through taps. Generations have lived without potable water, in spite of many popular governments which failed to program or make efforts to supply drinking water to the district! There are around 130 countries in the world which has a branch of Sathya Sai Organization! Local devotees conduct the activities of the service organization in a meaningful way! The hungry and those who lack proper clothes are taken care by the service centers.

Drinking water in the villages

Sai is the source of life to most of the people!

Many programs are drawn and implemented for the welfare of the poor destitute which include poor feeding which is otherwise named as “Narayana Seva”. Saibaba emphasize that each individual is veritably god in human form. Hence service to man is really service to Narayana (One of the name of Mahavishnu, who is the sustainer of the universe as per Hindu theology) Hence, it is opt to rename poor feeding as Narayana Seva, service to god! The students of Sathya sai Institutes comprise of students of many countries, speaking different languages and accustomed to different life styles. But once they are admitted in Sai Institutions, they learn to shed their separateness and imbibe the One God, One religion, One humanity culture! Saibaba has rightly proclaimed that there is only One Religion, i.e. The religion of Love! There is only One God, who is Omnipresent! There is only one race which is Humanity itself! His emblem contains the symbols of five major religions of the world. The symbol “OM” represents Hindus, the Cross representing Christianity, The Moon and star representing Islam and the holy fire representing Zoroastrians. The Wheel representing Buddha! Also, Sathya Saibaba has given an entirely new meaning to the symbols. To the symbol “Cross, “Cut across the “I” (ego) to rise to the spirit. To the half-moon with a star, be fixed like the star to the half-moon in faith! To the symbol of fire, he states, pour all your evil and negatives in the fire and become cleansed. To the “OM” symbol, he has stated, “Listen to the primordial Omkar sound resonating in each sound! The wheel according to Baba represents the never ending cycle of cause and effect!

He is universal teacher! His teachings are relevant to all people from all times; It is Eternal Wisdom of ancient scriptures of the world! This Yuga is Sai Yuga. Reap the benefit of His teachings wherever you are by accessing through the net.

His Message!

Sathya Sai, Yuga Avatar!

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