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Spirits bring business

Updated on February 7, 2014

La Botanica Odessa, Texas

Street Walking Spirits

As a Religious advisor there has been many occasions in which clients have asked me, "Baba, how do I attract more clients to my business?" One of my answers has been, "Feed the corner intersections around your business block calling on the vagrant spirits of the dead." These are the walking dead, or other spiritual beings that still yearn for regular food, and asked them in return for your offerings to attract people to your business.

What is the difference between an individual noticing your store while passing by the store, and deciding to enter or not? The answer to this is "a 50/50 chance" of the individual deciding too, or not. What would influence an individual to enter your store or not? The answer to this is "a thought." What if by chance vagrant wondering spirits of the streets could influence individuals placing a thought in their minds by way of a whisper in their ear, or spoke to them saying something like, "Why not go inside and take a look." How many times have we said these very words to ourselves. Yet, it manifest in our minds as a thought. I guess, entering a store we've never been before is just being curious after all.

As far as I am concerned the definition of spirit is energy without body. Any force in nature which is an awakened consciousness although not in a materialized organic form, yet can nourish itself from a decomposed organic matter's molecules as it dissipates in the air, is a spirit. It's alive and in existence, yet not in a materialized form. My belief, is not just to include a human spirit or soul. I include all energies which can't be seen, yet has something in common with all other forces. It needs to feed in order to have sustenance for its existence. The definition of "Spirit," in the dictionary is to limiting in my book. It only points to a human, or soul as being spirit. If something can nourish itself off of something else, or needs something to nourish itself with, then it is a spirit, or has some form of spirituality. I tell folks many times that if a word is powerful enough to affect you, then there is a spirit or spirituality behind it. The spirit of love, success, happiness, gain, progress, help, admiration, enlightenment, wisdom, affection, kindness, consideration, and appreciation. As well as the spirit of hate, jealousy, bigotry, animosity, prejudice, discrimination, curse, loss, betrayal, blackmail, injustice, and witchcraft; angels and demons too. In essence, anyone can call on one of these forces, dark or light, and offer a libation in order to be expunged from its grasp, or attain its favor. So, is this the premises behind my understanding as a Yoruba Lucumi IFa Priest.

People come to me for the resolution to problems, and most of the time the intervention by a divine force is attained through the satisfaction afforded to it by way of a libation, or ritual offering. Now, when satisfying vagrant spirit, lost soul, animas soles, or the walking dead a simple or small plate of food with a glass of water, and white candle outside the front door of your establishment is good enough. Another way is to take some food to the adjacent street corners uncovered on top of a paper plate, paper towel, brown paper, or napkin. Once placed, one performs a lords prayer, and say's "for all those spirits in need of sustenance, or hungry be it known that you will not go hungry at my door; please receive this humble offering; So you can nourish yourselves with this food; please show your respect and appreciation by influencing people to come into my establishment for business, and economic well being." Don't worry if vagrant cats or dogs, come and feast off of the offering, such is the way of nature.

Please note, as food decomposes airborne microbes(bacteria & fungi) break down organic matter into finite particles which nourish the biome. There are gases involved in the decomposition process, and these gases can potentially nourish spirit. The next questions is do spirits or apparitions exists. Well, judge for yourself the video included was taken outside the spiritual store which is owned by my god-kids Vida & Hector "La Botanica - 1103 S. Dixie Unite E. Odessa, Texas 79761." It was taken by their cameras over night, while they were at home asleep.

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