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World Events Timeline

Updated on May 28, 2016

World Events Timeline

Our consciousness is responsible for the outplay of world events in our timeline. It is only when the consciousness of the mass of people are at a low ebb that disasters, natural or otherwise, can occur. When the consciousness of the people is high and vibrant, success and prosperity for everyone and world peace are the natural outplay. Therefore those who are dedicated to uplifting human consciousness, infusing them with true and highly valuable-useful virtues and values, are the artists of life and consciousness upliftment who are to be commended in the creation of our new era of equal opportunity for humanity.
What is becoming an important job is changing in our world timeline. Helpers, servers, givers of life-energy information, highly evolved beings here to spread knowledge and joy in this time - are coming onto the map of being well paid for their services in this world. Now is coming an era when those who are offering highly valuable spiritual material are as integrated into the framework of our society and lives as lawyers, stockbrokers, and construction engineers - and these are highly evolved souls who are advanced in consciousness understanding.

Illumining Inspirational Material

Spirituality. How to be spiritually empowered. How to perfect relationships: with other individuals, with source, with ones spiritual life companion, with money. Empowering oneself. Feeling fully empowered. Conscious Life Relationships.

Activating Talents

Those who are like me - who have the craft for writing - are creators, artists and designers in their own right.

Inspirational literary material is designed to empower each human-being-person with the full utilization of their life force expressive talents to the point of their full discovery of who they are and what they have to offer. Such is the joy of an artist who contributes one's talents and skills to the enrichment of the all as being the expression of Life Source Love Creativity individualized.

My work is to enrich everyone's talents and that empowers them, each one, to earn a great living through their talent expression.

Talent Utilization

My work is to initiate a new era of expression of life talents in exchange for life money. My work is to train everyone to express their talents in a way that is marketable.

Marketable Talents Association

Training courses. Lectures. Classroom: online and in person. Empowerment circles. This person has people skills. We involve them to be a coordinator of events. This person is good at writing. They write the literature in association with the training courses.

Talent Assessment

Assessing each one's talents is my interactive role. Being in a service oriented mood with all people is my way. I am always here to uplift you. Know that.

Uplifting Inspirational Video

Spiritual Illuminating Commentary

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