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World Peace for Dummies

Updated on July 1, 2016


World Peace for Dummies

Authors Note: The words that follow were divinely inspired and will be expressed in a simple and easily understood manner. There are two vital points to understand prior to reading this:

  1. Supreme Truth is simple, yet often rejected by our egos.

  2. Supreme truth has the ability to often offend human beings, because of our ego and the fact that Truth makes us question certain constructs that we live by. However, Truth will always quietly resonate within your entire being even though the ego does not like it.

I recommend you put your ego aside while you digest the following:

Hundreds of religions exist throughout the world. Just as many “Gods” and religious texts can also be found that relate to these diverse religious institutions. Human beings from all walks of life belong to these religions, worship these Gods and study these scriptures. However, I must say that I refuse to believe that human beings are so extremely narcissistic to sincerely believe that their one God, their one religion, and their one specific text is the only correct one out of the hundreds of belief systems that exist. Your religion and God is correct and everyone else is wrong? This is utterly ridiculous, irrational, illogical, and egotistical. Don't you think? Or is it that you really don't think?

In reality, every religion is correct to the individuals that believe in it. The fact is that these diverse Gods, religions, texts, saints etc. were all inspired by our “One” Creator to appease and fulfill our various desires as human beings. Yes, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, The Great Spirit, and so on are all “real” and all “right”.

The Divine Intelligence that permeates our perfect Universe inspired and created many different saints and gurus if you will, because it knew and cared about our different personalities and idiosyncrasies. This intelligence knew we would desire different versions and characteristics in order for us to accept and know the one “God”. What brilliance and compassion this creator had for us. It gave us a gift of this miraculous and impeccable Universe. You must agree that this Universe is perfection right? It operates in perfect harmony despite the chaos and destruction that our human egos have caused.

So, despite the perfection and compassion of our Creator, what do we do? We kill millions of human beings in order for us to prove that our idol of worship and our belief systems are correct. This is how disastrous and destructive our egos are. Is this how our “ONE” intelligent and wise creator desired us to act? I think not and you know not!

We need to present the Divine with a gift of gratitude for the creation so freely given to us. Not demolish it. All human beings need to begin living and spreading a message of tolerance and unity. This needs to begin right this moment. Let us embrace the One Source we all come from. We are all human beings , all made exactly the same way. Now is the time to embrace this and discard the absurd notion that we are inherently different. Yes, the human race possesses diversity which is beautiful and should be celebrated, but our make up is precisely the same.

Gandhi so magnificently expressed the Truth when he stated,

God has no religion.”

We need to take this statement to heart and unify as One.

In concluding, there is one God and one simple yet profound scripture; Love and Kindness. It really is that simple and at the depths of your being you realize this to be the truth. I will leave you with one quote from the Dalai Lama that sums it all up.

There is no need for Temples,

no need for complicated philosophy.

Our own brain, our own heart is a Temple.

The philosophy is Kindness.”

Please go forth and celebrate our inherent Oneness and share your love and kindness with your fellow human being. We can unite as one and heal the world, one person and one moment at a time.


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 21 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Hmmmm, you might be Baha'i.