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World-Wide UFO Activity & Crop Circles in England, August 2012

Updated on September 2, 2012
One of my UFO Sightings - March 2012
One of my UFO Sightings - March 2012 | Source

Worldwide UFO's

1st September 2012

The last week has seen a significant boost in the amount of UFO activity, not just in the skies of the UK but in several other countries also. I, myself, witnessed one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen on 30th August 2012 at approximately 9pm (and I've seen a lot of things!). This is certainly not the first UFO I have seen in the skies of the UK although it is the most remarkable.

I was walking into my local town center and had noticed what I first thought was just a very bright star in the sky visible to my left. However, by the time I had made it to the town center this 'star' had become so large and bright that I could eventually make out it's shape and could clearly see that it was some kind of technology, although not conventional in any sense of the word. It was amazing and looked like two small suns joint together each emanating their own orange glow whilst a white strobe light flashed intermittently in between them. It was an amazing thing to see. It was very close and was coming towards the town center and I know other people saw it because there were plenty of people there with me in the street. It was very big.

I saw another UFO later the same evening, although I don't know if it was the same one or not. Something started emanating a great glowing orange high up in the sky, I took out my mobile phone to try to get a video but to my surprise the object did not show up on camera! By the time it's orange glow had fizzed out I could still just about see it traveling across the sky. I saw quite a few strange things in the sky on this night. A day or two previous to this date a comet is supposed to have created a sonic boom throughout the local area which is why many people saw a green fireball shooting across to the sky before hearing an explosion-like sound... or was it something else?

I have been keeping a close eye on the internet in relation to this event and have found the Youtube video above of footage that was recorded on the same night in Kings Lynn, UK. In addition, there was also a lot of activity reported on 29th August 2012 in several countries. August has proven to be a very busy month for UFO's and as times goes on more and more blog posts and alternative media website posts are being published in relation to this date and UFO sightings in various parts of the world. The comments to the Youtube video above also show how the UFO was sighted in various parts of the UK on the same night.


Still don't believe that UFO's were spotted all over the skies of the UK and all over other countries? Check out the video below where, also on 30th August 2012, UFO's were captured on film during a live BBC television broadcast:

Crop Circles in England

Even more intriguing is the fact that a load of new crop circles are springing up in Wiltshire, England - a classic hotspot for crop circle activity. Rather amazingly, two crop circles popped up overnight on 1st August 2012, then another one on 9th August, then another on the 12th then another one on 15th, yet another one on 20th and another one again on 23rd. That's seven crop circles within just over three weeks!

How likely is it that someone could have created all these crop circles in the same area within just over three weeks without getting caught?

Avebury 1st August 2012
Avebury 1st August 2012 | Source
Chalkpit, Wiltshire 1st August 2012
Chalkpit, Wiltshire 1st August 2012 | Source
Cheesefoot Head, Wiltshire 9th August 2012 (Yes, there's a place called Cheesfoot Head!!)
Cheesefoot Head, Wiltshire 9th August 2012 (Yes, there's a place called Cheesfoot Head!!) | Source
Devil's Den, Wiltshire 12th August 2012
Devil's Den, Wiltshire 12th August 2012 | Source
Wappenbury, Wiltshire 15th August 2012
Wappenbury, Wiltshire 15th August 2012
Oxleaze Copse, Wiltshire 20th August 2012
Oxleaze Copse, Wiltshire 20th August 2012
Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire 23rd August 2012
Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire 23rd August 2012

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