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When Bad Philosophy Gets Worse!!!

Updated on April 23, 2012

Talk about a Facepalm!!!

So I am listening to a podcast on youtube called the MagicSandiwchShow just to pass the time. The show features a few youtube favorites among the atheist community; DPRJones, Thunderf00t, c0nc0rdance and AronRa. Their special guests are Eric Hovind and Sye Ten Bruggencate. I would love to recommend this specific episode but its really not worth your trouble. Two people, AronRa and Sye make the show completely unwatchable. I'll try to break this down as clearly as possible. If at the end you can't make sense of my blog, then by all means, strap yourself in and prepare to get dizzy. I'll start with AronRa, since his involvement in wrecking the show was nothing more than being a gnat.

Who would win a debate between Aron and this guy??
Who would win a debate between Aron and this guy??


So AronRa decided the day before this podcast to have a screaming match with a PA system?!?! He claims he won, but judging by his voice I would say he didn't. Sadly, he decided he should still partake in the debate and attempt to make some profound points. Unfortunately for him, the only point anyone would take seriously from him in his condition would be that "cookie starts with c". If you don't get that reference and still need to hear his voice to get it go for it. If that weren't enough, nobody could get in a word with him. He was constantly yelling and interupting everyone. When he tried to explain what truth was I got brain freeze!!! Seriously, he should have stayed home. I know people like that "yelling at the fundies style", but this guy needs to hit the sidelines and become a spectator. Maybe I'm being harsh. After all, this is the first time I have ever seen him in action. But, if this was any indication of what he is about, I'll take a pass. I almost stopped watching after part one because of this guy, but I decided to struggle on. I put myself through it for all of you; know that.

Now for the main event!

So here comes Sye, who offers proof for the existence of god. I would post a link to his website, but I'm not going to. He contends that there is no way to have knowledge without god; the good ol' presuppositional argument. He drills people with yes/no questions and then explains why you can't have knowledge in your worldview (assuming it lacks god). Because the atheist will not deal in absolutes, because we accept that we lack infinite knowledge, Sye will accuse us of having uncertainty and not being able to know anything. On the flip side, he can be certain of what he knows because he starts with god, and god has revealed things to him such that he knows it to be true. He actually repeats that last line several times. Each time, I was begging anyone to ask him how god revealed this to him such that he can be certain. Sadly, my pleas went unanswered. That is, untill part three. When finally, after a brilliant rebuttal by C0nc0rdance (maybe worth checking out on his youtube page) and too many interruptions by Cookie Monster, DPRJones hits him with it. "Sye, how did god reveal this to you". I was so excited I actually paused the video to get a pen and paper so I could write his answer down. Really, I was prepared to put in a little time on his argument and his response to this questions was going to be my starting point. I hit play and I realized this guy is a complete maroon.

Now keep in mind, Sye up to this point told the atheists they could not know anything. In fact, at one point he suggested he didn't know why Thunderf00t was even talking since he admitted that he could be wrong about everything he knows. You see, Sye is operating under absolute knowledge. He cannot be wrong about what he knows because god has revealed it to him such that he knows it for certain. So now the moment of truth, how did god reveal this to Sye? What is the very thing that Sye bases his entire absolute certainty on??? He doesn't know. Seriously, this guy responds "I don't know". He is absolutely certain he cannot be wrong but he doesn't know how this knowledge was revealed to him. Is he serious? Does he realize what he just said? He is certain but he doesn't know how this certainty was revealed to him. In an amazing twist of fate, Sye reveals to the panel that there is uncertainty in his certainty. Im sure he will re-work this answer for future "debates", but for the moment, his philosphy is just plain dumb. To be fair he concedes he has no formal training so he may not realize exactly how dumb his argument is. Either that, or he is just doing all of this to turn a buck. That is possible, he could be another in the long line of charlatans using Christianity as their sell. That is his only saving grace, that he is just trying to take advantage of people who are already gulible enough to fall for the god tale. If he is sincere, then he should probably think about finding a new angle to play to better "defend" his god!


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