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Putting it all Together: Hypothetically Speaking

Updated on April 24, 2011

Putting it all Together, Hypothetically Speaking

Yup - our freedoms have been crushed as have our minds. We've been psychologically brainwashed AND sexually traumatized. We aren't even allowed to speak of what has been done to us. Some people believe that they are "aliens" and I had several attempts of a slimy, black, "alien-looking thing" (imagined SO vividly, it felt ALMOST REAL) attempting to break into my mind and take it over. It felt as though if I lost this fight that I'd no longer control my mind OR body.   

       America has set up an "invasion" of a thought-pattern/ language that allows access/invasion of the human mind when combined with microwave-based signals very likely coming via satellite. This has resulted in the internal slaughter of millions by this PROGRAM. Then we have Biblical Prophecy: we are sitting on the very last days of Armaggeddon. We have all the signs: Earthquakes, War and Rumors of war. We've even seen the moon "turn to blood". Maybe we HAVE been invaded by Satan. This organization is "secret", but nearly everyone has been "eaten" by this rapacious group-mind. This COULD BE THE ANTI-CHRIST ("for it is a human number - a number of people). Being near one makes you feel confused, especially sexually-aroused or ever-so-disturbed.. I take a combo of meds that allow me to socially-interact, otherwise I doubt I could stand it. The US started a mission to fulfill prophecy long ago and the governments lack of cooperation in stopping this group seems to indicate they had something to do with all this.

       The "Aliens" could just be programs allowed to evolve into human brain pattern substitutes which are aggressive and destructive to the personality. They were allowed to grow in a virtual environment and now are transmitted on a "fast frequency (ee-ee-ee!, ee-ee-ee!), allowing for mental-invasion. There also exists a "Heaven Frequency" which you obtain through prayer and drawing out the high pitched syllables into LONGER ONES eeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeeee. Eventually it ends in a chorus of voices which sounds like: Ahhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh. The "higher voices" seem to be saying something about an approaching Armaggedon. My advice: we've got an evil, powerful voodoo-like organization eating up souls right and left. Praying to God and listening to this "Salvation Frequency" saves you from being psychically "eaten". There are hardly any "normal people" left.

       The "Higher Voices" speak of an upcoming war. Now in Armaggedon, the "bad guys" lose. This could be a wholesale murder of souls followed by termination of the "Aliens" and "yay, all the bad people got eaten, then killed by some electronically-transmitted DOOM SIGNAL. All of this is invisible to the un-initiated. They tried to initiate me constantly for the last five years. I just won't allow myself to be Brainwashed/Invaded by this vibe. I know that the "Salvation frequency" REALLY WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL.

      See, people I care about had whatever was attempted on me done to them. They are 1000 times more worthy of life than I am or ever will be. It looks like someone REALLY f'ed up and maybe a few of you who truly deserve life will not get "eaten" by whatever-this-is when it comes for "your soul". Then when the End comes, you'll probably not be killed, but I'd turn Christian. I am attempting to do so as I speak, but I do a lot of things considered sinful. Hopefully I've provided shelter to someone through explaining how to escape these traps.



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    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      If you don't believe me, check out what "Unchained Grace" says about stalking people.


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