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Pharisees! False Teachers! False Doctrines! "Dung on a Bun! Dung on a Bun!"

Updated on February 2, 2017

Wisdom From God

Pharisees of the days of Jesus were the bible experts yet God walked among them and they called Him the devil! Can you imagine? They were clueless to who He was.

They stood face to face with the Almighty God and still, they completely missed it. The Pharisees were only fueled with more intense anger as they continued to listen to Jesus speak. They couldn't stop Him!

They most undoubtedly felt a nudging of God's Spirit against their very own spirit because there is no possible way that one could stand in the presence of God and not feel His power. The nudging was rejected because they were too spiritually haughty and had hardened hearts.

They were unable to spiritually perceive His power because they denied His power. They were deceived by the enemy due to their narcissism. They denied God and they could not recognize that it was them that needed God and not the other way around.

These Pharisees became more outraged than God when Jesus became outraged! What?

The spiritual haughtiness of the Pharisees and their offended reaction to Jesus and His truth is the very same thing which happens today. It actually makes me laugh due to the great irony of watching history repeat itself over and over and over.

Nothing has changed my friends, absolutely nothing since Jesus first walked on earth. Jesus was righteously angered about what people were doing inside God's house and to His people!

He was full of fire and power as He flipped over their unstable wooden tables, and He even picked up a whip and began swatting them with it. What did the pharisees say? Oh probably something such as this...

"How dare this Jesus speak to us in this manner? Doesn't He know who we are? Doesn't He know that we are well studied? Who is this man but the devil to even dare to say and do these things? Who does He think He is? How dare He not submit to our teachings! How dare He speak the truth! That offensive rebel! He said what? He said that he was going to bring OUR temples down? That's it! We are going to kill him!

We are going to crucify Him and torture Him! We will get Him to shut up! Get the cross ready because He is not going to bust our bubble of delusion of grandeur nor take our positions that we anointed and appointed for ourselves. This man is dangerous! He is a demon and crazy! Block Him from speaking! Set him up and slander Him! We can not have people listening to this or they will not follow us! Silence Him! Kill him now! "

And then they whispered, plotted and slandered the Son of God attempting to kill him off and as the story goes on...they did.


Why did this happen and why does it happen now? Why do the Pharisees do this to those who speak and defend the true words of God? There are many reasons:

  • They do not know God.
  • They have no fear of God.
  • They fear God and His power and they want to kill Jesus! They do not want to lose their control on the people for money and status.
  • They want to be God.
  • They fear of losing their place in their palaces and kingdoms that they have designed and appointed for themselves.
  • They have fear of truth and fear of having to come to the truth in their hearts that they themselves have made themselves God.

Jesus is so powerful that they are still plotting, slandering and attempting to kill him off even today! I find it comical to even entertain their thoughts and see their plotting to stop the power of God. Do they really think that they can stop the power of God and kill Jesus off? Let me boldly say that they do not have the ability to kill off our Creator. It just doesn't work that way in God's world. Yes. It is HIS world. It is only them that will become extinct but most certainly not God.

"Then the Pharisees went out, and held a council against him, how they might destroy him."


What haughty spirits could ever believe that they were actually smarter then God? Nobody takes precedence over the Great I am! Apparently millions of people today believe that they do and they have unknowingly stepped into the very same place that the devil once stood.

I do recall the severity of the punishment upon the devil when he decided that he wanted to be God. He got his fanny kicked right out of heaven, along with a third of the rebellious angels who were blindly following him. There is a big lesson in there.

Jesus is the only Master and the only true teacher. Anybody who believes otherwise is standing on very shaky ground. "Spiritual haughtiness" of teachers keeps many eyes blind to Jesus, as well as their followers. God alone reveals the mysteries through the Spirit. Stay far away from the mass feeding of garbage that is thrown in the trough. It is not even good enough for the swine to eat! Do you not trust Jesus enough to show you?

“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in."

Twisted Scriptures

Look around at the vast amount of 'teachers' of bible scriptures today. The majority of people who are teaching scriptures were surely not called forth by God for this teaching position. This is just a no-brainier.

I have watched people who are not even saved teaching scripture. Some have only had a walk of two years or less and they lack spiritual wisdom. They babble with no power of God inside them nor any understanding of God's words. Yes, even they have anointed themselves to teaching scripture.

I have actually seen more than a handful that do not even know the Gospel or claim that they can't understand the Gospel and that God has somehow exempted them from knowing the Word of God. Even they are teaching about God!

No. They are not teaching about the God of Israel because they do not know who God is. They are not really sharing anything about God-just their made up ideal of who they think God is. They are actually going against God's words and instructions and teaching people to walk away from the word of God, as they make up their own rules, ideals about God because they themselves don't even know who God really is.

Anyone who knows God and God's words can see these type of people from five-hundred miles away--they come with flashing red lights screaming that they are unsaved. What does God's words say about those who can not understand the words of God?

"The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel (God's words) that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God."

How can a person teach others about the true God if the only way you can learn about the true God is by reading the scriptures-Gospel and they say they don't understand the scriptures? You can not spread the Good News if you are not understanding the Good news or you don't know the good news. So what do you think they are spreading and teaching? DUNG.

Jesus was quite specific to the roles that each follower should be in and it is ONLY He who designates and appoints the position which we stand in. Our 'will' is not even in the equation. It is God's will to who he calls forth to teach. Oh my! The people never did listen to God's instructions and this is how this very mess got started. They want to be God.


Some have never had an experience with God, they don't even have faith in God or they don't even believe in God and they are teaching scripture. I have seen those who outright reject the finished work on the cross and they are teaching scripture. And much worse, those who reject the full Word of God as being full truth and they are teaching scripture. Frightening! Disturbing!

And a complete perversion of the Words of God were created from these false teachers and false doctrines.

Isaiah 28:9-10 “Who will he teach knowledge? And who will he make to understand the message? Those just weaned from milk? Those just drawn from the breasts? For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, Line upon line, line upon line, Here a little, there a little."

Only God Can Reveal The Mysteries of the Scriputures

I used to cry from complete frustration eight years ago, as I attempted to study the correct interpretation from many of these morons who were teaching. One foolish man that I had been studying from many years ago actually made a video one day saying that the Old Testament was written by Satan and that the prophets of the OT were demons and aliens! Yes! Tiny little aliens and spacecrafts.

Unbelievable dung on a bun was served to me! If I could have, I would have surely flipped his crooked, crazy wooden table a NY minute.

Do you know how long it took to empty my head of the hours of prior false teachings that I had listened to from him? Do you really think that I would keep any of his teachings in my head after hearing that? If someone will lie once, they will lie more than once.

I was so angry! Righteous indignation with this Heller-Feller teaching such diabolical nonsense! Worse? He has mindless idiots following him that actually believe these things, as they eagerly lick up every dung dropping that falls to the floor. Frightening! Disturbing!


How can everyone be saying that the Holy Spirit told them the interpretation when the majority of the interpretations are completely inaccurate? Is there a problem with the Holy Spirit lying again? Is the Holy Spirit stupid? Is the Holy Spirit confused? I think not! I truly believe that the purer your heart is to know Him, the more that He will reveal the mysteries to you. You and Jesus alone, away from all of the false teachings and yes, He will reveal them to you.


I have seen two beautiful sister's teachings online and I am fully aware that they teach truth because God has confirmed and revealed some of the same truths to me. Presently, this is how God now guides me to the rare true teachers of His word. After the 'Scary Mary' incident years ago, it has been much easier to identify.

Do these women get up on their videos acting haughty and arrogant? Absolutely not. They radiate love and a pure passion for Jesus. They emanate an extreme excitement to share the good news of God's revelations from their 'pure hearts.'They love Jesus first.

I can feel their excitement, their passion and I can literally feel it coming from them spiritually. I am elated, overjoyed and in awe of Jesus, and even more so when He reveals scripture to me. I get why they feel that way and I know that they are genuine because of these things. When a video comes up from either of these two I feel so hungry and happy! This is how I know God and how He moves through people. Jesus is amazing!

One of these woman is so 'on the mark' with her teachings that the enemies of Christ come at her with the very same pharisees remarks, trying to kill off Jesus. As it looks to me through God's eyes at times, the enemy often comes inside the 'container' called a heavily indoctrinated 'Dung on a bun' Christian and they don't like the true teachers very much. Yes. The pharisees come in groups to attack and try to kill off the true words of God.

The False Teachers!

The false teachers? They clearly receive no true revelation of the Word of God. They seem to care less as they speak the scriptures and they exude no passion nor any excitement of the Lord's words. None. There is no life in them.

Their words, their eyes, their speech is dead. They have no power to move me or my spirit in any way except away from them. They have only dead works. They are there to gain the desires of their worldly flesh and nothing more.

As I listen to them, it sounds as if they are the 'Stepford wives.' A bunch of babbling baboons of pharisees behaviors, squawking repeated lies of doctrine and making sure people see how 'smart' they are. I am laughing at their foolishness, folly and clear exposure of themselves. God knows everyone of them, and I do as well. You can not fool all of the people all of the time.

They pick and choose the scriptures and then they twist them up just enough to manipulate the people for their own fleshly perversions. One moron's ministry actually has others undress to perform deliverance. Worse? People willingly undress! Yes. Holy Dung on a Bun! That is clearly outlined in the bible dontchaknow? He is the 'expert' on masturbation and deliverance. This can be found on page 666 of the bible. You must have missed it.

"And the evil spirit answered and said to them, "I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?" And the man, in whom was the evil spirit, leaped on them and subdued all of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded."

Another moron's ministry sensationalizes 'demonic deliverance' with a full crowd watching this spectacle, a microphone turned up to the max and a longstanding conversations with supposed demons. What?

I watched one evening and I shook my head in utter disgust. Clearly the Lord says to have no conversation with any demon but to cast them out in His name. This dude wants to know the demon's name, age, when they showed up and what type of ice-cream they enjoy and he wants them to speak in His microphone. Amazing!

The demons will say to most of these posers, Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you? And then these sensationalists will get the bloody pulp beat out of them for being fakers!

I asked the Lord while watching this foolish man, "What is up with this dude? Wow! He has no idea what he is doing and what is going to happen to him!" The Lord told me to watch another video and at the very end of his 'performance' I heard what God wanted me to hear. He said very clearly and very quietly, "I did a miracle tonight." No! He did not do any miracle. The only origin of all true miracles is Jesus! Not you! ...and I never set eyes on him again.


When their Pharisee behavior is exposed with truth to their lies of the bible, they can not hear it because their own voice blocks out the voice of God. They are blind to the truth because their own face is the only face that they want to see in the mirror.

This has nothing to do with Jesus. The darkness of the enemy has hardened their hearts and their haughty spirits reject the words of God. They reject the healing.They want to call the shots and be God.


Pharisees are offended by the truth of God

They refuse God's message to save them. They are offended that someone has offended them, as they offend God with dead words and dead works with pharisee behavior. They serve up their teachings with extra dung on the bun!

They are offended greatly to even be questioned, even though the bible is very specific about making sure that their teachings are of the true God and to test the spirit behind the teaching, and of the teacher or prophet teaching them. They are even offended and angered by the instructions in the bible that are from God! Do you see history repeating itself here with the pharisees? It is the end times! Question everything and stay close to God!

They wear the mask of delusion & deception and they run with it!

Please Send Me More Money

To add more offense onto Jesus, they blindly tell their followers that the devil is attacking them strongly because they are so holy, so Godly, so powerful, so righteous, and so in favor of the King. Really?

Laughably, there has also been more than a handful of pharisees who after slandering, falsely accusing, ostracizing and hurting members of God's church blame others for preforming witchcraft on them when the devil attacks them!

I have even seen a few of the 'Holy' get drunk, unable to keep their narcissism in check and pop up on a camera spewing the devil's venom with a long line of curse words. Holy Dung on a Bun! And some of the pharisees use their pulpit of puke to beg for money from their followers over and over and they receive it. Holy Dung on a Bun!

Is the devil really attacking these pharisees because they are so 'holy?'

No. The devil is attacking them because the God of Israel has removed His hand from them trying to get their attention. It never occurs to them that they are being attacked by the devil because they are lying teachers, perverting the word of God, twisting God's words, slandering people, ostracizing the Lord's sheep from His Kingdom.


The pharisees are blind and it never occurs to them that when they get falsely accused and slandered at work that it may just have something to do with a lesson of what they have done to others. It never occurs to them that it is God speaking to them when their video recorder, cell phone or blocks on their videos don't work any longer due to their false teachings, fake prophecies and lies. It never occurs to them that their ministries has dwindled to nothingness because God has allowed it to be halted. It just never occurs to the pharisees that it is God telling them to stop!

It never occurs to them that the devil is having his way with them because God allowed it because they refused to hear God's message to stop! Some, even after finding their videos blocked and censored, never stopped to ask if this was God stopping them. How could it be?

They ignored God and attempted to continue on with lying prophecies. The message rejected again...and again... even after being struck down to the ground and almost dying, they continue on with their false teachings and prophecy from a medical bed and a drooling face. Too spiritually haughty and proud to even consider that they may be under judgment.

They are blind to their own destruction and they don't even see it. The pharisees will always blame it on the devil instead. How could it be them? They actually believe so. How truly sad to see how far away from the Living God they actually are.

"Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness So you, too, outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness."

What? How Dare You Speak Truth to me! I am so offended by Truth!!

But did GOD qualify you?

Their are many people who say so proudly, "I studied at such and such college and I have been in the ministry for thirty years to become qualified! I was told by my "Minister silly-so-n-so" that I was gifted in teaching and God told him so. Therefore I am qualified." Qualified? Really Tell me who has qualified you? A Man?

You really believe that makes you qualified? But answer me the most important questions that I have. Did God call for you? Did God qualify you to teach?

Really? You think so? You better think again!


Apparently many people do think that they are qualified because there are hundreds of thousands of seriously twisted, perverted bible teachings going on out there in this crazy world. Stuff your hand into the crazy grab-bag of false teachings and pull out any scripture. You will find thousands of interpretations and the blind herd will follow the crowd to the most popular, 'tickle-eared' teacher who studied at "Big Bologna Bible College for the Blind" seventy years ago.

“‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Because of your false words and lying visions, I am against you, declares the Sovereign Lord. My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and utter lying divination. They will not belong to the council of my people or be listed in the records of Israel, nor will they enter the land of Israel. Then you will know that I am the Sovereign Lord."

ZIP IT xxx ZIP IT xxx ZIP IT xxx

Misinterpretations of the Rapture alone has cause pre-tribbers, post-tribbers, mid-tribbers, no tribbers to fight each other with great hate, ignore other sheep, and many ostracize God's people from the complete body of Christ over this nonsense. Guess what? If you are doing this, I have some prophetic words for you. Ready? You will be a "No-Tribber" if you get my drift. The truth! Surprise!

"You blind Pharisee, first clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, so that the outside of it may become clean also."

How about the fighting and great hate over the Bride of Christ? The Elect? Mystery Babylon? The Two Witnesses? The Seven Spirits of God? Women shouldn't teach! Sit down and shut up? Wormwood? I truly am disgusted by all of the fighting! I can tell you that if Jesus had not shown Himself to me, I would surely hate this Jesus many of you fight about.

I would run so far away from God due to the things that I have seen, heard and experienced. It is atrocious and embarrassing and I am embarrassed of them. I can surely understand why people want nothing to do with Jesus. They equate Jesus with you and many of 'you' emanate the most worst things that I have ever seen in my life. I get it. I really do get it. I would have been gone and left skid-marks on the way out.

I wish Jesus would just get here just to zip the majority of people's mouths shut. Seriously. That is how annoyed and disgusted I am by this unchristian like garbage I hear, read and see.

“‘Because they lead my people astray, saying, “Peace,” when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash, therefore tell those who cover it with whitewash that it is going to fall. Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth. When the wall collapses, will people not ask you, “Where is the whitewash you covered it with?”

The Pharisee Poe Poe is Coming!


People can stand in the garage all day long and call themselves a car. This still does not make them a car. They can say it a million times and in a million different ways and to a million different people but the facts remain the same. They are not a car...not even a Matchbox!

I have dealt with hundreds of arrogant, rude, deceptive, spiritual haughty, angry, selfish, manipulative, greedy, jealous, delusional, unchristian-like people who ironically enjoy labeling themselves 'Followers' of Christ. Really? How is that I don't see Christ in them? I see the devil in them, but certainly not Jesus Christ. And they actually believe that they are called to teach by the Lord while they act like the devil? That in itself is spiritually interesting to think upon.

These white-washed people exude the exact pharisee-like behaviors as Jesus had to contend with. Let us not forget that He was crucified by these very same pharisees. History is repeating itself again.

These people are filled to the brim with self-righteousness, haughtiness and legalistic nonsense! These 'non-matchbox' cars actually feel spiritually empowered and feel completely entitled to walk up to me in person and say whatever derogatory thing that their spiritually dark heart desires. Whether it be in churches, at my job, even in emails, comments or videos. Each and every one of them have the exact same commonalities. I am sure as you read through them, you will quickly identify the pharisees in your own walk with Christ and your personal experiences with the 'holier than thou pharisees.'

You are not alone! It is nothing that you have done when they reject you and your testimony and they have ostracized you! Do not take it personally and do not give up on God because of these pharisees. Nothing has changed since Jesus was here. It is GOD IN YOU that causes them to do this to you! The pharisees hate and despise Jesus. You are walking with GREAT POWER inside you. A "Roaring Lion" and the pharisees absolutely hate that power of God. They want to be God!

Destruction Will Come to the Whitewashed

"Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: In my wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rain will fall with destructive fury.

I will tear down the wall you have covered with whitewash and will level it to the ground so that its foundation will be laid bare. When it falls, you will be destroyed in it; and you will know that I am the Lord."


  • They all exhibit a strange dark Religious spirit; a malevolent type of 'superiority' as if they are truly the owners of the Kingdom of God and they are the only Key owners in the world. They easily and purposefully close the Kingdom's doors on the lost sheep.
  • They become greatly offended by the truth of their very own behaviors mimicked back to them.
  • They believe that they have the gift of spiritual discernment to know the difference between good and evil spirits.These type of pharisees are obsessed with the devil's works. They tell others that dishes are cursed, their friend's bracelet is cursed, even the neighbors lawnmower is cursed. They see the devil everywhere they go, even under their very own bed. They are filled with great fear of the devil and they deny God's power over the demonic realm.
  • They feed off each other and they will duplicate, replicate and repeat anything they hear from someone that 'they' call anointed without even questioning the truth of God's words. 'They just 'know.' Refer back to the gift of discernment.
  • They rely on their works and they equate their works with how good they are in obeying the Lord and His commandments. They let everybody know about all of their good works. They will say Hallelujah and Praise God just way too much. They love to pray in public and on camera for everyone to see. Any good deed that they do will be on camera or You-Tube. They will often place their face in videos and pictures with holy prayer shawls, religious relics, rosaries. They outwardly will look like and act like a combination of "Suzie Cream Cheese and Mother Theresa." They will stare at you and scrutinize your outfit, your hair and even your bible.
  • All of the pharisees are from the 'Cult of the King James Version only bible.' They have made it a point to ostracize and look down upon anybody who does not carry, agree and read this KJV. They do not see that they have made a book an IDOL and they proudly honor King James over King Jesus as they quickly slam the doors of the Kingdom on the Lord's sheep. They discredit anybody who doesn't feed off this political, uninspired, half guesses of interpretation from a book that was only written in 1611.

"Because you disheartened the righteous with your lies, when I had brought them no grief, and because you encouraged the wicked not to turn from their evil ways and so save their lives, therefore you will no longer see false visions or practice divination. I will save my people from your hands. And then you will know that I am the Lord.’”

Pharisees Hate Jesus

  • They will never speak the full truth out loud and they will never direct any concerns to the person in question, but choose to quietly gossip among the other pharisees instead. They do not consider this gossip because they 'just know that they are very holy' and they are just warding off the 'devil.' Again, fear of the devil and denying God's power and fear of confrontation of their unacceptable pharisee behavior.
  • They are passive aggressive. They didn't say or do anything! They have victimization traits though they are the perpetrators of the very fires which they start under their feet. They have to keep others under control in the illusion and delusion that they are 'Holy,' anointed, special and untouchable and full of wisdom. When they speak their side of the story to the masses, there are always important truths of what they have done to another missing from their story.
  • They all have the commonality of unresolved issues from; abuse in childhood, gluttony, self hatred of their skin color, self hatred of their outward appearance, severe overweight, chronically physically ill. You will find them arguing about what color Jesus was, continual speaking of their trauma in childhood, legalistic outcries of women who wear makeup and jewelry (someone may be more outwardly attractive than them), They don't want a healing from God, they only want attention to feel special. They feel special in their victimization and being a pharisee helps them keep their feelings of insecurity deeply hidden and unaddressed. They are greatly oppressed.
  • The majority of Pharisees display strong narcissistic behaviors; self proclamation, a finger-pointing to themselves as being one of the bible characters. Moses, Elijah, Mary, Enoch the Bride of Christ, the Two Witnesses. They have to feel 'special' because of their low self esteem issues and they need everyone to know just who they are and how 'special' they are to God and why God has picked them. They demand that others submit to their delusions of grandeur. They are greatly offended, greatly angered when a person does not submit to their delusions of being one of these Bible characters.

"Have you not seen false visions and uttered lying divinations when you say, “The Lord declares,” though I have not spoken?"

Demons Exposed

  • Any confrontation of truth that is brought forward to them is quickly called a foul because of their very deep offense. Nobody is allowed to speak the truth to the pharisees. They do not own truth so they can not accept truth. They repeatedly reject truth and force others to ostracize all those who have caused them great discomfort by telling them the truth. They fear that their insecurities will be exposed and they will lose their positional standing in the Kingdom.
  • When a person speaks the truth to a pharisee, they will say things such as..."Oh you are just a baby in Christ. You need to get to the meat of the scriptures! You are clueless. Oh that is the devil! That is not God. You need to study more to be approved by God. I have studied the bible for years! What do you know?"
  • They are perfect with memorized verses of scriptures. They will mock another for making a mistake on a verse number, or not knowing the full scripture or the specific place in the bible as they do. They are proud of their memorization skills.They know how to take the scriptures and twist them to their benefit. They are constantly letting people know how intelligent they are to memorize scripture and they wear the badge proudly.
  • The pharisees get extremely offended by the truth of God. When truth is spoken to correct them, others will pay the price for exposing them. Pharisees will immediately turn the table and push it back hard at the one who has exposed them. Quickly pointing their finger in their face, they will take the Lord's scriptures, twist them, pervert them and use them as an effective destroying weapon to stop anyone from speaking truth instead of addressing their pharisee type behavior. "Get thee behind me Satan! You have no fruit! No weapon against me will prosper!".
  • They will use names of slander such as 'False prophet, Jezebel, rebellious, unclean, divisive, demon.' Their fear is so great of being exposed and losing their self appointed and self anointed place in the Kingdom that they will do anything and everything they can to kill off Jesus.
  • Severe underlying low self esteem. Their desire is greater to hide their deep seated low self esteem and self loathing issues from others, than their desire and willingness to open their heart for God to heal them. They have given the devil full authority to enter them unawares. This dark spirit now resides inside them and they become one of a pharisee; one of superiority, self-righteousness and haughtiness. They so badly want to be seen as the only one 'Special' to God that anyone who may touch upon the real truth inside them and evoke their hidden self-loathing will be quickly killed off!

The Lord Loves the Lost Sheep

The lost and hurt know my love, they have seen me tend to their hearts and wounds. They have watched me arise when they are being hurt, abused or cast away from God by the pharisees. I have great love for those who have been thrown out of God's Kingdom. I have utter despise for the pharisees. I hate what God hates. Don't forget that. I have actually had pharisees say, "How dare you tell me the truth! I trusted you!"

What? You trusted me to not speak the truth to you? You are a pharisee and you are keeping people from the Lord. Get over yourself!


The pharisees and false teachers don't like to be exposed and they despise to see their very own faces and actions reflected back from their mirror. They hate their own faces and they despise their own bitter medicine of poison returned back to them as a lesson to wake up. There has been a few false teachers that have gotten the 'message' and at a later time apologized and drawn closer to the Lord. They are the spiritually gifted ones who have sat alone with God, acknowledging the conviction of what they are unknowingly doing to the Lord's lost people.

The majority of those who have had their tables flipped with truth? They stay the same, regardless of the severity of the lesson given. Sadly, they stay blinded with pharisee eyes as they serve the God of Baal unaware to themselves. These are truly the tares of which God speaks and they haven't a clue.

How dare her not allow me to spiritually abuse her!

They are astounded and quite offended when I don't sit like a good, well trained worldly puppy dog and take their pharisee spiritual abuse. They are greatly offended by truth and angry by anyone who would dare challenge their unacceptable and ungodly behavior and their twisted doctrine.

Uh-oh! They must have missed the memo and they didn't know that I have a roaring lion inside me and His name is JESUS. I give them the bold truth of God right to their faces and flip their tiny tables over, breaking their wooden legs, as well as dropping and squishing their over sized egos under my feet. Yes, often I do use His whip! They begin to cry, whimper, some even fly off the handle in anger from the bold truth and as the devil always does...he flees. But whom came to who to address whom about what? Get over yourselves! You are no greater than any other person that the Lord loves!

These pharisees have had years of people catering to them, pampering them and 'buffing their dung on a bun.' Pharisees have a history of running out of God's church anyone who isn't deemed fit by their standards. Pharisees have an entourage of loyal, dung on bun eaters who will come to attack as a pack of wolves to insure that their IDOL is safely guarded. How dare you touch one of the Lord's anointed!

The Pharisees say something such as this when they are given the true dose of truth...

"She has a seductive Jezebel spirit! Epic! Just look at her dress and face! I can tell by her voice. I felt it in my spirit! She is the devil! She ignores me and ignoring a person is witchcraft! She is a demon! Everybody block her now from telling people the truth! She dares to tell me that I have made the KJV an idol! She is no christian! How dare that she won't believe that I am hand selected by God to be the only Bride of Christ and she will not submit to my delusions of grandeur! Bitch! She is a liar! She is a hypocrite! How dare she tell me that I am following familiar spirits and that my words do not line up with scripture! How dare she tell me that I am a false prophet and I am under judgment! She is a whore! How dare she tell me the truth! She has a false anointing from the devil! Beware of her! Oh God will severely deal with her..just wait! How dare she tell people that I am fornicating when I am trying to pretend that I am legally married! She is a trouble maker! How dare her tell me that I am delusional and not one of the two witnesses! Crucify her for speaking the truth! Get the cross now! Hurry! Let's kill her!" and so the story goes...they do. Again, nothing has changed in 2000 years.

But will you receive the message in time?

Lessons are taught to everyone of us, including me. I have learned so much by my failures, my screw ups, corrections by others and it teaches me how to stay on the narrow path. Sometimes I step off the path unaware but God will always convict me, and send me a messenger with a message until I accept it. He wants no one to perish. I do hear the message of truth when it is given to me and I am happy to hear it. Many have forgotten what they were like before they accepted Christ into their hearts.

Being corrected does not offend me, it helps me. But beware! When you speak lies against my integrity acting as if you know anything about me and cast me out of the Kingdom calling me the devil! You will have my sword on the tip of your nose and I will not let up until God tells me to stop. It will not be comfortable for you and God doesn't want it to be. He wants you to wake up to what you are doing to people!


I have walked in my body for years and I know everything about me. I know the good, the bad and the ugly. I also know God's truth. I know who I am in Christ and He knows me personally. I am not offended when others prejudge me and accuse me and slander me. They do not shake me nor personally wound me. They offend God. Pure and simple. The Lord directs me to speak and He will tell me exactly what to say and in which tone to say it in. Strangely, He often has me speaking to the Pharisees and yes, I am bold and I make no apology. Could it be possible that the Lord is trying to save them?

I am not sure why He has me do this because I have never seen any of them change because of it. Possibly He picked me to do it because He knows that I am a warrior and He also knows that I have a heart of gold for His lost sheep that have been so deeply hurt by these pharisees. Many people could not handle exposing the pharisees and the fall-out. The pharisees hate me. The lost sheep love me and they know my love.I have a tender heart for those who have been thrown out of the Kingdom because they are not 'perfect' by the pharisees standards. They will come first and the first will go last...and the pharisees will go to lake fire.


It is the same of the 'Internet church.' The majority are only a bunch of keyboard ministers and You-tube Vipers who hide behind their screen pretending to be someone they are not. Probably the most funniest was that of a woman who pretended to be a 'motivational' speaker for God and a fitness, nutritionist. Needless to say in person she was grossly overweight, depressed with anxiety and collecting disability for "Mental illness." Lovely and very motivating!


I have actually met many of these people in person on my travels around the United States seeking answers and help from the "Church" group in regards to my spiritual and government situation. Surprisingly to me, most of them who act the "Holy Hallelujah" part in front of the camera, on stage, on television are actually big time posers for Jesus and nothing more.

None of them had a clue that I was the woman from the 'computer' and now I was face to face with them seeing the real deal. Surprise! Oh my people! Oh my! I am left speechless at the things that I have seen. Well...not actually speechless because I do have some choice words, just not the ones that God would be happy with me to say.

I am very careful of who teaches me because the Lord warned me many years ago! I heeded His warning but it still does disturb and surprise me when I see the posers for Jesus. I would highly suggest that you be very careful of who teaches you and go to Jesus alone for the answers. It is okay to listen but remember to compare the word of God with scripture before you entertain keeping their teachings as truth. Do not follow anyone but Jesus. Do not make any person an idol because you will be very disappointed if you do.

The Truth of Their Lies

One man arrogantly commented that I am deluded, very untrained in scripture and that Satan has already won me over. Lovely. All because I choose to hold on to the golden nuggets which the Lord has shown and taught me instead of gobbling up false doctrine from parrots? When Jesus tells me something it is He who takes precedence over ANY man. Men fall, fail and lie. Now why would I reject the truth and perfection of the Holy One's teachings for some anonymous dude on the internet?

The very same people that squawk and screech that I should conform to their repeated lies about doctrine, these spiritually haughty pharisees who get so offended by truth, are the very same ones who will be on their knees crying when the truth of all of this false doctrine and teachings show up at their door. They are the very same haughty ones who will fall away from the faith, throw Jesus under the bus, have their son and daughter beheaded and sell out the true Christians for a bag of potatoes. Who are they kidding? How do I know? Jesus tells me so! If you are offended by these words, then wake up because perverting the doctrine of God offends GOD!

Thank God that the Lord intervened and began teaching me a small bit at a time because I couldn't handle anymore of these false teachings. And the best? You can't get any better of a teacher than Jesus himself! Amen to that! He would give me a vision and then take me to the scripture. I would be placed into a sorrowful or sticky situation and then He would guide me to the appropriate scriptures. This is how I know that the bible is true!


The trouble began when I would seek outside for the interpretation but never when Jesus stepped in and began showing me. I have learned to easily reject and walk away from false teachers and false teachings and false prophets. Some of these devils I have even mocked and laughed at because they are so absurd and against the Lord;outright blatant disrespect and contempt of our God and His words. Jesus laughs at them as well!

I was not designed to conform to man-any man. I was designed to conform to the image of God. First and foremost that is the only thing that is important to me and neither should any of the followers of the Lord conform to any man down here! They will lead you to the devil in a New York second, a deceptive handshake and a quick kiss of death on your cheek.


Now let me place my hand of cards on the table for you to see. I am not called forth to be a teacher of scriptures nor have I ever professed this. Unlike others, I do know that this is not my position and I easily accept that. I am obedient to know that this is not where God wants to place me and I obey that. I surely don't want to be another contributor to the already messed up doctrine and false teaching churches down here. The Lord has gifted and chosen specific people for this position of teaching! So where the heck are they hiding? I have been led to only a few and thank God for them! The rest are the devil's dung on a bun. Seriously.


I share my spiritual experiences, my testimony of the Lord, my visions and if the Lord bestows on me an interpretation of a scripture, I surely do share it. It is my duty to share freely. If you choose to try to quench my Spirit of Prophecy, the Lord becomes even stronger in me. You can not win against the Lord. My position in the Body of Christ is prophet; seer and one of the gifts I have is prophecy for the edification of the church. I did not self-anoint myself for this, nor did I self-appoint myself for this. The Lord appointed me to this position and He anointed me for this position. He called me forth and none other. If you have a problem with that, then I suggest you take it up to the Lord or Baal or whomever it is you are serving and not with me because I am not the one with the problem. It sounds like your ownership. So there you go! :)

"How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart."

"For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple."



"You have no fruit!"

I am going to make it a personal mission to pray that anyone who says these type of things to people will have their tree so fiercely shaken that every piece of their black, rotted fruit is removed in one mighty shaking!


The Lord's Holy Scripture is not to be used as a venomous weapon against other followers of Christ! It is being abused! It is being distorted, perverted and used as a hurtful destroying weapon to the suffering, the lost, as well as the broken Christians that are struggling because of many pharisees.

Scripture is to be used as a weapon against the devil and the demons not the Lord's sheep to hurt and destroy them! The words of scripture are for correction and edification not annihilation. If you are doing this to other believers because they do not agree with you, or even the non-believers stop it immediately!

If you are screaming through a mega-phone in peoples faces with hate and using the Lord's scripture to hurt the already lost and hurting sheep, here is a little prophecy for you. You got some serious shaking coming to your tree! Heed the warning!



Now if someone is sexually immoral, blatant immorality, teaching some strange doctrine and they are denying the finished work of Jesus on the cross, or they are running around as a diviner-medium telling people that Jesus shows up to them over and over wearing kitchen aprons, ice skates or carrying fishing poles or bowling balls. We of sound faith already know that these are familiar spirits so yes! Of course it is our duty to speak up and correct them.

If they refuse the correction to follow the true Gospel, or if it is tainted with the occult, if they are telling people to turn from God and God's ways...then yes! make no fellowship with them! Put them out of the church for the sake of the preservation of God's words. But really? You are really going to hate and ostracize God's people when they may have a different interpretation to offer from the Words of God?


The pharisees may want to loosen those tight shirts from puffiness and remind themselves that they are not the King. The pastor is not the King. The King holds the Keys. The King gives the wisdom! The King gives the gifts. The King owns the Kingdom! Do you see where I am going with this one?

Don't close those doors to the Kingdom on ANY of the Lord's sheep because it is not your Kingdom! It is the Kings! You may slam the door of the Kingdom on one of the Lord's lost sheep and you will find that the very same door will be shut on you! I have left these seeds and if you are reading them, you have received them and you can not remove them. The next time you are doing will remember these words and act accordingly.

“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in."

There are none of us even worthy enough to be the "Key-check" girl or boy in His Kingdom. It is only He who grants us access ONLY because of His love, His mercy and His compassion and our belief on Him. So how did so many pharisees get so 'special' that they are the "Door opener and the Door closer to the Kingdom?"

Do you make people stumble?

The pharisees should ponder that the next time they trip someone and make them stumble. How could anyone trip and hurt someone, believer or non believer and actually call themselves a follower of Jesus? Only a pharisee would do this! Be warned! There are more than a few 'bold as lions' for Christ out there defending the true God and defending the true word of God. I am not the only one. There are also a few table flippers for Christ, and also a few holding the Lord's whip in their hand just waiting for God to send them to you with a message. Yes, they will come at you with bold truth should you continue doing this to others and offending the very God which you say you serve. They are not afraid to address you, online or in person or in your ungodly church with the truth of God. You are offending God! Your are perverting scriptures! And until you wake up and acknowledge this, the Kingdom of God is actually out of your reach! It is time to wake up!

Matthew 18:6-7

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!"

Remember and never forget where you came from before the Lord drew you near to Him. Very few us of us were wise. Simple as that! And for any of those out there who are offended by the truth of this writing, I suggest you pick up a mirror and receive the message because your offense is 'your ownership' and a clear reflection of you and your ungodly behaviors that you slap the name Jesus Christ on. That is your message from God. Your offense needs to be changed to conviction and repentance because there are some of us out there that really don't care if you are offended because you offend our God!

I hope that this has blessed somebody and that it has convicted many to change and emanate God instead of the devil ! It was intended that way! Jesus was never politically correct and He surely called out all of the pharisees as vipers and liars and whitewashed! But he deeply loved the weak, the broken, the hurting, the sinners and He never did such things to the lost sheep nor any of His true followers who loved Him.They key here is 'true' followers.

It is so late in the hour and you will have deep regret that another person perished, as well as yourself because you were too proud to recognize your own pharisees behavior. Judgement is going to start in the "House of the Lord" first. If you are a pharisee that refuses the message, you had better get ready for your houses to get crumbled and destroyed! Think on these things very deeply. They are very important and you have the power to change somebody's life and yours as well...eternal life that is.

Shalom, JG


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  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    20 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Very insightful comment and a truly powerful spiritual experience. That was a huge demonic attack upon you. The Lord is and always be your victory. Many people do not believe that the devil exists. When this event manifests full force down here, those that are not truly rooted in the Lord are going to be blown over by a mighty force of darkness. They will then understand that this dark force can only be won with Yeshua inside them. The luke warm and cold are in severe danger unawares. God does not care if a person can memorize scripture, spew it out of their mouths if it is not written in their heart. Those who have this written only in the brains will have it blown away by a mighty gust of darkness, and they will be mesmerized by these dark forces. I know because I saw it happen. It was my first lesson from Yeshua many years ago.

    Many true followers are getting prophecy and it is all very similar/same. It is written and every word that is written will be fulfilled. This I know. Shalom

  • profile image


    20 months ago

    Thank you, woman of faith. Yesterday my husband received a prophecy, a good one I can't reveal it right now. The FATHER spoke through some of HIS true prophets, i am so glad the LORD is using HIS obidient children to speak. The problem is they just don't understand the nature of the situation, the LORD has been showing me how HIS anointed one's fall. I remember when I still was in high school, the devil came up to me and told me to accept him and be his wife above all he already had. I refused and proclaimed the word upon my life, the devil was not happy about that. The devil had appeared to me like a beautiful Latin man, but when I refused he became a bull with red color. The very same one on the red bull energy drink, for a month I suffered from a headache. I couldn't move because the pain felt like I was hit by a train, all I could do is lay down and continue in prayer. Pastors were called to pray for me, but nothing changed instead the headache got worse. The devil came to me and said, come to me because you can see that GOD . speaking of my LORD AND SAVIOR is weak and I have power I will give it to you. Still I proclaimed loudly that I shall not die but live to proclaim the LORDS good news. That is when I saw myself standing before myself, the skin on my fore head removed to reveal a crack on m6 skull with the number 666 written on my skull. The HOLY SPIRIT said I must wake up from the bed to show that I had received healing, I did and after 3 days I was healed.

    That's all the LORD is allowing to expose, right now. How pain and attacks can determine whether your rooted in the LORD or Luke warm. Rev 3v15-16 15 I know your [record of] works and what you are doing; you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot!

    16 So, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth! Amen shalom

  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    20 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS


    I agree with everything you have stated here in this comment. There time will come and they will be shocked, frightened and they will not stand. The Lord tells us to stand back and only watch the punishment of the wicked. Well...that time is quickly arriving. Whose fault is it if they chose not to listen? How many messengers spoke to them and warned them prior? How many were ushered out of their churches when they did speak truth? How many thought that they knew the 'law' so perfectly that they had no need to walk in the 'spirit?' How many listened to these fake pastors, ministers and priests who were selling false doctrine and folly and they followed these wolves, regardless of the warnings from a few? Will they perish as well? Yes they will. They were warned over and over but they thought and believed that they were smarter than the Great I Am and they found out that they can never stand against Him.

    I will stand inside safely and only watch. God bless you and thank you for stopping by and leaving your footprints on my page. Should you have had a prophetic dream, a warning of the impending disaster on the West Coast, Heed the waning ASAP. He prepares and moves His people out of the disaster zones, as well as leading the wicked feet into the disaster zones. Pray that he intervene for you, and move your feet from any danger. Wait and listen. You will hear Him. Shalom

  • profile image


    20 months ago

    It's heart breaking how the masses of born again Christians, pastors and minister's of the word are so lost yet claiming that they see pretty much everything. If the Sheppard's are lost how much more for the sheep, this days terms like relationship with the FATHER and inviting the HOLY SPIRIT into our lives is a taboo. Further more Christians this days choose what they believe, there's no LORD whatever you say I must do even if I don't understand it I will do it. They blocked RHE HOLT SPIRIT OUT OF THEIR ASSEMBLIES, like you say they call the LORD the LORD a demon. A satanist, the bible says in Jeremiah: 23v1-2

    23 Woe to the shepherds (the civil leaders) who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasturing! says the Lord.

    2 Therefore thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, concerning the shepherds who care for and feed My people: You have scattered My flock and driven them away and have not visited and attended to them; behold, I will visit and attend to you for the evil of your doings, says the LORD.

    THE LORD IS IMPRESSED BY THE FACT THAT PEOPLE GO TO CHURCH, NOR IMPRESSED BY THE MANY BEAUTIFUL VOICE THAT SING IN OUR CHURCHES. BUT HE IS THE GOD OF HEARTS, when the scales be removed from the eye's of the brethren . Really GOD reveals a lot but they are just nor ready to see, keep speaking the heart of GOD.


  • profile image


    21 months ago

    Thank you for sharing :-) It is good to know that at least one exists, it would imply more are hidden around the mass denominations.

    If He calls you to do such this servant would love to hear what unfolds :-) ♡

  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    21 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving profound comments on my pages datepalm. I appreciate you. Only one church and it was in Grapevine, Texas on Hilltop. It was the best little church, with the most loving, kind people! Good preacher who spoke the word very powerful. I am in a new state and I have not found one as of yet....and yet has been a very long time. Thank God that church goes with me! :) I was considering a church home group here at the house. Who knows what God will do with that right?

  • profile image


    21 months ago

    Again, grateful for the insight God has shared through you :-)

    Also, you actually found a church that worships in truth? Please share if you have.

  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    I thought it was a funny picture! I had no idea as well and I was so disgusted and shocked that I had been doing that unknowingly for years. Is this part of why God's people perish from the lack of knowledge? Yes. I certainly had lack of knowledge in that one. 'No other God before Him' and this surely is other God's before him, no doubt about it.

    People laugh because I have healthy fear of God. Who could not have all of these spiritual things happen to them and not believe and also not fear when you see the truth with clear eyes?

    Those that encourage others to celebrate these holidays and lie and say "God knows what is in your heart--God does not care," oh wow...they are going to perish for instructing people to go against the Great I Am. no kidding and they can not be corrected. These are self professed believers! Yes! His people perish and they will-they don't even see it coming!

    Something very different has happened since last December 25th and it is a bit alarming to know and understand.

    The churches continue with tradition and sentiment not caring but apparently this is really bad to the Lord. I get it though others want to say it doesn't matter. Oh yes it does (he wouldn't have shown me if it didn't matter) and for that reason you will never catch me in any church that says 'Christmas or Easter' or bringing any of that garbage in our home. I will say that it makes it very easy for me to sort out the churches that are set up for destruction and judgment and who is teaching false doctrine inside just by their marquee. seriously. It is right there in my face. Do you know how hard it is to find a church because of that alone?

  • jeannefentress profile image


    2 years ago from Washington State

    I did read saturnalia...and those glowing yellow eyes. You got my attention. :) I had no idea that this was behind the holiday. Indoctrinated in the Catholic church all those years I didn't question anything because it is the one "true" religion. Hmmm. And yes, that Noah movie was pretty funny...totally Hollywood.

    In reading Exodus...God was really losing patience with His people...and quite a few were smoted for their rebellion to his laws. Yes God is a very jealous God and very righteous, and when He talks to us, we pay attention.

    Many blessings and hugs to you too!

  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Hey Jeanne, :)

    By what I can find in the Bible I have my thoughts of a specific date of His birth but I have to do further research before I will actually commit myself to saying it out loud. There is no date of His birth but we can look to Elizabeth and the birth of John to get a clearer picture of the round'about time.

    I wrote this Saturnalia and there is much research and information inside this link I will leave below and I did it in a fun way but serious information is inside. It may be helpful, I used to celebrate x-mas as well up until 2013. I was led by the Holy Spirit on December 25, 2013 to a study! I was shocked and remorseful.

    If God speaks to me about something it is very serious and I took it serious! Something about this past x-mas has changed with the Lord. He is done with it. I wouldn't be caught dead celebrating these things any longer and I do not go into a church that celebrates Saternalia or Ishtar. (Easter) I do fear Him and it is healthy to fear God.

    I have been reading Noah since my husband and I watched the movie Noah. What a bunch of bologna that movie was! Wow! Have you seen it? They actually have the Giants, the Nephilim helping Noah build the ark. What?? I had to do a thorough study because my husband was believing some of it! I was like No! No! No! This is Hollywood lying again! Yeah, I straightened him out with truth. LOL

    I found an awesome teacher on line that has helped me with the study of the Song of Solomon. So I have been trying to study a few different things. I do love learning! I am so glad somebody else does too! I think it is so exciting when things are revealed!

    As for the Passover, History will repeat itself again. The blood of Jesus on your door and your home! This will be the Passover when the judgments come with the 6th seal breaking. We will have the Light inside our homes, Psalm 91 when this darkness covers the land! Yay! Thank God for Jesus!

    Here is the link!

    Many blessings to you Jeanne! Hugs! Joy

  • jeannefentress profile image


    2 years ago from Washington State

    Joy, I've read your writings and you say that 25 of December is not the true date of Jesus' birth. This was the first time I had heard of this. What is the date? How can all of us be misled like this? Can you explain more about this? I would love it if you would.

    Also I am up to the book of Exodus in re-reading the Bible and I never really realized the true meaning of the Passover and how God told us to celebrate this every year to remember what He did to save His people.

    I am truly enjoying reading God's words each evening. It definitely helps me remember the most important things in life. Keep writing my Warrior sister. We need your light. :)

  • JG Hemlock profile imageAUTHOR

    JG Hemlock 

    2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    March 9, 2016


    The Lord was speaking to me. He was angry and firm as He spoke about people calling his words in scriptures 'satanic.' He was speaking about the many versions of interpretations and translations of the Holy Bible, too many to count and he was speaking of them. Those who do not like this bible or that bible and call another bible with His words inside 'Satan.' He was quite angry about these people desecrating His words in scripture and calling Him and His word "Satan." He was quite angry of this!

    I woke up from this vision and I was shocked.

    I have heard these things said over and over throughout the years but never looked at it from the Lord's eyes. Well yes, I suppose that he should be rightfully angry to hear others who say they follow him calling His words "Satanic" in another book because they don't like specific interpretation or translations in that book. He is saying that they have cursed Him and they are accursed by saying such things. The message was very clear. If you read this! Repent it and do not curse Yeshua calling him a demon or Satan. You are cursing His very scriptures and Him. He is not pleased...actually quite angry with this.


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