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Worship Leads to Prayer

Updated on July 26, 2015

Guitars for Worship

My favorite type of prayer is harp and bowl prayer. I first learned about it when my colleague from my InterVarsity days pointed to the International House of Prayer in Kansas CIty. They have a 24 hour prayer room and they stream live the prayers 24-7. I used to use it as background music. At times, they have someone come up and lead a time for prayer in the areas of college campuses, Israel, the government, etc. I always found myself joining these prayers when I was supposed to be doing other work. I had to stop listening because I wasn’t getting much done. But I still use it from time to time when I want to join them in praying. More details on the Harp and Bowl later.

When I went to church in North Berwick, Maine, I knew this teenager who said one of the wisest things anyone could have ever said. He didn’t understand why Christians found it hard getting into prayer because there are so many ways you can pray and worship. His style was to go into his room play his Christian rock music and just enjoy God’s presence. His point was we just need to find what works for us. What a smart young man!

Recently I wrote a hub about the real question about worship music and how it is suppose to lead you into praying. I also mentioned that I would write another hub that talks about this subject further. Well, here is that Hub! So, grab your beverage of choice, sit back, and get yourself in the right frame of mind to learn about worship (always ask the Holy Spirit to help).

Here are my ways I have used worship during my prayer times (and a bonus of knowing what others do):

  • Grab a Hymnal: The best part of hymns is that once you get the tune down for the first verse, it is the same in all verses. I will grab one and sing the ones that I know, pausing every so often to pray it back to God. Hymns are rich with theological truths to remind you who God really is.

  • MP3 Player: Get on the headphones and just listen! Or Sing along. Contemporary songs are my preference to worship with. I’m amazed when I have it on shuffle, God seems to bring up the perfect one for the situation I’m praying for. It gives me insight into who and what I’m praying for and it forms my prayer.

  • Do you play an instrument?: I don’t, but I have heard many times of people going down to the lake, river, pond, etc.(or a special room in your house, chapel, or church) to just play and sing songs to God. Or maybe they don’t sing because the act of playing is worship enough.

  • Read a Psalm: Many of the Psalms are worship songs. Ask God to help you pick one, read it over and pray it back to God. I bet you will find yourself praying for things around you in a new way.

  • Pandora: Pandora is great because you tell it the type of music you like or artist and it will play that type of music for you. You can find Pandora on the internet. I use this when I want to hear music that isn’t on my MP3 player. I use this as a way to worship and get connected to God. Sometimes I even listen to Pandora when I’m working out at the YMCA.

  • Daily Prayers: There are Christians traditions out there that incorporate daily prayers at different times (morning, noon, evening, bedtime) into their routine. These traditions include prayers that help you to praise God, confess, and have times of intercession. I have found these to be helpful in groups in jump-starting prayers.

  • Your Thoughts: I’m sure that there are many other types of worship that leads to prayer and I would love to hear what you think. Add the idea in the comment section and share with me and others.

A Hymn for You to Sing and Worship God With

I’m hoping that all of you who read this are starting to think about how to worship as part of your prayer time. The more we worship, the more we realize who Jesus is. As you get to know His heart you become aware of what it is that actually breaks his heart and you want to pray to do something about it. God might start bringing people to your mind that He wants you to pray for and reach out to.

Remember to pray, GOD IS PLANNING ON DOING SOMETHING AMAZING! And don’t forget to worship Him: every day, hour & minute - He deserves it.


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    • D L Roderick profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lawrence Roderick 

      3 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      Thanks Lynn-Modranski and vtwilli. I really like the suggestion of drive by prayers. I have to say that corporate worship is great, because it helps me to get into the spirit of worship. Keep praying and worshiping.

    • vtwilli profile image

      Vanessa T Williams 

      3 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      I love this

    • Lynne-Modranski profile image

      Lynne Modranski 

      3 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks for sharing! You are correct. A lot of people make prayer a lot more difficult than God intended it to be. I do a lot of "drive-by" praying (praying for people as I drive by their house out in the country). But my best prayer times are with my Bible opened in front of me just reading God's word or sitting at the piano doing improv. And I personally love corporate worship! I LOVE being with the people of God singing His praise and praying together!


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