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Worship blinds our judgement and blinds the truth

Updated on March 8, 2015


One of the biggest parts of many religions is worship, especially in the various versions of the Christian myth. You must worship its god and worship its son who is simultaneously god or you'll be punished in the "afterlife."

Through this call of worship, anything less than worshiping this god fully will get you cast to hell and punished. So the people who have the advantage of not thinking deeply about these myths they believe are in a better position than the deeper thinkers who question the shenanigans shrouded in the myth they find themselves entrenched in.

Worship and me

Even when I was made to attend church, I never worshiped in church, I never derived any meaning or fulfillment from praying or from paying attention, in general, when attending mass. Remembering back, I saw very few people who I could tell were committed to the whole charade.

I was never envious of those few people who were really into the whole church thing. I only thought they were weird and a little off their rocker. I still can't understand how people can believe in such an obvious myth and be so committed to that myth.

To me, it seems like they are projecting their own doubts into a more fervent verision of worship, that made not only me, but other people in my family poked fun at this rare breed of people.

The Catholic church is the only place where I have seen worship first hand. There could be a good argument that worship also finds it way into sporting events, in particular the NFL.

NFL is the church of sports

It's hard for people to examine things that they do themselves or know that people around them do, such as in a church. It's rather difficult to take a step back and look at how things are done and question the nature of the routines that have become customary to your life.

One of the best ways to look at the crazy people in church in a different way and one of those ways is to look at the fans of NFL football. The vast majority of them are your typical, run of the mill fans that will go through all the stereotypical motions and cheers, but are almost assuredly not going to do anything crazy.

But there are a small minority of fans that are insane about their team. Shirts off, chest painted, and/or dressed up in a costume supporting their team. Not only this, but they are cheering like mad people throughout the game and are the most passionate fans out there.

That's the closet example I see of worship outside the context of a church. And even then, people aren't required to cheer for their team by threat of any punishment. I can be a Cleveland fan today and a Los Angles fan tomorrow, and nobody is going to think I'm going to punished in this life or the next for changing my mind.

The problem with worship

Another obvious problems with worship is that it makes the person performing the worship appear to be crazy. The more committed they are, the crazier they seem. They appear to be insane because they are doing things that appear to be irrational, even to a person that holds the same belief.

The westboro baptist church has some of the most committed worshipers of the Christian faith. They are 100% committed and show it off on a consistent basis. I don't know anyone that thinks they have all their lightbulbs on in their brains. I don't have a survey to back up this claim, but I think it's a rather safe assumption to say that the extreme majority of people think that they are not right in the head.

The same can be said of evangelicals and the way they worship. They get "born again" because they need to convince people to worship more than they already are. They need people to be so committed, so they can keep them around. People who disagree with these kinds people are thought of as being immoral and damaged people.They have to scare any doubt anyone might ever have out of their system.

And really, that's what worship does in a nutshell, it puts people in a box. They worship the box and spit on anyone that doesn't worship the same box in just the right way. The more different they are from themselves, the worst the other person appears. And that shunning and separation is promoted by many, many religions.

People, like atheists, who reject all these myths are thought to be bad people because they don't share their need and addiction to worship. They can look at the world for how it is and accept the facts of life that a great number of people suppress and deny their entire lives.

My kind of church

Worship and faith

Worship and faith go together in many ways. For people who commit to worshiping their myth at intense levels also need a good dose of faith to go along with it. If there is any questioning of their myth, they will, in all likelihood, not be able to worship as deeply as they may want to do.

i believe this is the reason for most religious people, at least that I know, to be passive in their belief. They don't feel the need to worship because they aren't fully sure about their religion or don't care enough about it all to give it thought one way or the other. For a lot of people, it's easier to stay in the neutral lane and claim to be religious, but a milder form of it.

But riding in the middle ground allows people to not have their beliefs questioned very often and to give them the ability to be accepted by the most amount of people.

The more religious someone is, the more shunned they are from people, the more isolated they become. The same can be said of atheists, but to a lesser extent because they are an extremely fastly growing group with many intelligent and prominent people describing themselves as atheists.

Jesus crackers
Jesus crackers

The claims of the religious

I have seen in many places that religious people will attempt to claim that atheists and other non-religious people worship things. Things like science or prominent atheists like Richard Dawkins. Claims like that always give me a nice chuckle because if I was worshiper of science, I would probably be studying some sort of science in college and be a lot better and more knowledgeable at the various parts of science. I know a lot of stuff, but there are people who put my knowledge to shame in that regard.

I can't worship. Even if the claim were true that atheists worship science or logic or whatever, I physical and mentally couldn't. It's not in my nature to irrationally praise things. It doesn't matter what it is, science, food, exercise, etc. I can't force myself.

I guess I'm flawed like that, but the argument could be made that this "flaw" makes it easier to questions the myths that I was brought up in much earlier than most people. Most people I hear about starting to question the various parts of the myths they were apart of was when they were in during their teenage, high school, and college years. My questioning came much earlier, when I was around 11 or 12. Back then I rejected prayer because it seemed sadistic for me to ask for anything when "god" let people starve, be poor, and die.

Even before that time I remember thinking about how various parts of Catholic mass were bizarre. As I got older and learned about other religions, I learned just how crazy the particular brand of religion I was brought up with was just as bizarre as any other one. And that it was just as false as any other religion.


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    • thunkfulthinker profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Ohio


      Thank you for the kind words. I find the whole idea of worshiping anyway or anything weird to do in any context.

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      3 years ago from Orlando Florida

      Well done. You make good points. Voted up++. I am so bemused when religionists say atheists worship Darwin. No, we admire Darwin. I guess they just can't understand how someone can not worship something. I never understood people who "worship" sports. Many of them are far more passionate in sports than in church.

    • thunkfulthinker profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Ohio


      I would much prefer to not be a slave, but some people are all for it.

    • Austinstar profile image


      3 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

      The concept of worship is foreign to me too. These people are making themselves into slaves to serve a "master". They even call him a "lord and master"! Yet they cannot see that they are bowing down to a tyrant.

      I always laugh at the "fee will" thing that they go on and on about. That's not much of a free will decision: worship me or die a horrible eternal death!

      And yet, these religious people continue to insist that it is the only way to get into a magical place that doesn't even exist. They have no notion of where this 'heaven' is - it's just some vague "spiritual" place out in space I guess.


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