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Revelation 5:8-14, Worshipping the Lamb

Updated on February 24, 2019
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Marcelo holds a B.A. in Bible and a M.S. in education. He has ministry experience and is collaborating with church planting in MD.

The Lamb with The Book with Seven Seals

Deutsch: Auftraggeber: Otto III. oder Heinrich II. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Deutsch: Auftraggeber: Otto III. oder Heinrich II. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons | Source

The Heart of the Book of Revelation

In my previous post, The Scroll with Seven Seals (Revelation 5:1-7), we discussed the book that God held in his right hand, John's crying, the titles of the Messiah, and the Lamb with seven horns and seven eyes.

The Lamb is the Messiah, Jesus Christ. He alone was found worthy to open the seals and read the book of judgments in the hand of God.

This entire scene is reminiscent of Daniel 7:9-14, where the Son of Man is brought before God's throne and receives dominion, glory, and a kingdom. In Revelation 5, John sees more details about this particular event than Daniel did.

In fact, not only does Revelation 5 give us more details about how the Son of Man receives dominion, glory, and a kingdom in Daniel 7:9-14, but most of book of Revelation is an expansion of Daniel 7:9-14.

John opened the book of Revelation by making reference to Daniel 7:13, stating that Jesus Christ was coming with the clouds (Revelation 1:7). Toward the end of Revelation, John describes how God judges the world from His throne (Revelation 20:4, 11-12), which judgement is like Daniel 7:10, where God judges the four beasts according to what is written in the books that are before Him.

Thus, most of the book of Revelation is an expansion of Daniel 7:9-14, it tells how God gives dominion, gory, and an eternal kingdom to the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. Revelation 5 is therefore the heart of the entire book of Revelation.

The Beasts and the Elders Worship Jesus

After that the Lamb (Jesus, The Son of Man) takes the scroll from God, the four beasts and the twenty-four elders fall before the lamb and worship Him: they sing to him, and they offer him incense (Revelation 5:8). Offering incense is a ancient custom to honor people of great importance: Nebuchadnezzar, for example, offered incense to Daniel (Daniel 2:46).

But the incense that is offered to Jesus is a very special incense, because it consists on the prayers of the saints (and it is fit that prayers should be offered to Jesus, for according to John 14:14, it is Jesus who answers our prayers). Thus, the divinity of Jesus is established in that prayers are offered unto him (compare to Daniel 6:7, where King Darius would demand that prayers be offered to him as if he were a god).

Moreover, the song that the beasts and the elders sang to the Lamb made it clear that Jesus is worthy to open the seals because He died as a sacrifice, to redeem through his blood unto God people form every family, language, race, and nation, to make the kings and priests of God so they may reign on Earth.

God's Angels Worship Jesus

In Daniel 7:10, a thousand thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousands angels ministered unto the Ancient of Days, who is God. Here in Revelation 5, John sees the same number of angels worshipping Jesus. There is no doubt that John's angels are the same as Daniel's.

These angels proclaim that Jesus is worthy because He was slain. Therefore, power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and blessing are due unto Him.

All Creation Worships Jesus

John then heard every creature in heaven, on Earth, under the earth, and in the sea worship Him that sits on the throne (God) and the Lamb (Jesus). They ascribed to them blessing, honor, glory, and power forever.

The four elders and beasts cried "Amen!", and they bowed to worship the Father, who lives forever.

Should We Worship Jesus?

The Bible makes it abundantly clear that although Jesus is not the Father, God the Father desires us to worship Jesus Christ.

  • The prophet Daniel made it clear that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve the Son of Man, Jesus (Daniel 7:14).
  • David called on all nations and their kings to kiss the Son (Psalm 2:12).
  • Jesus made it clear that we are to honor the Son just as we honor the Father (John 5:23).

Why then does God want us to worship the Son? God wants us to worship the Son because the Son is the Word of God (John 1:1), who proceeds from the essence of God (John 1:18, John 8:42, John 16:27, John 16:30); and everything that God is dwells in Him (Colossians 2:9).

Questions for Reflection

  • Who do you believe Jesus is? Do you believe Jesus proceeds from the very being of God and is therefore the Word of God?
  • Do you believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ (Messiah), who died for your sins as foretold by the prophet Isaiah, and resurrected from the dead as preached by the Apostles (Acts 2:32)?
  • Will you submit to the Father and worship Jesus, honoring Him as you would Honor the Father Himself?

Take Time to Pray

Jesus of Nazareth, Christ, Messiah, Lion of Judah, Root of David, Lamb of God, Son of God, Word of God... I believe in you and I wish to honor you as my God. I believe that you came from the essence of God the Father, and therefore you are one with Him. I believe that everything that God is dwells in you. I believe that you rose from the dead and have ascended to Heaven, and that you sit at the right hand of the Father, and that you will receive from the Father glory, honor, and dominion for ever and ever. Be my savior, be my Lord, be my God. Amen.

© 2019 Marcelo Carcach


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    • marcelocarcach profile imageAUTHOR

      Marcelo Carcach 

      17 months ago from Westminster, MD

      Thank-you! It is a challenging task, but the Lord helps me to grow by it. I pray others are being blessed by it too!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      18 months ago from The Caribbean

      What a task you have undertaken to explain these revelations. This one is very clear that Jesus deserves our worship. Thanks for issuing this appeal.


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