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Would Jesus Accept the Behavior of the Modern Church and its Teachings?

Updated on July 30, 2017

Gay Marriage, Abortion, Anti-Semitic, and the Transformation of the Modern Church

The Old Testament has been repeated in countless quotes for untold millennia, the stories being passed down about the laws and regulations were taught to the people from the time they could barely speak. Let's take into consideration that these "stories" being passed down could have been altered some as critics of the Bible have pointed because of oral tradition. Let us also keep in mind that when people in authority, leadership or even influential people say things, often it only suits their interest and promotes their company, land, tribe, or even agenda. Before Christ was born, let us think back to the ancient world and remove our "moral" laws and "equality" mentality that often plays into criticism of the Christian faith.

In the Jewish community, the laws and ways of thinking were drastically different than they are today; moreover, customs and acceptance of behavior was not accepted. For example, if a person stole anything, their hands would be cut off to make the person an example for anyone else trying to take property from another. Adulterers were stoned to death, liars were either whipped or killed for false justice, and blasphemy against God was punishable only by the passing of some options.

Now, you get the idea about what kind of behavior was not going to fly with this community as well as most of the "modern" world at the time. Other cultures were almost identically; some were much worse that is not spoken about too often in public. Can you imagine growing up in any environment such as I described? Most of us in American cannot wrap our minds around such punishments for often crimes committed by people that may be starving or falsely accused of cheating or lying.

When the Messiah was finally born, tiny anti-Semitic names were being hurled around at the Jews; there were attacks on them by outside foreigners as the Bible states; however, when Christ was born and started fulfilling prophecy, the Jewish leaders became more and more concerned about what it meant. When Yeshua ( Jesus) began his ministry, the Pharisees (Jewish holy men/clergy) did not express their love for the newcomer at all, in fact, they were against his preaching and despised his actions openly. They challenged his authority at every turn, they questioned his methods and his words, their jealousy knew no bound; as a result, they finally paid off one of his disciples Judah to show them the Messiah. The rest of the story doesn't need to be explained, the point of this is, after the horrible treatment of Yeshua (Jesus) by the Jews, anti-Semitism rose drastically and the new faith Christian exploded with new members and power.

How Does Christianity Show the Faith Today?

After delving into the history, one then can fast-forward.

Who are considered "spokes" people for Christianity today?

In what ways does Christianity continue to illustrate its devotion? Or has it lost focus?

Where do Christians discover and honor the Gospel of Yeshua?

Why would you believe the time has altered the once powerful movement of Christianity led by the Apostles?

When does enough become enough?

How has Christianity changed today?

Joel Olsteen states contradiction to God's word.

Shift Forward to Today's Christianity

Let's move more toward the current day, Yeshua's teachings on love and acceptance of everyone has changed the face of the church in the 20th century. More and more churches have begun demanding acceptance of everyone and everyone's sins while they demand lesser punishments for crimes committed. They believe in the "turn the other cheek" portion of the verse while they embrace things like abortion rights for women, accepting the gay movement as being "born that way" and telling other Christians that Yeshua (Jesus) would support these things.

The Bible has been used for many things both good and evil over the century in the name of God; slavery was significantly promoted amongst the owners during the 1800's while segregation during the 1900's was part of the culture. Often the Bible and our Messiah has also been used to promote such things that are just as evil. For example, the demand by liberalism followers to have the right to kill their unborn children as a "human right" of women; further examples are the removal of prayer in public schools, and the new "rights" movement is the LGBT community demanding civil unions be called marriage.

Churches use to stand together, preach and protest about such things that were trying to be implemented into our society, we all know that abortions have happened in not the best places and the baby and mother have died in such messed up attempts. Gay people also have existed for a long time but not until the late 1900's did being gay not impact the society in such a way. Scientists put forth the scare that the AIDS virus was mostly an std caused by gay men spreading it to each other and there was a panic that set in the country. We all know this virus is caused by more than just two men having sex, but caused my many other issues as well, needles, open wounds, straight people sleeping around as well, etc.

It was not until the 2000's till these things started stepping into the spot light, during the Obama administration, Mr. Obama came out in defense of the gay rights movement and told Christians everywhere that they needed to accept them and their lifestyles while supporting their fight to be married. Ex-President Obama also proudly defended a company called Planned Parenthood that receives federal money for "health services" that was caught laughing and joking about selling baby body parts that erupted a firestorm of debates on social media as well as around the nation.

There were also lawsuits against Christians refusing to bake cakes, take photos and so on about gay marriage that tore the country apart. Christians and the gay movement supporters clashed about this topic. Christians are demanding their Constitutional Rights not be prosecuted from the government while others are demanding Christians rights not apply while they take a city or government jobs to sign off on official documents approving marriage or for business owners to be able to refuse service based only on our Constitutional rights.

Scripture Should Guide Our Lives in All Ways

Losing Sight of the Word of the Father

It is a sad situation for the church on both ends. Consideration reveals liberalism has taken over many churches attitudes of "love thy neighbor" and "love and tolerance." They constantly claimed that Yeshua (Jesus) would still embrace them and still allow them into heaven for being gay Christians because many of these wanting to be married were apart of some Christian churches. One must keep in mind that regardless of the country that they live in if you believe in one God, his morals, teachings and in the end, his will be done, then you must also accept the fact that he also demands our obedience and acceptance of his rules.

While many "pastors" of the liberalized churches continually used Yeshua (Jesus) as a reference, it is the megachurch pastors like Joel Olstein that openly defends the "gay Christians" and states they will have a place in heaven despite the Bible's teaching is entirely different. One may argue on this and claim Mr. Olsteen said no such thing as many other pastors have openly stated in the last few years but a simple search online will find many videos and quotes. It is this false or watered down version of Scripture that has caused so many people to give into the shame and promotion of sin because they don't want people to think they are racist, a "homophobe," bigot or whatever silencing name one side wishes to call those that defend God's written word.

Some pastors have openly called for gay marriage to be allowed in their churches, the Presbyterian church had a meeting on this topic and voted to allow such things in the church. This movement helped pave the way for gay clergy and even a trans clergy to take the holiest spot and teach God's word to the congregation. Supporters claim the church is sexist, racist, homophobic and so on while it tells Christians their mentality and behavior should be ashamed of themselves.

Joel Olsteen doesn't seem to believe in God's word but wishes to go around it to not be labeled.

Hillary Clinton says the faith must indeed change to accommodate gays and critics.

I believe it's easier to serve God if we learn to hear from Him before we struggle to do things for him that He never asked us to do?

— Joyce Meyer

What is the Big Deal?

You may be asking yourself if you don't see what the big deal is with these issues. Maybe you know someone that has had these problems and think they should be accepted. I want you to do a straightforward thing, instead of hearing someone else's opinion, hearing some pastor or preacher, instead of hearing your favorite politician or news anchor...Pick up the Bible and actually read it for yourself, remove your way of thinking, remove the current laws and try to focus on who is making the rules. If you think there is a God or believe in this one, then you should know you cannot call God a bigot, a liar, a hypocrite or anything else.

Yeshua was the only deity that has died on any level to help save the creation of any God. Consider for a minute all the stories you have heard regarding mythology, have you ever heard of their creators calling us friends like the God of Abraham, Jacob and Issac? He says that if you keep his Commandments (laws).I won't bother posting Scripture for or against these topics, why? People have preconceived notions about Yeshua (Jesus), their pastor's messages, family or friends mentality have corrupted many people's understanding, or they are afraid of being labeled or not accepting things.

How Do the Actions of Christians Impact the Truth of the Father?

As we consider and weight the major concerns surrounding these issues, many may question what the big deal is? Why is there such a concern?

The answer is if we are not following and honoring the Word of the Father, then what are we teaching those who have yet to discover Yeshua? How is our silence impacting the youth?

Are the Youth Becoming Lost in the Shuffle?

The youth's mentality and social justice warriors demand that everyone is accepted because they only claim they now believe in the Messiah. The Bible states that you must REPENT and embrace the laws/teachings of God, these churches, and new Pharisees are telling the faithful members to get over their hate filled opinions and support/promote sin and your opinion doesn't represent either God nor Christ.

I will leave you with this last thought. If you are a follower of Christ and believe he is God's "son" and you fully understand his teachings of love, tolerance, and acceptance of others. Also, remember he did say "go and sin no more," "sell your cloak and buy a sword," and that when he comes back, he will destroy his enemies and those that denied him. Those that deny him and promote false Scripture will die the second death as stated in Rev 20, the debate over eternal punishment will continue by theologians and critics but the second death will happen. God is loving, tolerant and supportive but keeps in mind, someone always mocking, attacking or smacking you in the face will eventually make you've done enough to harm them. Yeshua sacrificed himself for everyone, and it is up to all of us to make a choice to actually repent and give up our sinful lifestyles or face the second death (our souls) in the end for our transgressions against him.

Quick Thoughts

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