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Updated on July 7, 2016

...and He Talks With me...

Okay, short story long. I was on my way to work (driving), praying and driving. My car has a serious leak, and I was told the steering pump has a leak in it, so keep it lubricated until I can get it fixed (somewhere around the 12th of never). There is another part to the pump that if it's damaged it will cost me twice as much. Anyway that's what I was praying about, and thanking the Lord for having taken care of problems like this before. Also letting Him know I was a little more than scared about the situation. As I was driving I was also looking at the beautiful clouds, and thinking about how majestic He made everything just for us. I live in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. So as I look at these, I know He can do everything/anything, even take care of my pump.

I was deep in thought and heard my self humming an unfamiliar tune, but then the words came out of my mouth "You Belong To Me." As I kept repeating it, I wondered for about a second where that came from, then I realised that still small voice that gave it to me was the Lord, assuring me that I was His. Then the whole verse of the song came back to me...

"See the Pyramids along the Nile, Watch the sunrise from the tropic isle. Just remeber darling all the while.. You belong to me."

There's another song that says "He walks with us, and He talks with us, and He tells me I am His own... ", I'm so very glad that the Lord communicates to us in ways we can understand. I'm a singer, so His coming to me in song was glorious. I cried all the rest of the way to work - Happy Tears of His assurance.


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    • Aiyetora-ICe profile image

      Aiyetora-ICe 6 years ago from Acworth, Georgia

      That was wonderful, Jay, and I can attest to the greatness of GOD. HE has and is working wonders in my life, and my autobiography will be out in addition to the current novel. I LOVE The LORD, an am so overwhelmed that he has claimed me as HIS own.

    • writerjay profile image

      Jay Johnson 7 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Daune 7 years ago

      Great story Jay, so true we just have to listen.