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Updated on March 16, 2010


GIVE or we will take

Charles J. Hunsinger

As an Atheist I have always felt that if you can help some one, you should do it. We are, after all, all we have and I have never seen any god help any one. Charity, if it is to have value, must come from the individual to an individual, by individual choice. Charity and helping one another, at times of need, predate any interpretation of religious belief and are more indicative of an evolving tribal, survival mentality than anything else. However, the exploitation of this evolved human attribute in the name of gods or government serves only to promote a servitude defined by either the church or the State. It also gives rise to economic, social and political power by the church or State.

As we are seeing today in America, not baby steps, but strides in the direction of mandatory volunteerism. This, of course, is not volunteerism: it is forced labor. We are seeing this in our schools and in the work place. Students are required to perform community service to either enhance grades or to pass between grades. Corporations are requiring many salaried positions to perform community service activities, either to achieve a higher pay level or promotion. New hires are considered, not necessarily on competency, but their level of service to the community and too, not on competency, but whether or not such hiring fulfills diversity (a United Nations mandate) quotas, legal and government sponsored racism, but I do digress.

Recently (April, 2009) a US Congresswoman (D-NY) by the name of Carolyn McCarthy introduced HR 1388 into the House of Representatives. HR 1388 is a Bill that outlines a structured methodology on the implementation of a mandatory National Community Service Program that would include the majority of the population. The Bill is entitled “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education” (GIVE). The Bill has passed the House with a Yes vote of 325 to 105. It is now in the Senate and is anticipated to go to Obama’s desk for signature this year.

The National Anthem of China is rightly entitled, “The march of the volunteers.” The socialism of Marx, Mussolini, and Hitler demanded volunteerism. The Empire of Japan was built on a culture of obedience to the State. Europe today builds a mandatory obedience through mandated volunteerism. But we are not them. This is America.

I was once in business with a psychiatrist who was quite elderly at the time. He was born and raised in Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s. We would have many discussions concerning politics and religion: he claimed the cultural heritage of Judaism and a philosophy of Atheism.

He related the story of an elderly gentleman who, during a rally for Adolph Hitler, shouted to Hitler that he (Hitler) would never win the German people. Hitler reportedly shouted to the elderly man, “It doesn’t matter we have your children.” He did, they were the Brown Shirts, they were the Hitler-Jugend and eventually about 700 such patriotic youth orientated organizations. From volunteer organizations to mandated participation for the purposes of indoctrination into the robotic mindset that was Democratic Socialism.

Although there are many of us who still claim to be Americans, perhaps, the Last Americans, we are the elderly gentlemen, who in desperation shouted to the great socialist leader, but they do have our children and they have had our children since the advent of the Peace Corp. is a government web site that tells you how to serve the king. Soon, perhaps a year, no more, you and I will be ordered to “volunteer” into a service defined by the government. We will undergo training that will enhance our loyalty to government, demand our loyalty; that will turn us against our neighbors, spy on our parents, relatives and friends.

In a previous blog, “Same Sex Marriage—is a Right!” I noted that the source for this thinking originated from the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, well—mandated volunteerism also comes by virtue of that same Treaty.

United Nations Universal (that means you)Declaration on Human Rights

Article 29

1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.



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